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Derby Arona Tenerife

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We are ready for the big event,

The derby Arona Tenerife final 2020

Sunday 5th July


With the long awaited restart of this year’s derby Arona underway and following the successful four Tenerife island training races completed from distances of 35 & 60klm the team were making preparations to return to the neighbouring island of Tenerife for the third and final endurance race prior to going that extra mileage to the east coast of Gran Canaria for this year’s semi final

With 656 pigeons on route north to the port of Santa Cruz, the pigeons arrived safely on the quayside awaiting boarding for the early evening crossing arriving on site just as the sun went down on the Canary Islands

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derby 3

With a cool north easterly breeze coming off the Atlantic, Abel got his cargo away at 08.30 as temperatures slowly began to rise.

At the loft everyone seemed to be excited with the news of the release although reports were made that upon liberation the batch were chased around the coastline by the local peregrine which whilst concerned us all we were informed by the Abel on site who was watching and filming the event that the pigeons had overcome their threat and the batch a little stretched out were making their way out to sea in the direction of Tenerife.

With facing a flying distance of 125klm of open waters and a strong sea breeze we were in unknown territory as this is the first time, they have had to reface such challenges since the postponement of the event mid-march.

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Team N.P.S and pigeon Forge van Dirk 1st UK 1st England 1st international derby Arona endurance race 3.

It was just as the clock was upon the 1 hour 15 that the first batch of pigeons were noticed approaching and once again upon arrival without hesitation, they swiftly made their journey complete by recording their arrival.

Taking the top honours of 1, 2 & 3 we go to the four home nations of team Britain team taking 1st international with team England winning the event with pigeon Forge van Dirk for team N.P.S with a winning time of In the runner up position in 2nd place we cross the border to Wales where the Rhondda Rockets Syn timed in their entry Ellie with, just heading off the challenge of the second pigeon for team England as Joey crosses the line for 3rd for team Teeside bombers on

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derby 7

Team Rhondda Rockets 1st Wales 2nd UK 2nd International endurance race 3 with pigeon Ellie.

We go east for the 4th international winner as team Romania Nicolae Mitea and pigeon Re-Kong comes home on The Iranaian team entry Fatty comes home for 5th spot for team Murteza Shareif on Team Germany take the 6th position with Mario Filaus entry Nicole on Team Comb Poelman takes 7th for the Netherlands with their pigeon Poelman 7 coming home on Team Slovakia take the 8th position with team Jurica pigeon Mirka following in on, the Belgium nation takes 9th International with the Pipa team of P.E.C. and pigeon Decade on, therefore resulting in team Lincs for seeing a great day for the British fanciers rounding off the top ten with pigeon Kirkby on

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derby 9

Teeside Bombers & pigeon Joey 3rd International endurance 3

After such uncertainty all the fears and concerns of returning to the island of Gran Canaria seems distant memories as the pigeons made light work, as they continued to arrive in their masses to ensure that the semi-final in the following days would be such an exciting event for all competing as the day went on and the sun began to set the clock assured us that once again these brave pigeons had overcome with 548 pigeon registers and with additional pigeons coming in on day two ..the returns percentage had again risen to a pleasing 86%

The excitement on the island of Tenerife and around the world is mounting as this year’s campaign is nearly completed as following the recent success from gran Canaria, the Arona team announce that they will be planning to return for the semi-final from the eastern regions of the island, this will take place towards the weekend with Friday being advertised as the best day weather-wise to stage such event as rain and cloudy skies are forecasted over the weekend.

Thursday 24th and with the 564 entries still competing checked and basketed Abel and Co made the penultimate journey to the north of Tenerife for the evening crossing to Gran Canaria, on dis-embarkment the other side the convoy made the hour or so journey to the semi-final liberation site where the birds were freshly water and left to settle for the evening.

Liberation day and with the dawn breaking and a clear but lightly clouded sky all were awaiting the confirmation of the liberation and to see the third and final car race winner to be rewarded later that morning.

With a 08.30 liberation planned Abel had no hesitation to get them away on time in a light north easterly morning breeze and immediately informed the loft that the pigeons on release had kitted together as a team and were soon on their way across the island to the west in line for the Atlantic crossing to Tenerife, so all expectations were high as we awaited the arrivals at the loft.

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 Conditions on liberation

derby 11

On livestream you could sense the nerves of some in the comments knowing by overcoming today’s event would secure them a place in the forthcoming final race and the chance of winning the coveted 120,000-euro prize on offer.

As such before then we had to wait it out for today’s arrivals and with a slightly helping tail wind the pigeons on route were estimated to make good times today if fortunate, so the wait continued.

 derby 12

derby 13

                                Semi-final car winners’ team Sjaak Buwalda and pigeon Frysian Bullfighter NETHERLANDS

With the hour passing and knowing the conditions the feelings were that the pigeons could well be not too far away and to the delight the first batch of pigeons which obviously broke out in front were at the loft on 1 hour 14 min. Taking top honours we go to the Netherlands with team Sjaak Buwalda being crowned the 2020 semi-final winner with his entry Frysian Bullfighter coming in ahead of the front runners with a time of and therefore claiming the car prize or cash amount of 8,000 euro,

A remarkable performance by Murray & Mills again this year once again in the semi-final sees them take the runner up spot representing team England with pigeon stay lucky on picking up 2,000 euro for its efforts what more Worthy of a mention is the consistency of this syndicate over past years of competition with 3rd semi-final 2018, 1st in 2019 and again today taking 2nd semi-final , team Slovakia take 3rd semi-final along with the 1,000 euro prize pot as team Trisignac with pigeon Joja comes in on, for 4th we come back to the uk to team Glen Zimmerman and his pigeon Bad Boy 63 makes yet another appearance in the top flight with a time of and therefore comes away with the first of the 220 euro prizes which continue down to 10th position in 5th we stay with England and the 2019 car hotspot winning syndicate of Woodhouse Boys with Rudy 1 crossing over the line on, taking 6th international we go across to Hungary with team Jozsef Kovacs and pigeon Joco 3 timed in at, team Thermo Boys from England come in on this occasion with their pigeon G.G.Thermo to take the 7th spot, whilst pigeon Lookin at Lucky representing team Itialia and Syn Ionut Hataen takes the 8th position with team Poland takes the 9th international position with team Polish Pride recording the arrival of pigeon Marta with,resulting in the winning nation of Netherlands finalising the top ten with pigeon Wiersems & Westerhuis in on

derby 14

derby 15

Runner up semi-final race Murray & Mills with pigeon stay lucky

With the top ten positions announced the remainder of the first batch will also walk away with part of today’s cash pot as positions from 11th to 20 also receive a 100 euro prize these include syndicates team De Bruin BV from the Netherlands in 11th team Pitea. & Marius C from Romania 12th, team Creemers & Son Belgium 13th, team Tasary Pavel & Anna 14th, Alexandra Gebel Germany 15th Johannes Rimmele also form Germany in 16th, team Poelman from Netherlands in 17th with fellow countryman Casper Lurvink also from Netherlands in 18th team Mariadan lofts from the USA in 19th and finally in 20th a second arrival for team De Bruin from the Netherlands.

derby 16

                                                          3rd semi-final race winner pigeon Joja team Tristignac Slovakia

With the winners rewarded its wasn’t long before the clock was showing an amazing 529 pigeons from the entry of 564 safely home at the time of writing, and with a few later arrivals no doubt once the heat waves off all will be challenging for the ultimate aim of all in the final race planned for the 5th July.

With such final fanciers are urged to comply with the rule of entry by supplying their pigeons pedigree to the Arona management prior to basketing for the final race, don’t let your pigeon down by falling foul of such ruling at such a late stage as they’ve done and overcome everything which has been asked of them.

The BIG Final race EVENT 2020

After weeks of uncertainty due to unrecognised Calima episodes and covid 19 which has brought on the suspension of racing at times, we are finally at the stage where preparations are being made to stage one of the biggest events in Europe.

derby 17


The team are now in the process of arranging the FINAL RACE which due to unfortunate circumstances see a much reduced worldwide attendance than the derby Arona normally attracts, but we will all make the most of the day and situation, worldwide fanciers will be preparing for the big day, and whilst it may seem different the team will be doing their upmost to keep everyone involved and up to date on their plans and activities, this will include livestream basketing on Friday 3rd July, where you will witness your pigeon being marked and basketed, from there under escort the pigeons will make their double island journey to Fuerteventura, where they will rest for the night prior to the early morning liberation, everything will be live at the loft to ensure transparency with live tv streaming taking place and the welcome party of local and international fanciers who can make it to the island of Tenerife present to witness the arrivals.

So whilst most of us won’t be there we will see everything live as it happens in and around the loft as we crown the winner of the 120,000 Derby Arona Tenerife 1st prize 2020 and remember there’s still the king of sprint averages and king of the Atlantic averages wide open for winning.

On finishing I hope you can join me in congratulating the Derby Arona team who through such troubled times have done their upmost to keep us all updated on the health and wellbeing of the pigeons with regular filming of loft exercise etc ,during the lockdown months so Jose, Gladys, Abel & Danny and all involved, we thank you for all you’ve achieved in getting us through to next week’s final race. Tom Harris