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Derby Arona Update 30-01-17



It's race day 8 for the derby arona tenerife one loft race and   whilst the weather in northern Europe have been  averaging just above freezing and grey overcast skies , on the sunset  island of tenerife its once again a moderate 22 degrees and broken blue skies    ,as 2,558 + pigeons were once again basketed for their latest adventure from a distance of 35 klm to the loft location in Guazza  with the livestream once again attracting more visitors on each training race as more and more fanciers are becoming interested in such a challenging race series ,we once again sat and awaited news and confirmation on the liberation time which was being relayed via the arona team at the loft , it was shortly after 10.40 news came through informing us that the strings were cut and the pigeons were airborne at 10.30 into a light north easterly breeze and broken cloud accompanied by  a moderate temperature of around 23 degrees which was rising steadily as we awaited the sighting of pigeons around the lofts 

pigeon emy 1st international race 8 it was just prior to  11am and after taking advantage of the tail wind that a large batch was seen circling above the loft and once they had landed they swiftly entered the trap to register their return ,the result took a short while to configure the trapping order after which the top honour was announced as the romanian entry emy for  Team Liviu & Ana Covasa  taking pole position at,the winner is a slightly penciled blue hen which over the previous training races had up until now maintained  mid table positions however on this occasion timed in to clearly  win race eight  for 2nd and 3rd we have to dutch entries .the first of the two taking  in 2nd place being pigeon  skipe for Team John Rimmelzwaan at,holding off fellow countryman  and regular competitor hok m reijnen`s entry sarka montana,into 3rd   


john rimmelswaan & hok m reijnen  2nd and 3rd international for team netherlands   

team Poland takes the 4th position with pigeon royal duchess entered by tomasz wiczling timing in at, in 5th place its the local gran canarian partnership of daniel and papi with pigeon harry 555 on whilst 6th position went to the first uk and ireland fancier david hinkel who yet again times in amongst the leading birds with pigeon named batman on

pigeon "Batman " 1st uk/ireland 6th international race 8 for dave hinkel

narrowly in front of team Poland with their second arrival this time it was team robert majchrzak and pigeon andys baby on the clock and taking 7th at ,for 8th place it was team Romania once again with   Team Mihai Adrian & Ana recording their pigeon soldatu on,in 9th position its team tenerife and    Carlos Guanche Campos pigeon balto at,and finally in 10th position its the father and son partnership of jacky and jelle creemers from Belgium as pigeon named black and white makes it arrival on as its clear to see by both the livestream video of the race and the times on the clock  the leading pigeons made light work of the flight home and in just a minute of the first pigeon recorded on the clock there was a further  180 also recorded  ,with the vast majority of the pigeons home within no time there were a few adrift however as the day went on these were arriving at  steady pace and by nightfall 2441 of the initial entry of 2,558 entered were home and rested ,with 140 pigeon unaccounted by dark it was an early morning the arona team as they kept a visual on the loft in anticipation of early morning returns and from 07.38 when the first arrival named reno for i & a ladickly  was witnessed entering the loft and and more pleasingly by 3pm the returns were upto 2488 and a percentage rate of 97.26% race 8 with the next race planned for fri 20th from a distance of 40klm  the arona team had planned to postpone the liberation for 24 hours to allow the race to screened live at the Blackpool show in the uk ,but unfortunately on checking the weekend forecast there was a slight uncertainty on the weather conditions for the said weekend resulting in the arona team making the decision to keep the advertised date as the safely and welfare of the pigeons at the lofts was once again  the main priority over any publicity plans for the future of the derby arona  so its friday morning and as we headed north on a four hour journey to Blackpool for the show ,gaynor was monitoring the livestream on route and awaiting news of the liberation from the north of the gumiar valley which to date im told would be the most testing  and demanding training race the pigeons have had to overcome as they would need to make their way through the valley which runs from north to south of tenerife and a distance of 40 klm

Double training race winner wise lady 

with a liberation at  10.30am ,into a light 19klm north easterly wind with broken sunshine ,it wasnt until 11.20 that the first pigeons were seen arriving and upon trapping, after  fifty or so minutes on the wing the winner was  eventually  announced  which  produced  a   remarkable double performance as  once again the pigeon named wise lady for the Italian syndicate of Giuseppe Patti our  race 7 winner had timed in and  registered its second major win against such large birdage with a time of, in 2nd position its team Germany and entrant Thomas wegner pigeon mottimo timed in at,in 3rd its rumania and syndicate paul popovici pigeon hunter at, 

mottimo 2nd race 9 for thomas wegner (germany)

we head back to Germany for fourth position as team edgar peters entry tahiel timed in at,with  5th going  to team Scotland and william donachie recording the first uk /ireland pigeon with fran-daby-dozy on  ,the czech republic takes the 6th spot as bovo for team kelmens made its arrival at as 7th position goes to another German syndicate with the German champions Germany pigeon Atlantic 1031 on for 8th its a first arrival for team Netherlands as team twin brothers gelderland pigeon,for 9th we go to eastern Europe and team stanislaw para representing Poland with pigeon linux at and to round today's race off in 10th position its team victory lofts Malta with victory andre on a time of,

Paul popovici 3rd international race 9

so once again the fitness of the pigeons over the past weeks of training has paid dividend as without such a lot of the birds would of struggled to overcome such a terrain of the gumair valley and mountains and the threats that it holds ,that the pigeons faced on their journey south , at the close of race there were 2,299 pigeons home and a returns percentage of 2,486 sent  ,so with a returns rate of 92.47% there were obviously a fair few away unfortunately by nightfall  , however  all this vigorous training is essential to prepare the pigeons for the future training races as we take on bigger challenges over the next few weeks on the water and cross island flights,  so distances have to be increased on each race to  ensure the pigeons take in as much island knowledge and fitness as possible which will benefit them in the long term ,

the derby arona stand at blackpool which was a hive of activity over the show weekend

as for the Blackpool show it was pleasing that no sooner that the doors opened and on being in such an ideal position we  were   visited by  many new  and familiar faces over the weekend  at the stand ,and with many fanciers  taking an   interest and enquiring about the race in general and costings there is the  prospect of not only this years entrants once again supporting the race ,but many new participants pledging to come on board also  this year ,which should.. if all goes well  boost the uk/ireland team considerably ,so thank you to everyone who took time out of their weekend to drop in and chat.

william donachie (scotland) 1st uk 5th international 

with just two  island training races remaining from distance of 50 and 60 klm , the water races will soon be upon us and this is where with the inclution of the hot spot races the pigeons with a brave heart and courage that take on the challenge of crossing from one island to another may well be one of the three lucky winners that will walk away with a new car  for their owners , you may think that this is a little premature, however  it may  also be time for fanciers to consider  this  years final race on  the  24th march weather permitting , at present   some  hotels in the play de las americas area  are already showing signs of being full to capacity so if you are intending on joining us for the  final race  our advise would be to act now ... and come along and experience the Arona Dream.

Tom Harris