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Derby Arona 29-06-17



Its that time of year that  we prepare to take on the ultimate challenge in the atlantic ocean The Derby Arona Tenerife one loft race , and at this current time with  the first of two shipments from the uk and ireland dispatched and informed that they have arrived safe and well in the lofts  , we are pleased to say  contained 20%  increase in  number of  pigeons from our  2016 first shipment ,and the second batch of entries not due to go out until around the second week of sept it gives  us the  opportunity   informing  the fancy of what  the race entails

  The island 

Tenerife is the The largest of the seven Canary Islands, and  sits in the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of North Africa and enjoys eternal sunshine throughout the twelve months of the year which is  one of the reasons that makes this beautiful island such a hotspot for millions of tourists every year.and an  idyllic place to race pigeons, aided by all year round warm climate.



The island  is  volcanic and has been naturally   sculpted over time by several eruptions, the last being in the early 20th century. and hosts the highest of the spanish mountains in the form of mount teide which is dominant from all angles of tenerife and surrounding islands  ,It has a great mix of rugged terrain, dramatic landscapes and a sub-tropical climate with temperatures averaging 20°C 22°C in the winter months and 26°C 28°C in the summer.

The lofts 

the lofts themselves are situated in the southern region of the island in the small residential area known as Guassa  between reina sofia airport and the well populated  holiday resorts of los cristianos and playa de las americas ,which is ideal to accommodate not only holidaymakers but fanciers who make the regular journey to the island and  take up  the opportunity of making the short journey to visit the lofts and view the pigeons    during their stay  on the island 

the arona one lofts are managed by the ledesma family with the founder jose ledesma fronting the organization ,whilst gladys ledesma takes on the tasking role of the  administrative side of things , and throughout the year during training and racing the  loft management , welfare of the pigeons  and convoying  is controlled by jose and abel ledesma,

  Mike Murray 

James and Vicky Cook tumley lofts uk

the ledesma family created this event back in 2005 with small numbers entering at first but over the years the reputation and extreme race factors of the team and conditions has resulted in the race currently  being amongst one of the most ,profiled one loft races in the world , with a european record payout in the 2017 final race prize of 120,000 euro for 1st place and an additional three car  /hotspot races  ,

to establish such a reputation the arona team work on  100 % transparency policy for the benefit of their competitors ,this  is imposed from the time of entering and throughout the campaign and is endorsed by the hospitality and openness  shown to fanciers when they visit  the lofts ,a visit to the loft and to meeting the ledesma family   not only offers visitors the opportunity of viewing the lofts and birds housed  ,but  the team  also enjoy taking time out to meet both current and new participants in the race and  illustrate how the race operates ,its all part of the openness of the the organisation 


the new extension of the arona lofts  

of course to maintain  the high level of professionalism the team are assisted by  a well established team of  coordinators who act on their  behalf  by gathering pigeons and assisting fanciers from their  respective countries by   arranging  the shipping of their entries etc to the island for entry into the race ,

as we head into the 2017/18 race series the arona team are proud of their past record and are duly  being rewarded by  more countries taking an interest and wishing to send pigeons to this year's race series  with the latest  coming on board being australia, mexico,  india ,portugal and canada to name a few which pushes the number of countries to well in excess of fifty  competing for the top honour in one loft racing 

  cool carrot syn

Selwyn Abraham 

the organisation never promotes itself as being the best  or greatest one loft race, in the world for obvious reasons as all one loft races have to overcome there own challenges ,regardless of  which  country they are located in   , but the derby arona one loft race do claim to be undisputed the hardest in the world ,solely due to  the geographical position of the island ,the constant temperatures hardly ever falling below 20 degrees and the vast  area that the pigeons have to cover, of course we must not   forget the challenge imposed by the  island to island crossings across the open atlantic ocean ,


with the doors being open for  entry from the  1st may until october the team welcome a constant flow of pigeons arriving on a weekly basis ,from all corners of the globe ,once in the newly extended lofts, which can now house  4,000+ pigeons in comfort , the arrivals  are left to settle for a few weeks under netted conditions, this gives the new inmates the opportunity of being able to leave and enter the lofts at their own free will and take in their new surrounding on top of the lofts without being able to  flying off  ,it is  then and only when the team are happy that the pigeons have accustomed to the area that they are released with the pigeons already exercising 


  John May from Swindon 

during the past months the arona team have made the effort to take this race to the pigeon fraternity via the many shows around the world promoting all aspects of the race but as in all one loft races theres no  unprecedented promises as the derby arona  tenerife race is a unique race in itself as its flown from  island to island and on times at mid seas  from the rear of a vessel heading out over open waters in preparation for the forthcoming hotspot races in the later weeks ,its  these  races  that duly tests the pigeons  homing ability and to overcome their fear factor to their maximum as they are now required to leave land below and head out over open waters to return back to the loft , 

in the uk ,myself and chris sutton who we all know is respected for his continuous work within the pigeon fraternity   ,have taken on the role of arranging the shipments of  the uk and irish entries to the race  and pride ourselves in offering the personal and professional touch of shipping the uk/ireland pigeons ourselves on the first leg of the journey to holland,in preparation for their onward  flight down to tenerife and by offering your entries this service it ensure that these babies placed in our care have adequate  food and water and reduce the stress level therefore arriving in perfect health 


 with such a successful past two years in the race by uk fanciers   claiming  many major prizes including 2nd (team wellwag unc headed by the late fred mccluskey) and 3rd ( mark gilbert ) in the 2016 final added to that success  in 2017 pieter oberholster and fev flyers which is made up by  the leach bros and steve bannister proudly taking two of the three car hotspot races major prizes , this  has result in interest being  increased here in the uk over the past weeks and months in regards to this year's race


it was during the past  promotional campaign   , we have gathered added interest from  some highly profiled and established pigeon outlets who serve the pigeon  fancy  these  ,have already committed and have sent their entries in shipment one ,to name a few the well known tumley lofts stud down in exeter headed by  james and vicky cook  signed up and sent out a team of five pigeons on the first shipment also from the north east  theres mike murray from the well established pigeon products outlet murray & mills who have also entered this years race with two teams (10) also sending for the first time is a  familiar face for those who have been in the sport for many years , steve marsh and ray blower from doncaster who are  well known for publishing the  pigeon video`s , as a joint syndicate have already sent out three teams in shipment one and have already pledged  more for shipment two  ,of course whilst its good to see such highly  profiled  names and entrants which makes the race attractive to the eye  , we must not forget the small back garden flyers who participate each year and there has also been new influx in participation from this sector ,as its these people who make the race , sending  teams  as an added interest during the long winter months,

to keep everyone informed and upto date with whats happening in and around the loft and during training and racing there's an up to date website that gives out daily news and also offers live links to the loft  on training and racing days  via the arona livestream,this facility  not only  enables everyone to monitor each of the training and major  money races from the comfort of their home but actually shows the arrivals and positions gain as it happens ..


Steve Marsh and Ray Blower  

from the uk we have one more shipment scheduled for the second week of sept and with the first shipment up by 20% on last year we are once again hopeful that the uk and ireland will  again have a strong competitive team to challenge for the prizes on offer  


  training starts on the island at the end of november and with an improved training programme scheduled for the forthcoming year  we look forward to the competition and  the build up to the hotspot races and of course the big finale towards the end of march 

 hopefully this report has given you a little insight to the derby arona one loft race and for those who have already sent and those sending in sept ..we wish you good luck , 

for chris and myself were here to assist you in all aspects of the race to the best of our knowledge, but at the end of the day we all send what we regard as our best to compete but  it's solely down to the pigeons and their ability to return   ,

 so to be the best  you have to compete and beat the best  and this is provided in The derby arona tenerife one loft race "THE HARDEST ONE LOFT RACE IN THE WORLD" 

a team of five inc shipping 1 paid 4 reserves in the loft for approx £ 350 with the activation of reserve pigeons in december

Tom Harris