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Santa cruz and 1st sea race report 2016

Tuesday 26 th January and the Arona one loft race has reached its final inland race point from   the north eastern coast of Tenerife , from the  port of Santa Cruz an approx. distance of 65 klm to the lofts in guassa , and  covers the well-known rugged volcanic  terrain of mountains and valleys throughout their  southerly  flight  to the loft 

 With the pigeons 1,964 pigeons ,basketed the evening before followed by  an  early start and uneventful journey north to the liberation site, the transporter arrived on site overlooking the port  port of Santa cruz just after day break and with the sun and temperatures rising to a moderate 26 degrees  abel was once again pleased to get the birds away early today  at 09.15 into  a light helping north easterly breeze and   ,we were pleased to be informed that  once the  pigeons were airborne they were  reported to have cleared the race point on  line for home ..

      At the home end the usual participants were logged in via the internet, as we sat patiently for  the first sighting of the pigeons  ,and with the usual estimated time of arrival once again doing the rounds ,it was at  10am after forty five minutes of flying ,it was seen  that the pigeons had taken advantage of the helping breeze, as the first birds were spotted above  ,with  the  first six pigeon  pitching directly onto  the landing board they swiftly made their way in ,

                       Team team Segers-Coppens-Minner  Belgium 1st santa cruz

The leading pigeons arrival times were dually announced with 1st place going to team Belgium with team Segers-Coppens-Minner  and pigeon goldrush 1 taking the honours with  an arrival time of ,once again a few pigeons are starting to show some consistently as we progress , and this is one of them with previous positions of 51st ,6th and 50th before today’s outing with averages of 23rd in the country average and 414th internationally ,close behind the winner in 2nd and 3rd was team Netherlands with syndicate of van den Bosse-Hoondert Lewedor recording their entry rut han on a time of to take 2nd place ,just holding off fellow countryman team  Team Bustraan Pigeons and el borracho into 3rd on, 4th position goes to the German fancier peter knocks with his pigeon zuzo at 5th  goes to team Poland and syndicate  Smge Rumik Krzysztof and pigeon myszka recording its presence at ,the country of astaurias and syndicate Dionisio & Pandiella takes 6th with their entry  elmer  at ,gunter shneermann and pigeon martyns shep for team Germany takes the 7th position on just ahead of the first arrival for the uk with team England and team  ultimate and pigeon ultimate super taking 8th position following on  from 2nd position from race 10 ,on this occasion recording an arrival time of,for 9th we return to team Belgium and pek racing team adk with pigeon Andromeda at followed into 10th by team astbury, with astbury kath timing in at 10.01.05 80

van den Bosse-Hoondert Lewedor syndicate 2nd place from Santa cruz


Upon reviewing the result ,It was also encouraging to see that in a matter of a few minutes over 1,700 of the pigeons liberated, were recorded home ,and as the remaining pigeons came throughout the afternoon ,just the small number of thirty five pigeons are currently unaccounted at present  ,however to give each pigeon the same opportunity and race transparency and to clarify to questions being raised as to returned pigeons during these early stages  ,if any of the lost pigeons from previous outings , return in the future and are considered fit and healthy then they will re-join the race at which ever stage that they are currently at


Team Bustraan Pigeons 3rd place from santa cruz

So there we have it through the hard work and dedication of  the arona team  in preparing the pigeons and maintaining a balance of  health , vitality and stamina over the past months  these remaining 2,929 pigeons have overcome the first   stages of island training on  the programme and  have now reached the coast in  preparation  for the first of six sea liberations from the atlantic ocean.   this will be done as in previous years with the transporter positioned at the rear of the vessel and once the required  distances are reached the vessel will reduce speed to allow the pigeons to  be liberated, it is  hopefully that this experience will encourage and eliminate any fears that the pigeons may have for the future ,once they are required to cross open spans of water from island to island in future races 

,as an added feature, for sea race 1 and beyond  the  arona team have advertised complete coverage by  filming both the liberation and pigeons arrival for both  your enjoyment and to show the transparency of the arona olr  which can be viewed on the website at


Team ultimate 1st uk/Ireland 8th international lsanta cruz

Seas race 1

On fri 29th the 1929 pigeons which safely returned from the previous race from santa cruz ,took their first step out  for  the first sea liberations  of the season, with a distance of 60 klm of land and an additional 5klm of water to overcome ,

with the transporter securely loaded on the rear of the  fred Olsen ferry bentago express  we followed its course via marine traffic as it made its way out to sea at a speed of 33 knots  bound for gran canaria  ,

  Upon reaching its required distance the captain eased up on the throttle, reducing the speed to a more steady and moderate  pace, giving a lower trailing  breakwater behind the ferry , and with the island of Tenerife clearly visable to the rear ,the all clear was given to release the pigeons at 08.55 into a light n.n.e sea breeze

    The liberation is itself is done under a controlled environment to ensure the safety of both the pigeons  , and the crew and ferry  ,so with the pigeons going out row by row once in the air and clear of the vessel they soon bunched together and were reported to be making a good line back towards land 

At the lofts and on the livestream we received confirmation of the liberation at 08.55 as everyone waited for the pigeons to arrive  it was ,at 09.37 three pigeons were seen circling above and as everyone waited to see their intentions they swiftly landed on the loft and landing board and dually made their way in ,on doing so  another two were approaching the loft, clearly  indicating  that a small number had broken clear of the bunch and had made a direct line for home down the coastal route  ,whilst in all probability the rest had flown back to land and were following their usual line south

The first pigeon to land and cross the finishing line  to ,take 1st place goes to team  Croatia   and Team Pudic Family Loft with their pigeon matija  recording a winning time of narrowly ahead of the 2nd place winner for team malta and Team Tencho Loft and pigeon mimi at 09.37 49.05 ,the third of the three leading pigeons ,goes to team uk/Ireland with pigeon named the aristocrat ,for josh reily of Ireland recording a time of ,


team pudic 1st place sea race 1


4th place sees a  2nd arrival for team Croatia and  pigeon highlander for Team Bosko Jenjic - Bild Jenjic syndicate at 09.37 59.30 ,Team Karl-Heinz & Ralph Schleifer of Germany and pigeon turbo takes 5th place on,6th position goes to team Scotland and garth rankin and show boy on,josh reily records his second arrival with his pigeon beliver  narrowly finishing in front of team England’s lucky devil syndicate pigeon royal wave that finished in 8th at ,team Germany take 9th  and 10th  place with pigeon clay dark for Paul-Heinz Wesjohann claiming 9th on shadowed by team ladys Germany in 10th with atlantic 73 on

Pigeon mimi for malta  team tencho 3rd place sea race 1


With 1929 pigeons liberated and after reporting on the arrival of the leading pigeons the main draft of entries weren’t that far behind and pleasing to see was that just thirty minutes following the liberation 1,600 of the pigeons were safely perched ,as for the pigeons away these drifted in through out the afternoon and added to the few that returned the following morning a total of 1,748 of the  pigeons and a percentage of 90% have successfully overcome what has to have been one of the scariest moments of their young lives ,being liberated from the rear of a moving vessel out at sea and successfully  overcome this fear this will   hopefully will give them the confidence in future races   as the programme progress`s

josh reily 1st uk.ireland 3rd international sea race 1


as for the averages ,and after overcoming the past twelve races the averages table is changing dramatically race by race and at the time of compiling this report team Italy are in 1st place with peaches with a score of  26582 followed by fellow countryman Lorenzo Ghiacci and super million on 26321 and in 3rd it’s the Germany   Team Jung & Jupid and celerina with 26109 ,as for uk and Ireland team  yellowbelly are once again on course to repeat  or improve on their 2015 performance of runner up average winner, as pigeon megan is currently  placed in 6th position with 25009 once again being an activated pigeon

Current international averages



We have received clarification from the Arona team following sea race 2 which has just been flown and will be reported on in our next report , that ,  there will be a further two sea races  before we go forward to the first car race of the year and survival race from gran canaria in future days weather permitting


As for the progress of the Tenerife one loft race over the past years it is clearly visible that interest has grown as  and with the help of the internet and livestream facilities the race organisers have  pleasure in reporting 6,970.620 views via Youtube  and  a further   15,444 fans that have viewed and liked what they have seen and  experienced via facebook comments pictures and regular updates which  indicates that the race is making progress in it ambitions  in giving out the Arona experience to the wider audience

Tom harris