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Cork Area News - 22-02-21

Cork Area News

With the breeding season well underway and an uncertain season ahead we will hope to get as much planning sorted out as soon as possible, we hope this will help in getting us underway as soon as we get the green light.  Last season was an extremely difficult one but our treasurer Anthony Bulman carried out a fantastic job to get us underway.  Unfortunately our Secretary Kevin Papazian turned ill and although his health was not good he continued in the role doing a great job until he unfortunately could no longer carry on. 

Our plan to date is to yet again fulfil a race programme into Scotland, if all goes well.  Our Scottish racing is carried out in partnership with the Munster Federation who have always assisted us over the years. Personally dealing with the Munster Fed committee has always been a pleasure. I have been dealing with Munster Federation committees for many a year and they still remain as enthusiastic as ever, especially where races from Scotland are concerned. 

Over the last few years the preference between North and East race routes are always nearly an even split, last season we aimed for a northerly route for old birds which would have been our preferred route throughout the 70s 80s and 90s when we approached the 00s the east coast seemed to take over and an attempt at INFC and IHUNFC races were made where much success came to many fanciers recording 1st nationals and taking great positions in all classic race points even winning the coveted Millar Gold Cup (Tom Cahill) INFC young bird national (Billy Mc Carthy) and some fantastic kings cup performances by Tom Cahill, Mulcahy Bros and Wall bros to name but a few. Mulcahy Bros grizzle hen winning an INFC merit award for twice being in the open result on two poor races.

Photo 5 Tom Cahill Former Millar Gold Cup Winner. 22 02 21
Tom Cahill Former Millar Gold Cup Winner.

Billy McCarthy 22 02 21 
Billy McCarthy

Photo 6 Wall Bros Quality channel performers 22 02 21
Wall Bros Quality channel performers

Photo 7 Mulcahy Bros INFC Merit award winners 22 02 21    Photo 8 Mulcahy Bros Grizzle Hen merit award winner. 22 02 21
Mulcahy Bros INFC Merit award winners                       Mulcahy Bros Grizzle Hen merit award winner.

Scotland was the route chosen by our forefathers and certainly wasn't the doom and gloom that made us change route, some champions were discovered on this route whose performances have yet to be equalled by today's lofts.  Performances by household fanciers such as Billy Cunneen, The Power Bros, Nick & Mick Crean, George Busteed, Flor O Keeffe, John Beecher, Tol Daly, Ed Finnegan, O Hare Bros, Dan Keneally the names go on and on but it is still the achievements of these fanciers that inspired many a young fancier to step up and give our beloved sport a go. It is still this folklore that binds our organisation to these historic race points and the challenge of winning the blue riband race from Thurso or equivalent that remains a feat to be conquered. 

Over the last few months before lockdown it was interesting to visit two of Limericks top performers namely McCormack & O Donoghue and Jim Purcell. The McCormack & O Donoghue partnership consists of Mike McCormack and Johnny O Donoghue.  A loft visit proved to be a pleasure, especially to handle quality pigeons, especially double Eire National winner ‘Dee’ who won the nationals from both Perth and Thurso. Last season she was paired to the partners top performing Cock ‘Skinner’.  Mike and his family gave us a wonderful day which my father really enjoyed.  

Photo 4 Mick Crean with Mike McCormack Limerick 22 02 21
Mick Crean with Mike McCormack (Limerick)

On a visit to Jim Purcell, yet again another quality loft with no expense being spared, my mate Matthew O Regan brought me to Jim’s and again showed me some quality channel performers and also a beautiful loft setup. 

Jim Purcell and Mat O Regan Limerick 22 02 21    Jim Purcell 22 02 21
Jim Purcell and Mat O Regan (Limerick)                                                Jim Purcell

I hope to be able to do proper loft reports when restrictions lift and travel is easier.

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