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Derby Arona Pre-Selection Training Race 3, 4 & 5 - 05-01-22

BANNER 05 01 222021

Pre-selection Training Race 3, 4 & 5

Following on from the first two training flights where the lofts experienced very few losses, training race three was delayed for a day, as bad weather conditions dominated the canaries with heavy rainfall and poor visibility, something we don’t normally associate with Tenerife but every now and again the unexpected happens.

With the 1,969 returning entries from tr2 were on the road for their next outing from a distance of 10klm from the Guazza Lofts, yes small steps but important ones to build up the experience and knowledge of their surrounding area.

Picture1 05 01 22    Picture2 05 01 22

Netherlands Team Bustrann Pigeons and there entry  Arle3 1st international tr 3

With the birds on site Abel released his cargo at 1pm into a light easterly breeze with broken blue skies, and following a period of orientation the birds slowly made their way towards home, taking the lead we go to the Netherlands with team Bustrann pigeons and their entry Arle3 timing in at to take the top honour of 1st international tr3, team New Cut Warriors presenting England take the runner up spot and 1st UK arrival with pigeon Ryun just a decimal behind on 13,24.23.50, team Maja from Poland take a narrow 3rd place with pigeon Szura crossing the pad with a time of, for 4th international we stay in eastern Europe with team Anlli Pigeon Warriors claiming another top position following on from 2nd in tr2 with pigeon Cheroko representing Romania on a time of, Anita & Tag Gravesen from Denmark record one of their entries Thor 708 to take 5th international on, for 6th we go to team Belgium with pigeon Rambo 2 making it over the line for 6th international for team Neirynck & Pere et fils with a time of, a second arrival for team England comes in for 7th international with pigeon top wing one for the Top Wing Syn on and as a result holds the Slovakian entry Zeus  in 8th for team Sadlak, Vendelin & Andrej on a time of, two more arrivals for team Belgium concludes today’s top ten with pigeons Team EPW and pigeon Jose on takes 9th whilst Team Petra and Freddie and pigeon Noah times in on


Picture3 05 01 22
New Cut Warriors entry Ryun 1st uk 2nd international tr3

With the masses we expected to arrive things didn’t seem to happen for some unknown reason as many smaller batches were arriving it maybe they were experiencing their first challenge from the local peregrine population which could have possibly forced a large number to take a wide approach but thankfully within a twenty minute period from the first arrivals all was well as the loft recorded over 1,000 arrivals and with more on the loft and further numbers returning.. thankfully in the next hour that past nearly all the pigeons were safely in the loft, fed and perched ready to await their next adventure resulting in 1949 pigeons timed in giving a returns percentage of 98.98%

Picture4 05 01 22

3rd international tr3 also leading the king of sprint averages pigeon Maja for Team Maja representing Poland

Training race 4 for of the initial five pre-selection training flights before owners activation and the 1949 pigeons which had come from the first three training flights once again on the road this time heading in a northerly direction into the island to the distance of 15klm prior to the team taking a break for two days to enjoy the festive period with their families

With a sunny north easterly wind Abel got them away at 12.50 and to the opposite of the previous liberation on this occasion the birds found their line and made good headway for home, after a close finish we have taking top honours of 1st Scotland 1st UK and 1st international  William Donachie with  pigeon Lucky dip in pole position with a time of, Zetti Reinhold from Germany takes 2nd international with just one second dividing the top two positions with a time of with pigeon Danny, Team Matuma from Belgium take the 3rd international honours with their pigeon Novi coming in on team Netherlands with pigeon Frysian Lagoon for Sjaak Buwalda takes the international with a time of just holding back the challenge a tie for 5th and 6th positions between new participants triple l recording a second Scottish arrival taking the 5th spot with pigeon new bridesmaid on, with the clock unable to divide the times team Black Gold from the USA takes 6th on the same decimal as pigeon named Dream records the same time of for 7th and 8th it’s another challenge between two teams from the Netherlands with team Knol pigeon and entry Hoefnix just taking the 7th spot on a time of 13.0832.50, resulting in team De Duivenrienden with pigeon Pucky in 8th on, for 9th we go to team Ireland and flying the Irish flag solo this year we see Mike and Beryl Woodyard as Team Highway lofts takes 9th spot with one of their entries Celtic Berrie on  therefore leaving the 10th place to a local participant in the form of Jonathon Exposito Cruz from the island of Tenerife with pigeon Matteo on

Picture5 05 01 22    Picture6 05 01 22

William Donachie 1st Scotland 1st UK 1st internatonal tr4 with pigeon Lucky Dip

With the pigeons now acknowledging what’s expected of them as in basket liberation and food awaiting their return, they didn’t hang around much today as over 300 pigeons recorded their return on the winning minute and as the remainder flooded the board and adjoining loft roof it was pleasing to see that once the clock had caught up 1,934 pigeons were recorded, and as night fell and day 2 came a further five arrivals had recovered from any false direction they had taken and corrected themselves bringing the total number of pigeons from the 1949 basket to 1939 and a pleasing 99.48%


Picture7 05 01 22
Pigeon Danny for Team Zetti Reinhold from Germany 2nd international tr4

With everyone enjoying the few days break over the festive holidays it was business as usual for the Arona Team as they took on the unique mammoth task of photographing each pigeon individually and programming each photo of the pigeon and eyes to show each participant their entries which they parted with prior to the loft closing in October

Picture8 05 01 22    Picture9 05 01 22

Team Matuma Belgium and pigeon Novi 3rd international tr4

Training race 5 and with Christmas day a past memory the Arona Team prepared the pigeons for the final preselection training flight prior to owners activation from a distance of 2o klm

With 1939 pigeons locked and loaded the team made the short journey to site were at 1pm Abel released the pigeons into a broken blue sky and a light north northeast wind

Picture10 05 01 22    Picture11 05 01 22
Team Kingsway Lofts Scotland 1st international tr5 with pigeon Red Drizzle

Taking top honours for the second time we head to the UK and to Scotland to the team of Kingsway Loft headed by William Donachie who takes the winners podium for a second time in as many races as their pigeon Red Drizzle heads the leading batch timing its arrival at for 1st international tr5, a few seconds behind the winner we see the Belgium syndicate of Sint & Carlsbrad friends taking the runner up position with pigeon Amigo 3 on, for 3rd international we go way out west across the Atlantic to the USA who have again supported the Derby Arona with a large country entry and on this occasion we see Dan and Maria Sweeny as team Maridan lofts in amongst the winners with pigeon Abby recording its arrival on 13.28.18 50, for 4th international we see team Tom & Gaynor from Wales with one of their entries Mamma Mia coming home on a time of, just holding off a second arrival for team Kingsway lofts who are having a good day by also claiming 5th position with their second arrival Blue Avenger timing in on, team Evin Peter and Noemi from Slovakia claimed 6th place with their pigeon P479 which now makes its third appearance in the top ten so far this series for them on a time of, team Black Gold record both the second arrival for the USA and a second time for them in the top ten as their pigeon Austin on this occasion claims the 7th spot with an arrival time of 13.2821.90, we see the next pigeon as being one of the inactivated pigeons that were bred for the race by the Canarian breeding centre/Ledesma family as a venture pigeon and so far unclaimed or activated by anyone by the name of Sassie on, which therefore means taking the official 8th spot we have Team Grizzle from the Netherlands timing in their entry Miso on a time of ahead of fellow participants and  the 2020 final race winning Syn of Team Soepboer in 9th with their entry Kirsten timing in on team Germany round off today’s top ten with 9th  going to Team Maria and Hubert Bramkamp  on with pigeon Hermes 1 on


Picture12 05 01 22    Picture13 05 01 22
Belgium syndicate Sint & Carlsbrad friends runners up tr 5 with pigeon Amigo 3

Once again we witnessed the flocks on approach and timing in and yet again it was a close finish to the preselection training as the flood gates opened and pigeons congregated on the landing board awaiting entry and as such by the end of the day 1918 pigeons were recorded maintaining  a promising 98.9% returns rate

Team Maridan Lofts USA 3rd international tr5 with pigeon Abby

Picture14 05 01 22    Picture15 05 01 22

With five races under our belts we can now take our first look at the king of sprint averages this is run from the first to last race and currently holding the leading position we see team Poland on table of the leader board with pigeon Szura for Team Maja on 9070 pts, team Blaydon Racers from England hold 2nd place with their entry Jayden on 8888 pts and in 3rd its Team Grizzle with pigeon Miso from the Netherlands on 8567, this will of course change numerous times during the series but we will keep an eye on it and report any changes to the top positions as the weeks go on

In the meantime their owners activations this is open until 8th January and it’s a unique period when participants get the opportunity of maintaining their teams by activating their reserves this is based on a fee of 220 euro per pigeon, from Jan 8th 3rd party interests can then pay and take over any pigeons not activated resulting in any prize monies won goes to the new owner

Venture pigeons

Picture16 05 01 22

For the first time the Arona Team have included a number of venture pigeons in the loft to assist those fanciers from countries who were unable to send their own pigeons due to travel restrictions etc, and anyone else interested in participating, these are bred from proven stock responsible for many top positions at club fed and Spanish national level all are now listed with pedigrees to assist you in your choice, these are allocated on a first come bases at a cost of a purchase fee followed by the activation fee of 220 euro total cost being 325 euro inc. all taxes etc all can be viewed at

Dates for your diary

Road training will recommence following the third party activation period has expired around 11th of Jan

Final race date is set for March 26th (subject to weather)

Tom Harris