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Derby Arona Race Report345



Race Report :

Races 3,4,& 5  

I'ts race day three on the the island of Tenerife and with the 3,006 pigeons that returned from the previous training flight safely basketed ,the convoy were once again on route to the third of five pre qualification races before the Xmas break and activation periods  with the birds on site we all patiently awaited news on a possible liberation time on livestream ,and with the cameras showing cloudy conditions the arona team ensured that whilst this was the case the said clouds were high and  the visibility was very good as temperatures increased to  22 to 24 degrees at the loft by 10am     at 10.35 we were informed by the arona team  that  with every one happy with the current conditions the pigeons were liberated at 10.30 into a cloudy sky and light winds , with nearly a hundred followers on livestream anticipating an arrival time it was just prior to 25 minutes after liberation that a handful of pigeons could clearly be seen circling above preparing to land ,on doing so and after a few moments the winning pigeons entered through the trapping system ,pigeons arrived over the following minutes in ones and two`s as we awaited the larger batches that we all expected ,as a further five minutes past we finally witnessed a batch of around 50 pigeons and it was from this moment on that the landing board welcome batch after batch 

Team Bacskai Sandor-Kellner Andrea

taking the top honour of 1st place training race three goes to team Hungary with a blue hen by the name of  stella entered by   Team Bacskai Sandor-Kellner Andrea at 10.56 31.15 ,team Evin Peter & Noemi and pigeon racheal 727 came in 2nd for team solvakia,3rd position and a second entry for team Hungary goes to entrant  Horvath Szabolcs and pigeon oliver just ahead of a second pigeon for Slovakia this time with team Ladicky I + J pigeon bibiana10.56.50.30 ,with hingary and Slovakia dominating the top four positions 5th place went to Team Dionisio & Pandiella from Asturias with pigeon Bobadilla at 10.5653.50 in 6th it was an entry by Team Karl-Heinz & Ralph Schleifer from Germany with bond gold recording an arrival time of a clear two minutes ahead of the start of the first of the larger batches as they arrived with a second arrival for the Asturias partnership of team dionisio & pandiella with Hailsham Millie timing in at to take 7th , just ahead of Team Mantel from the Netherlands in 8th with pigeon barca`s boy on 9th was the country of Tarragona  and  Manuel Fábregat Valmaña and pigeon cubana recorded its arrival on rounding off todays top ten in  10th place  were team Netherlands  and  Hein van Dam entry Busquets

NEW FOR 2017 WALES "BIG DREAMERS" 1ST UK RACE 3 as for the uk/irleand it was good to see  a new syndicate for this year in the arona race as  big dreamers syn from wales  recorded  their pigeon dreamers 36 in 26th position on  on looking at the returns it seemed clear that the pigeons were split and on speaking to jose later that day he believes that good old percy perigrine may have been in the versinity resulting in some of the pigeons going slightly off course ,however by nightfall 2958 of the entry's were safely perched and a little more experienced after such an ordeal ,the following morning a few more pigeons arrived and as we prepare for the next outing the returns rate for training race three stood on a satisfactory  percentage rate of 98.46 % 

RACE 4 WINNER FOR  Team Slawomir Pluta  Poland    its race day four and at the lofts the  2,932 pigeons which safely returned from the previous race,  were re-basketed and off on yet another journey, as part of phase one of the five pre activation and Christmas break qualifying races, unlike the previous races when small numbers had spilt from the larger batches and arrived a few minutes clear of the field ,on this occasion the pigeons have now learnt the routine i believe, as following yet again a 10.30 liberation and considering the distance had gone up by a few miles the birds completed the distance in a faster time unassumingly knowing that on their return  their daily feed was awaiting them, as once the first batch hit the board they swiftly ran to the traps to record their return ,around sixty to seventy pigeons were ahead of the rest and after a short while for the computer to generate the result ,we waited patiently to see who would follow the the words of "the champion is",which final appeared as   pigeon   BANDERA entered by   Team Slawomir Pluta from Poland at which takes 1st position ,in 2nd place were team Belgium with Tess entered by Team Schaekers Brouns just beaten on 10:54:42,55 3rd position was a Portuguese pigeon named "second for team   Team Asas do Sul on 4th was the Croatian pigeon named burin for   Team Blazevic at,just ahead of a second arrival for the winning country Poland in 5th place as    Team Przemyslaw Kozak recorded their entry jewka on,turkey takes the 6th spot as pigeon barkin arrived at 10.54.4605 for  Ferhat Gülez in 7th we go back to Belgium and on this occation   Vincent Neirynck`s pigeon olympe timed in at just a decimal behind on ,in 8th and enjoying todays race was third arrival for team Poland as   Bogdan Mlynarczyk with pigeon gaudy timed in at 9th we go to team Germany and fancier  Reinhard Gebhardt with pigeon speed of sound marking its arrival on and in 10th position it was Germany once again this time with an entry by alexandra gebel with atlantic 575 timing in at as for the uk/irland entries its david hinkel that takes the honours from this one in 15th place with his entry batman recording an arrival time 

batman 1st uk & 15th internal for dave  hinkel    over the following few minutes the pigeons returned once again in large numbers which pleased everyone watching the race around the world ,as congratulations to the arona team appeared on the livestream ,as its clear to see that the management of the pigeons and the daily routine of feeding and training is starting to pay off now ,with  the pigeons on their return now trapping a lot better than first off ,which we expected to happen as the training gets more regular and they learn along the way ,remember for a lot of these pigeons ,they had never experienced the basket and large liberation's so its all new to them but they are grasping the expectations now on a daily basis  2932 from the initial liberation of 2960 were recorded home on and  with a percentage rate of 99.05 home safely they have to overcome just one more event before we rest up for the activation period and Xmas break   

winner of race 5 team photo for jkg transport syndicate  Poland so here we go on sat 10th of dec ,and with four qualification races behind us we once again sit and anticipate the liberation from pre qualification race 5 ,with yet another small increase in distance and the usual suspects live on the chat on livestream we awaited news of the liberation of 2,932 pigeons that returned for race 4 and currently on site for liberation  it was again a 10.30 liberation on the island of Tenerife as clear blue skies could clearly be seen above the lofts and a temperature rising to over 25 degrees we once again sat back to spot the birds on their return ,and what a race this proved to be as spotted the first sighting of pigeons this proved to be one of the best race in the history of the Tenerife one loft race for most as just as the first two arrivals pitched and entered the loft it seemed that over 2000 pigeons came in one large bunch  and landed on the loft  scrambling to enter the trapping system , when the result finally came through within the first three minutes over 1,000 of the entries had already  recorded their return and with the remainder jostling for the opportunity to enter the loft the computer which formulates the results was working vigorously to put every arrival in order to provide the  result  with so many pigeon coming together there was however a clear winner  seen entering the loft just ahead of the bunch and that was a white grizzle entered by jkg transport syndicate  from poland which beat the stampied to take the top honour of 1st place with an arrival time of in 2nd & 3rd positions it was team uk/ireland with team England  syndicate Burntoft Trainspotters and pigeon burntoft sharon once again appearing in the top ten with a time of ,followed in 3rd with  peter oberholster also representing England with  pigeon south carolina on ,in 4th its another pigeon showing a bit of consistency in the early stages as  team Portugal  and  Team Asas do Sul`s pigeon named "second" takes another top spot ,just ahead of team Denmark  and pigeon biddy for  M & C Hansen on in 5th ,for 6th its one of the  regular competitors in the derby arona over the past years that of , Team Klaas & Sohn from Germany with pigeon flashlight sa,recording a time of,just ahead of the Netherlands  entry by  Team Boekeloin 7th with pigeon maya on,moving onto 8th position and team Slovakia takes that with   Team Wiedermann - Bardos with pigeon noemi on,  it was a local fancier from the island of gran canaria who takes the 9th position with Team Zeolita with his entry levi recording 10.50 .44.30,and to round off training race five in 10th position  is team paul smith for team england with pauls star rounding off the leading positions  on

burntoft sharon 1st uk 2nd international race 5 as you can clearly see from the arrival times there was nothing really time wise to divide the leading pigeons, this format continued throughout the result ,which obviously lead to only a small number of pigeons adrift by mid afternoon and with a returns rate of 99.85 the team are more than happy in the way the pigeons have adapted to the routine of training  ace pigeon  after five races the leading positions in this category have changed on a few occasions however as we take this break this how the current score board is looking 

alexandra gebel current ace pigeon leader with atlantic 575 1st Germany ATLANTIC 575 Alexander Gebel 11584

2 Portugal Second              Team Asas do Sul 11551

3 Norway             Wonderduk         Team Gebert & Iura 11469

4 Slovakia               Bibiana               Team Ladicky I + J            11325

5 czech republic    Lucas Go Team Vyslouzil Zdenek a Lucas 11308

6             Germany            Weiß6               Christian Weiß                 11287

7 Rumania Aris                       Team Pisla Daniel & Vintan George 11285

8 Scotland Fran-Tastic           William Donachie 10949

9             Ireland               Celtic Capall          Team Highway Lofts     10914

10          Slovakia                    Sima      Team Lesnicky 10819  

owners activation  so we are here with  phase one completed, and with the Xmas break upon us its also time to think about activating the reserve pigeons that have now overcome both the orientation and breaking in period ,which for some is in excess of six months or more at the loft  and for others having raced within their respect countries before making the trip and re-settling to their new location ,they have also come through five training races unscathed and ready to go again in the new year .   so the pigeons have proven themselves to you the fancier by completing the above ,so now its surly time for you !!, the owner to repay them by rewarding them with activation into the next stage and giving them the opportunity of competing in the 2nd stage of training and later for the prize fund and new cars which are on offer in the hot spot races and the ultimate prize fund in the final race at the end of march    at present owners activation is underway ,and will remain in place until the 22nd dec this is the only unique opportunity that you will have to activate and keep your entries in your respected syndicates and teams as after such date they will be offered out to third party interested parties for activation ,and from then on new owners have the opportunity of racing your pigeons in their names and subsequently claiming any prizes that such pigeons are honoured to gain there forth  the price of activation is the same for both owners and third party interests at a cost of 220 euro per pigeon and whilst owners have first opportunity until the cut off date third party interests are taken on a first come first served bases so once the list however large or small is published on the website the advice would be to make any selections and contacting the arona team asap for all the new comers to the arona one loft race ,we hope that you have experienced all the added bonuses that the race offers ,you the fancier and competitor during these early races  ,by visiting the website which is updated on a daily basis with information and forthcoming events and also the livestream which gives the added bonus of viewing the loft and witnessing the arrivals on race days ..all this adds up to one thing ,the arona team base themselves and ensure  an honest and 100% transparent race for the benefit of themselves and to you the fancier , and your pigeons within their

control .. so on behalf of the arona team we wish you all a happy Christmas and successful new year and future success within the arona Tenerife one loft race and look forward to re-joining the race with you on  jan 10th 2017
Tom Harris  (derby arona one loft race)