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by UK Press Officer Tom Harris

Week 2 Training race 3

After the weekend break from training the 2,140 pigeons were once again on the road for training race 3 from an approx distance of 10km. With a light north-easterly breeze and temperatures maintaining an average of 26 degrees during the day the pigeons were liberated at 12 noon into broken blue skies. It was just after 13 mins on the wing that the first arrivals were clearly visible above the lofts and after circling a few turns to lose height they soon pitched on the landing board and rapidly entered the loft.

The transporter prior to liberation

Leading the field for this one taking the champion’s position is the Italian entry by Team Tomas & Leonardo & Zenel with their entry "Delfino " timing in at The winning pigeon is part of a team of four that the winners have remaining within the competition. Over the past two races this pigeon has successfully recorded 1801 and 474 in training races one and two.

2nd position were team Team Derby Szprotawa of Poland with their dark cheq pied entry "Suzutani" timing in at This pigeon has also improved on its trapping over the initial three training races after scoring 1808 and 351 in training 1 & 2 and now 2nd place to its credit. 3rd place goes to a blue hen entered by the well known Pipa Syndicate with "Dynamo" timing in at 4th was Team Kalimanci OLR of Bulgaria with "Kiera" at 5th was the second Bulgarian for the Team Maksim Kumanov at 6th place goes to the Slovakian entry by Team Silny L&L with "Pickacu" at 7th position it was the training race one winner "Paris" of Lubomir Kubacek for the Czech Republic team on 12.13..59.15. Team Plavitu Liviu from Romania was next to time in with "Plavi 10" for 8th place on 9th and it was a second arrival for Team Itialia with team ABC’s entry "Gea" at with Seelen-Ellenbrook of the Netherlands rounding off this race’s top ten with "Gaundy" at

Team Tomas & Leonardo & Zenel's (Italy) 1st training race 3 "DELFINO"


With the first few training races passing it’s getting interesting now that the averages have been published to indicate the ace pigeon in these early stages. These will be updated after each race as the series goes on through to the final.

With three training races gone it’s pleasing to say that the losses have been minimal at present and as night falls it’s a credit to the team once again to see only six pigeons remain adrift giving a return percentage of 99.7 %, however tomorrow is another day and hopefully these will turn in. We hope this continues into the activation period on Dec 15th to give everyone the opportunity of activating a fair size team for the forthcoming hotspot races and the prospect of driving away in one of the three new cars on offer. Remember some of these entries have been present at the loft for the past six months and have overcome the daily threat of the peregrines and the orientation period so by not activating your pigeons you leave the opportunity open for someone else to reap any possible rewards. As for third party activation fanciers, it’s worth remembering fanciers only send what they consider to be their best to one loft races, so each pigeon has the same opportunity of winning along the way so their loss could well be your gain in future weeks !!


Training race 4

With the Arona team keeping an eye on the forecast for the next few days and with a threat of the usual calima arriving from the southwest, they have wisely for the benefit of the pigeons decided to bring training race four and five forward to overcome this potential problem, clearly indicating that no chances will be taken.

Ttraining race four from Charco Pino was from an approx distance of 15km on Wed 10th Dec with 2,137 birds basketed (which indicated that only three pigeons failed to return from the previous flight). For the short journey they were soon on site and with preparations done the convoy were released at 11.22 into a 23 km per hour north-easterly wind with slightly cloudy skies and temperature of 23 degrees.

The race four winner was the well known fancier from the Netherlands, Marcel Sangers with his entry "Street Kop" timing in at Previous results for this pigeon show positions 1/856, 2/1251 and 3/1793 and it moves into position 863 ace pigeon overall. 2nd place was another Dutch entry "Sawyer" for Team D & P Soepboer timing in at 3rd was the Bulgarian entry "Conny" for team Maksim Kumanov on 4th is yet another Dutch entry "Hook " for Team Comb. V.d. Vooren on 5th is the Slovakian entry Team Esmerelda with "Ronaldo" at 6th position was pigeon named "Ginger" for Team Mannu Lofts at 7th Midnight Blues for Team Miulescu Marian from Romania at, 8th was taken by the first UK/Ireland pigeon for Christmas and Hunter with their entry "Christmas Sparkle" which was also well up in the positions in training one, on this occasion timing in at 9th it’s back to the Netherlands with team A&P Laan with "Bleu One" on and rounding off the top ten for training 4 we go to Germany and team Erick Muller’s entry "Bacardi" on At night fall with a total convoy of 2,137 entries just 11 remain unaccounted for but as we know, a few will turn up in the morning more experienced from their night out and ready to fight again.


So with four training races under their belts and just one more training race to go now before we take a break over the Xmas holidays and to allow the activation to take its course, what’s clearly visible and pleasing to see is once again the management team seem to have the feeding right, resulting in the birds slowly and surely learning the routine now, trapping well as the live stream and the times show.