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Derby Arona Report 23-01-19


The unique one loft race over land and sea

Races 8 & 9 Reports

The derby Arona Tenerife one loft race programme is moving on rapidly now since the new year break as the convoy makes its way northwards through the island prior to the sea liberations, with the latest outing being from the 35 klm distance 3,027 pigeon on board

In a light north, easterly wind and temperatures averaging 22 degrees with clear blue skies abel Ledesma released his cargo at 10.45 am as many again sat patiently on the internet to see how today’s race would unfold after such a difficult event in the race prior

Following the confirmed liberation time The convoying team relayed a message indicating that a few minutes after liberating  for some reason the pigeons were reluctant to clear the site and were still orientating at the liberation site for some reason, but on viewing the area but to the eye couldn’t see any  apparent reason as to why ,this was reported to have gone on for a while  until to the relief of those waiting the pigeons were finally seen to be making their way down through the valley towards home


Team syn of sivak jozef & tomas Daniel from Slovakia with pigeon timo 1st international race 8

At the loft all eyes were on the trap as the first pigeons where spotted circling above following a thirty five minute flight ,the leading pigeons two pigeons today go to team Slovakia with the syn sivak jozef & tomas Daniel entry   timo  just having the edge to claiming  1st international on a time of narrowly ahead of fellow countrymen team r.c.h with pigeon hot in 2nd place on a time of,team Germany take the 3rd position with kvsk& Lipperland taking their country honours with pigeon anabel on,for 4th we go to indonisia with team tara aguna sunrise syn and pigeon florina timing in on 11.2131.75,two arrivals for team Germany take 5th and 6th international with team klass & shon coming over the line with pigeon Argos on of team dr.angela targatz with pigeon quely on,team usa claim the next two positions as in 7th spot its pigeon named maiden over for Kris twardus11.22.37.40,keeping team irish syndicate lofts in 8th with pigeon kings first choice on,team Belgium round off todays leaders with 9th team lucky 5 and pigeon lily on 11.25.53 .40 whilst the 10th position goes to team castermans& maes with entry yarno on,

On looking at the result and the times of the first pigeons it seems that a small batch had broken away from the main pigeons, as they orientated giving them a few minutes head start ..however the majority of pigeons came shortly afterwards which was good to see ,


Team r.c.t.from Slovakia  2nd international with pigeon named hot

As the day went on pigeons returned after there ordeal and as the sunset in Tenerife and the night fell 2675 pigeons from the  3,027 entered indicating that at such time just over three hundred pigeons were adrift ,this looking at the way he pigeons have returned during the day  indicated that this was possibly the result of a peregrine attack on route which may have split and turned the pigeons

Pigeon named anabel 3rd international race 8 for team kvsk& Lipperland from Germany

As the day broke on day 2 and with a few birds away it was again pleasing to see pigeons returning during the day unscathed after their ordeal and there to fight another day as the returns rate had now rose to  92.66% returns rate


Team millys loft 1st uk 18th international with pigeon millys hot English baby


Saturday 19th  and the training continues with race 9  we are  coming ever closer to the north of the island and the introduction of the challenging sea  races, however before such there’s still the matter of completing the island training programme and for today we are travelling the 40 klm journey to top of the gumair valley ,

With the 2,805 on board which successfully overcome the past training races re-basketed and on route ,we again witnessed many  fanciers were gathering on livestream to see the race unfold ,as well as the large gathering that was forming in the uk at the derby arona one loft race stand at the 2019 British homing world show of the year  in Blackpool, who were  viewing via livestream filming from the lofts in Tenerife on Saturday morning ,which  also  gathered a lot of interest around the stand  ,as we awaited the news on a liberation time ,and returns

It was shortly after  11am that we received confirmation that at 11am the pigeons were away in a light northerly breeze  and arrivals were expected around 11.30 at the guazza lofts


Team brigetio and pigeon paula 1st international race 9 from hungary

taking the top honour of 1st international from 2805 pigeons goes to the Hungarian syndicate of team brigetio with pigeon paula which landed a ew seconds ahead of the field and made a swift entry timing ahead of the masses that followed on a winning time of, as the remaing returns  scrabbled over the line to record their arrival and with the result formulated it was announced that  in 2nd we have the well known name and fancier within the one loft race circuit from the usa mike ganus and family syndicate with their  entry world ace timing in  on ,team tara aguna sunrise from Indonesia is once again amongst the leaders with pigeon Florinda improving on the previous result coming in at,just ahead of the second arrival for team usa as team irish syndicate lofts and pigeon kings first choice timing in at,team Romania held off a trio of Belgium pigeons to take 4th spot with team vioral gah and  pigeon vio 6 coming over the line on leaving the current averages leading syndicate of castermans and maes representing Belgium in 5th with another of their entries named  yarno on the clock on,for 6th we remain with team begium as syndicate geris guido & Thomas timed in their pigeon tarzan on a time of,the third of the Belgium pigeons which claims the 8th spot goes to jacky and jelle creemers with pigeon timothy at,decimals ahead of the Slovakian team of las Vladimir & dana and las 2 which makes another appearance in the top flight on,as team uk & Ireland claim the 10th position as team amigos in paradise record their pigeon shearer,


Mike Ganus family syn from the usa with pigeon WORLD ACE 2ND INTERNATIONAL RACE 9

with the announcement of the leading pigeons it was clear to see that this training race was a vast improvement on the previous two due to what we gather to of been peregrine attacks on route as today the pigeons returned in their large batches  with minimal losses which was pleasing to see with  2,678 pigeons  recorded by the end of day one , the following morning from first light the pigeons who were absent from the day before started to arrive and considering there wasn’t as many adrift as in previous training races pigeon were  coming at regular intervals and followed up with a few more coming on day three this brought the returns rate to respectable 97.8 %



over the past few races behind the scenes the averages and ace pigeon table has  been changing regularly through the series amongst  the list however maintaining their returns rate and  staying at the top of the leader board we have team castermans & maes from Belgium with there front runner pigeon cindy topping the board  in pole position on 31,643 points a clear 500 points clear at this stage of the 2nd place syndicate of   pouw & Willems from Holland with pigeon bolero also holding its position  in  runner up spot with 31,152 points, as pigeon named peanuts for team jura fighter from Switzerland takes 3rd place on 29,774



the training is now becoming more regular and challenging  for the pigeons and fanciers no doubt, as we move further  north through the rugged terrain of  the Island we have just  one or two land  training races still to come, before we head out to sea towards gran canaria, for the forthcoming sea liberations and hotspot races 1 & 2 these will then be followed by the  double island flight from Fuerteventura to Tenerife  for the semi-final and final race, in 2018 the arona team also introduced some additional short training races in between the major races hopefully  this will once again be the case to maintain the fitness of the pigeons, for future challenges that lay ahead  something that proved beneficial last time will no doubt be welcomed by the fanciers  again this year


team castermans & maes from Belgium still at the top of the average table with pigeon cindy

at this point I can confirm that the arona team will also  be opening up the nominations option to fanciers once we liberate from the sea ,which will undoubtably bring some additional fun and excitement to the races and rewards to fanciers wishing to place some pools on their pigeons all this will be available on the website at




Some pictures showing the busy times for the derby Arona team at the recent British homing world show of the year in Blackpool 2019 with present and new participants at the stand

finals week

and doubt as the training and excitement continues all thoughts will be on the final race and the wish to be there to see the event in the final stages , things will commence at the lofts on Wednesday 27th march with open basketing at the loft ,when fanciers will have the opportunity to handle there finalists prior to entry into the race ,this is followed by the invitation by the Ledesma family to join them to the official welcome evening at a top Canarian restaurant on the Thursday evening prior to the big day on Friday of the release and return of the pigeons in the derby arona final when once again a champion will be crowned for another year and receive the arona prize of 120,000 euro

the curtain will then come down on yet another derby arona Tenerife year with the prestigious gala night at the mare nostrum resort in playa las Americas on sat 30th march when all prizes are awarded to the 2018/19 winners a night not to be missed im sure


Tom Harris