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A R O N A16 T H D E C





by UK Press Officer Tom Harris

Graduation Day Race 5


With the Christmas break looming the pigeons were once again basketed for the fifth and final training race of the 2014/15 campaign before the holidays and with an initial starting line up of 2,144 pigeons entered in training race one 2,129 still remained within the lofts. This was, as previously advertised, brought forward by a few days due to the poor weather conditions that were forecast heading towards islands over the next few days in the form of a Calima (sand storms) which not only reduces visibility but also give a grit-like effect within the atmosphere which isn’t suitable for the pigeons to fly in. So well done to all concerned.


The birds arrived on site and we waited patiently on the Arona live stream site for news of the liberation. With the usual banter flying around, it was a case of ‘guess the time of arrival’. At 11.45 the strings were cut, releasing the convoy into light north-easterly wind with average temperatures of 23 degrees and a little cloud cover over the 25km distance. The main batch of pigeons were seen to be slowly moving southwards shortly in a zig-zag formation and were soon seen to disappear into the distance. Smaller batches however circled for a while before gradually making their way home. At the home end preparations were made and with food and water awaiting the pigeons, the team waited for the first pigeons to appear on the horizon.


It was 12.04 when the first arrivals could be seen approaching the lofts spread out racing for home. After a few turns and swoops to the landing board the first pigeons landed and within a matter of seconds the leading pigeons made their way into the loft whilst more and more arrived behind them. The leading pigeon to cross the winning line was from Team with their entry "Burkes Pride" taking pole position at and with the Ace pigeon position changing race by race this performance takes the winner into 27th position from all the Belgian entries and 411 overall.



2nd today goes to Team Wspolny Golebnik from Poland with "KYA" timing in just behind at to record 705th ace pigeon. 3rd position goes to the Netherlands pigeon "Black Power" for Jap Koehoon at for 1661st international ace pigeon. 4th is the second arrival for team Netherlands with "Bunte Tenerife" for team A&P Lann timing in on, 1241st ace position. 5th is our UK & Ireland partnership of Christmas and Hunter with their pigeon "Christmas Sparkle" which has been coming consistently over the first few races timing in today at for 242nd ace position. 6th and its a second arrival for our winning loft of with "Clarke " arriving at to claim 3rd for team Belgium and 38th overall. In 7th it is team Rumania with syndicate team Burca Ioan at with "Lilisor" in 1450th ace pigeon. 8th place goes to team Germay with team Waz timing in with "Safiro" arriving at for 421st position overall. 9th team Rumania with syndicate team Julian Dinu and "Naldy" timing in at, 367th ace . Rounding off today’s race in 10th place none other than one of the main co-ordinators in the form of Karl, Dickmann-Stroetges from the Netherlands with their pigeon "Saitama" at with 710 overall position internationally.

Christmas & Hunter


So there it is, the final race of the first stage behind us and as night falls 2,117 brave pigeons have overcome phase one and therefore go forward into the new year, experienced to move forward to the north of Tenerife to as far as Sant Cruz before entering the sea crossings towards Gran Canaria and future hotspot challenges ahead.


So activation time is upon us. These pigeons have now done all that has been asked of them over the past months and races. It’s now time for the fancier to return the complement and have the faith in activating their remaining pigeons. Entrants will have until 20th December 2014 to activate their reserve pigeons to compete in the Arona-TENERIFE Pigeon Race. For all relevant information regarding bank transfers and other means of activating and payments head to the arona website at or contact the lofts direct at email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or fax: +34 922 169 058.