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Car Race2



Car race 2 the best so far

filip de smedt 1st Team Belgium, 1st International

plus 1st prize of a new car

  after all the inland and sea training races ,the 927 pigeons that remain within the competition were once again on the island of gran canaria for the third time in two weeks  for the second car race across the atlantic from   the east coast of the island and a distance of 135 klm

   With blue skies above and temperatures at 09,30 rising to a high of 22 degree the birds were liberated   at 09.45 into  a light  21klm north easterly wind which would without doubt increase over open waters  between the two islands

  At the lofts and via the live chat we were informed by  the arona team that upon liberation ,and during orientation the pigeons suffered a series of  strikes by   a peregrine , which duly split the large numbers  liberated into a number of small batches scattering them in  different directions ,and whilst nothing could be seen to be hit during such attack on the race video on the arona website  , it did however panic the pigeons as they were preparing to  clear the race point

 On receiving this unsettling news and knowing the problems that these birds of prey cause , It was sometime later that we were informed that whist the first few bunches had eventually made there way across the island to the west ,the remaining pigeons had  also made their way from the liberation site , and no pigeons were reported visible in the area  at the time the transporter was ready to leave for the journey back,

With over an hour after liberation there was a mood of anxiety on the chat page as fanciers waited and hoping  that after such a bad start the birds would be  back on their line of flight and on their way, ,as we all awaited for the arrival of the leading birds  and the winner of the second car winning pigeon to arrive 

Taking 1st place and recipient of the keys for the major prize of the car was  the Belgium fancier filip de smedt with pigeon named  risqué timing in at the winning pigeon appears to be a cheq white flight hen that on looking at previous results seems to have  maintained a mid table average prior to this result ,

fancier filip de smedt car race 2 winner

In 2nd position and reciving the cash prize of 2000euro was team malta and team debono lofts with pigeon Matthias timing in at ,just ahead of team redlish and risse syndicates arrival cora claiming the 3rd spot and 1000 euro prizemoney, for positions 4th to 10th positions each arrival will claim 220 euro each from the prize pot  ,taking 4th  5th and 6th positions went to team  Netherlands with  cees van gelder , buzzlord  moving back into the top ten just in front of the three with a time of ,in  5th it was pigeon jelle for the dutch partnership of Team van den Bosse-Hoondert Lewedor on ,whilst 6th place was claimed by Team Schoordijk-Schults and their entry chiella ,Daniel brandt from Germany takes the 7th spot with brandt 596,on whilst team uk and Ireland in the form of chris macann from Scotland takes the 8th position on with his entry beti ,team south Africa comes in on 9th with stollose for syndicate Team Gaddin Bros & Charl Stander at,and finaly  in 10th place it’s the welsh syndicate of team rudderfett with their entry picasso recording an arrival time of

team debono lofts malta 2nd position car race 2

As with all hotspot races the prizemoney is well spread amongst the leading twenty arrivals  resulting in  the following ten positions also receiving an equal  amount  of 220 euro each

 11. rumania Sepia   Petca Aurelian 1 11:33:59,75 1 01:49:00  

12  englandThe dodge rocket   Team D.S.R. 1 11:34:00,25 1 01:49:00  

13  malta Victory Thomas   Team Victory Lofts Malta 1 11:34:00,30 1 01:49:00 

14  rumania Tibo   Team Cosvasa & Gah 1 11:34:00,50 1 01:49:00  

15  polska Henk   Team Smge Rumik Krzysztof 1 11:34:03,35 1 01:49:03   

16  slovakia Jozef   Team Kujanik Derby 1 11:34:50,45 1 01:49:50   

17  rumania Tuvama 5   Team Tudor Valentin & Matia 1 11:34:53,85 1 01:49:54   

18  gran canaria Araujo   Team Yahvé & Oliveiro 1 11:34:54,45 1 01:49:54   

19  netherlands Red Devil   B. J. Suk Mellies 1 11:35:27,15 1 01:50:27   

20  belgium  Hope   Team Belgium's Finest 1 11:36:14,45 1 01:51:14 

With the first eighteen arrivals safely on the clock   ahead of the rest of the field ,the pigeons soon returned in their hundreds over the following minutes  ,resulting in   over 250 arrivals had been recorded home within ten minutes from the first arrival which was pleasing to see , and with the majority of the pigeons home by mid day and  few  more returning later on that day by nightfall the arona team announced an amazing 893 were safely perched

Pigeon cora 3rd car race 2 for team redlich and risse

,further more at this present time from the release figure of 927 pigeons an amazing 904  have been recorded home ,giving not only a returns rate of 97%, but one of the best performances and races in the arona history at this stage of racing , which is a tribute to the dedication and work put in by the arona team  to ensure that the pigeons are released in the best conditions

chris mcann 1st uk/irelend 8th international

So we now look forward to the forthcoming semi final race in the next few days. when the pigeons have to overcome the   double island crossing from Fuerteventura and a distance of 230 klm ,with  the 1st prize again  being a new car on offer for the eventual winner  ,this may well be a true test of character for these gallant  pigeons to face crossing over two open spans of the atlantic  ,but we are hopeful that by once again choosing the right day to race the returns percentage will once again be high to ensure a successful and highly profiled final race in just over two weeks time

Once again after eighteen races the ace pigeon  challenge is attracting a lot of interest now with just two races to go and currently ahead is


Current leaders in the ace pigeon challenge

1  Gran canaria  Araujo  Est Team Yahvé & Oliveiro    42295   

2  Italia  Peaches  Est Team Italy    40591 

3  Netherlands  Rut Han  EstTeam van den Bosse-Hoondert Lewedor   40434 

4  Netherlands  R. Nelson  Est Team Soepboer    39304  

5  Ireland  Highway Lucky Strike  Est team Highway Lofts   39166   

6  Germany  ATLANTIC-VIVA  Est Alexander Gebel   39031  

Car race 1 winners team Europe top 10  which for some reason didn’t appear in some reports

It is  also time to advise all this years participants that as per the rules of entry ,fanciers are required to forward on the pedigrees and ring cards to the Arona team via  post

 to J Ledesma c/o C.San SIlvestre,15 Llanos de Guaza Arona Tenerife Canary Islands

 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

for the pigeons that remain within the race before the final race ..and it is with no exception that if such paperwork isn’t received then the pigeons will not be entered in the final ……

Finally for all uk  and Ireland fanciers the news is that two dates have now been confirmed by Chris Sutton and myself  for entries into the  arona Tenerife one loft race 2016/17 , these are June 23rd and sept 15th  shipment per pigeon is £30  from the uk to Tenerife via Holland ,to reserve your placement on these date please contact Chris on 07792356330 or myself on 07443040056

Tom Harris