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The training continues on the island of Tenerife

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The training continues on the island of Tenerife

With restrictions eased within the canary islands allowing the restart of the revised training programme, the team and inmates have already completed two training races from 60klm,and with the return visit to the neighbouring island of Gran Canaria the team also managed to complete a further two island training flights from 35klm, to maintain motivation for the forthcoming event.

With 657 birds basketed and on their way with abel as loft manager transporting released the pigeons at 11am into a light northerly breeze blue skies and a Tenerife temperature of 22 degrees and rising.

At the lofts all was good as we awaited the returns with everyone on livestream seemed happy to be racing once again, and whilst today was only a short flight the excitement was once again clear to see by the comments.

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Team Hungary with pigeon Daniel entered by Peter Vaary 1st International Derby Arona

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Taking top honours of 1st international we go to team Hungary with pigeon Daniel entered by Peter Vaary with a time of, taking the runner up position in 2nd we go to the South American Nation of Colombia, as team Columbia entry Marcia records, Marc De Cock from Belgium takes 3rd International as his entry Charles 122 crosses the line on

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   Team Columbia entry marcia 2nd international & 3rd international for team marc de cock Belgium Charles 122

Team Wales takes the 4th spot and 1st UK with the Rhondda Rockets entry Ellie coming in on ,swiftly followed by two arrivals for team Slovakia as pigeon Mirka for team Jurica edges itself ahead of fellow country participant team Krajacik Daniel & Andrea with pigeon ADK 88 with times of & for 5th and 6th positions, for 7th we go across Europe to the Netherlands with team Casper Lurvink and pigeon named apple crossing the line on 1136.26.70, the N.P.S. syndicate representing team England take 8th position with their entry forge van dirk timing in on, Lorenzo van Russell records the second arrival for the Netherlands team with his pigeon wild west coming in on 9th on resulting in team England and the Tinks Treasures rounding off today’s top ten with pigeon Noemi 154 in 10th with

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                                             Team Rhondda Rockets 1st wales 1st uk 4th International with pigeon Ellie

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As you could gather from such a short distance the result of the leading pigeons came down to a trapping race ,but there were no big prizes for this one just a reminder of what’s ahead in the future, the aim is and was to keep things moving and the pigeons flying ,and as a result ,this was achieved with all 657 pigeon safely returning to the lofts in preparation for the next event

Just a few days later the team prepared to once again give the pigeons a wing stretch from the same 35klm, and following the full returns from the previous race the 657 pigeons were on the road heading northwards to the liberation site in preparation for the planned 10.30 liberation.

Following a short rest on arrival, Abel cut the strings releasing on time into a moderate 12klm south westerly wind with overcast skies.

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                                         1st International team Germany with team A.A.Perle 2 and pigeon Helmutvarshing

With reports of the pigeons making good headway shortly after liberation we again awaited the returns knowing for those that overcome today the next leg of the revised programme will see them travel across the Atlantic to the neighbouring island of Gran Canaria for the additional training race and semi-final.

With nothing un-towards to report following the liberation we all understand that by now this is to be a walk in the park as to returning but it still holds the excitement of seeing the winners and the final result as its published.

Team Racing Pigeon & friends Germany with pigeon Kiro 2nd international

9 derby

3rd International pigeon Keeter for team Hip Hop Croatia

10 derby

Taking 1st international we go to team Germany with team A.A.Perle 2 and pigeon Helmutvarshing taking pole position with a time of, team Germany back up the leader board with second arrival as Team Racing Pigeon & friends pigeon Kiro on, team Croatia take the 3rd spot as pigeon Keeter crosses the line for team Hip-Hop on, team England takes 4th with 1st UK going to pigeon Bad Boy 63 for Glen Zimmerman with a time of, the Netherlands Syndicate of Comb Poelman take 5th international with their pigeon Poelman 7 on, the Czech Republic take 6th spot today with pigeon Jirka for team Vacek Josef & Nova Ivana recording, in 7th We go local within the island of Tenerife with pigeon Stefan 155 for team Herrera Y Jaima on, in the 8th position we head to Belgium and the entry of Bart Geerinckx, Bucky on, seeing the entry of Francisco Gutiierrez Real Gone Kid in 9th with a time of, team Paul Smith from team England rounds off todays top ten positions with pigeon Pauls Hope coming home on

11 derby

Team Glen Zimmerman 1st UK 1st England 4th International with pigeon Bad Boy 63

12 derby

As predicted, it was like a swarm as batch after batch came through over the following minutes to the delight of all and by the end. There was yet another pleasing returns tally with just one pigeon remaining adrift indicating a 99.8 %.

With all this additional training planned the averages will also be running behind the scenes, with the overall king of sprint for every race for first to last accumulating additional points but as we stands after 21 races team England and Syndicate train spotters are still leading the field with their pigeon Princess Waggy on 70,329 the polish entry of wilco and Syn Wrobel, Michal & Patrykare runners up with 70090 just ahead of team Romania and pigeon Maryo55 for Pitea l & Marcus c on 69,362.

So there we have it the additional training from within Tenerife has been fulfilled the pigeons are now fit and motivated for the next leg from across the Atlantic from Gran Canaria for the additional training flight of 100klm of open waters .prior to the semi final race ..and the ultimate challenge of the final race from Fuerteventura implementing a double island flight across two open spans of water ,as always the arona team are pleased to welcome old and new participants throughout the final stages n the livestream facilities and other social media outlets as we bring the 2019/20 race series to a close when a lucky winner of 120,000 euro will be announced.

King of sprint average leaders team Train Spotters England

13 derby

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Next series shipments

As most are aware with flight suspensions from all parts of the world currently in place due to covid 19 ,we hear these will soon be relaxed enabling the many coordinators the opportunity of arranging shipments from their respected countries, contact your local coordinator for the latest updates on this and be part of the Derby Arona next adventure.

Tom Harris