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by UK Press Officer Tom Harris


It gives me great pleasure to have been contacted by José Ledesma at the Derby Arona one loft race in Tenerife to act here in the UK as press officer for the forthcoming 2015/15 event.

The idea behind this appointment is to not only highlight and promote the performances of the UK entries but to acknowledge the performances of the winners from each training and hotspot race by fanciers and pigeons entered from all around the world.

With the first of two consignments of UK pigeons from all the home countries now safely within the Arona complex, the numbers entered by UK fanciers and syndicates currently stands at Scotland (13), England (30), Wales (26) and IrEland (17), a total entry of 86 pigeons.


Jose Ledesma (proprietor of the Tenerife one loft race)


Loft location

The home of Jose Ledesma and his family houses the Arona Tenerife one loft racing lofts which are situated on the southern coast of Tenerife within the resort of Guazza, positioned between Tenerife south airport and the holiday resort of Los Cristianos.

This location offers such a dramatic backdrop of mountains and sea views, and whilst this area is regarded as more of a local residential area there is still plenty of open space around the banana plantations to accommodate such a worldwide event as The Arona Tenerife One Loft Race, which is promoted as the Rolls Royce of one loft races.

With this year’s event coinciding with its tenth anniversary the doors opened for entries back in April and since then a steady flow of birds has been arriving at the loft on a weekly basis. Upon arrival the pigeons are given plenty of time to settle into their new environment prior to being released with the ever growing draft of pigeons which have already gone through the procedure of re-homing. It is then that they are given the freedom of the warm Canarian skies.

On the 30th October the doors are closed for any additional entries and it is then that the pigeons within the Arona team’s care are treated for various common ailments such as canker and worms as a precaution prior to the start of the training programme.

The racing lofts of the Arona OLR 


Training starts off in early December at distances of just a few miles at first to assist the pigeons in locating the loft and gradually works its way from various points northwards before reaching the port of Santa Cruz and Muelle S. Andrés at the north eastern tip of the island with approx distances of 60/70 km to the loft.

Whilst this is underway December becomes a busy period at the lofts for the administration staff as owners’ activation comes into play on December 15th. This gives fanciers the opportunity to activate their remaining pigeons that they have entered. This goes on until the 21st December, after which non-activated pigeons are offered for activation to outside parties.

The training programme gathers momentum after the Christmas and New Year break as the pigeons are trained on a regular basis, sometimes up to three times a week from both land and sea in preparation for the first of four challenge races from Gran Canaria, 100km & 120km, including car races 1&2 before moving on to the double island step races from the island of Furteventura. It’s from here that the third car race is held, followed by the final within the last week of March, which covers a distance of approx 260 to 300km, with an estimated first prize of 50,000 euro.


It’s pleasing to see an entry to date in excess of 2,000 pigeons already, from no fewer than 43 different countries from around the world with some well known pigeon fanciers from many countries taking part in 2014/15.

Each country in turn has a nominated race co-coordinator who gathers and cares for the pigeons prior to shipping to the island. For a full list and to locate your nearest race co-ordinator who can provide you with information and dates concerning shipments and a full itinerary of proceedings visit the Arona website at

So there you have it. Hopefully I’ve been able to highlight and introduce you to the procedures and the early preparations of the Arona one loft race in Tenerife. For those who have taken an interest here in the UK there’s still one more opportunity of entering this year’s event when the last shipment goes out from the UK late September, so to reserve your place or for any further information regarding entries from Scotland, Wales, Ireland and England contact Mark Williams at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0044 (0)7825302007 - 0044 (0) 1745294545.


So at what cost does all this come to you may ask and how does the Arona differ from any other one loft race?

For the sum of 220 euro for a team of five pigeons (one paid entry and four reserves plus 35 euro per pigeon transport costs from the UK) you are assured of local race coordinators who will provide easy transfer of pigeons to the lofts on certain days of the year and answer any related questions you may have regarding entry.

You can have live stream events straight to your computer enabling you to view as it happens, basketing and race/training day information, from the time of liberation until the end of the race/training.

Plus up to date race by race progress reports throughout the campaign on each individual pigeon.

Plus the added opportunity of being present at the lofts for the final race scheduled for late March and to be amongst fanciers and co competitors from around the world.

Finally after the final all the winning pigeons from the final are auctioned by the well known pigeon auction website at