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Derby Arona 20-12-17


Race 4 & 5 reports. 

it’s week two of the Tenerife one loft race training program and with the first three races showing minimal losses with reports of 99+% returns rate clearly shown, it’s also pleasing to see that the birds are also trapping well this year too.

For training race four the pigeons were basketed on Monday evening and made the short journey to the liberation site approx. 10 klm away from the lofts ,and with a 10.30 am liberation anticipated we were all once again welcomed onto  the livestream ,by the Arona team to witness the arrivals once the pigeons started to arrive , shortly after 10.30 news and confirmation was received that Abel Ledesma who again is in charge of conveying got the pigeons away as planned into a light westerly wind and a warm Canarian temperature of 23 degrees as everyone sat back to await the first sighting at the loft, not forgetting their participation in the usual banter and discussions which were taking place during the waiting period on the livestream chat  with the first batch of over one hundred pigeons hitting the trapping area together, and swiftly trapping after a short wait it was confirmed,


           Dream Team India Viki & Jan van Boxmeer and winning pigeon "tvv"


that taking pole position today were team India ..a new face on the podium as pigeon "ttv" for Dream Team India Viki & Jan van Boxmeer edged in front on a time of, just decimals in front of the two pigeons from team Germany in 2nd & 3rd place for Paul-Heinz Wesjohann with his entry named "let’s go for fun" on 2nd  just ahead of fellow countryman Team Leifkes, Iking & Schulz in 3rd  with "hombre",for 4th spot its team Croatia as pigeon "Dubrovnik best" came in for Denis Culic with a time of a , pigeon named "Aru" for Florin Scutaru from Romania takes the 5th position on holding off the second Romanian arrival in 6th  for  Viorel Gah with "vio 5" on,Team Danci Dumitru & Loredana from Italy take the 7th place as their arrival "Eclysse" recorded its arrival home on,with  team Sjaak Buwalda entry "Frysian Marine" from the Netherlands breathing down its neck in 8th on a time of , team UK takes 9th today with a new participant Andy Harker and pigeon "mauri" came in at just ahead of team turkey with two together on & for teams  Metin Mehmet and pigeon "truki" and team Halil Seyhan`s pigeon "hilaL"

       Paul-Heinz Wesjohann Germany 2ND RACE DAY 4 

as the minutes past we were able to witness batch after batch of pigeons as they returned to the loft within the first ten minutes following the first arrival over 2,000 pigeons were recorded home, again to the delight of everyone watching as they enter the loft on landing, it was a credit to the Arona team in the way they are managing the feeding and training during these early stages, with so many short training flights over such a short period of time, during the day the later pigeons returned and once again by nightfall 98% of the entry were safely locked away for the night and with more which obviously made a mistake turning in the following morning once again the loft once again celebrated another successful training flight 

 Team Leifkes, Iking & Schulz in 3rd place race 4 


 Andy Harker 1st UK 9th international for team England


Thursday 14th December and with owner’s activation kicking in the day before the pigeons were again on the road for the final flight of phase one of pre-selection training, as they now travelled the 20 klm distance before the xmas break and activation period get into full swing with the convoy once again on site early the team got them away at 10.30 into a 24klm northerly wind and a little cooler than late as temperatures averaging around 20 degrees with clear blue skies 

once again with such large numbers and short distance there was a fight for top place however on publication of the result, taking the top spot whilst improving on its race four position of 8th international was pigeon "frysian marine" for team Sjaak Buwalda for team Netherlands coming in first with a time of, a second ahead of the 2nd place pigeon named "Brian" for team Renato Cantu from Italy on 


Team Sjaak Buwalda Netherlands, and winning pigeon” frysian marine"


for 3rd we head to team Romania as team hanus vasile entry "Groucho  " timed in on ,whilst team India and Dream Team India Viki & jos thone, keep one of the top spots after 1st in race 4 with another of their entries in 4th with  pigeon named "dhoni" on, team Austria take 5th as our 2016 final race winner beniamin neag and pigeon "beny" records just ahead of team Netherlands and Team di Roberto with pigeon "wild fire" for 6th with, for 7th & 8th like all the leading birds today we stay in eastern Europe as we go to back to Austria for the next two positions as Alois Wiefler and pigeon "alpha 3" takes  7th, closely followed by Erwin Brandner and pigeon "Der Schotte" in 8th with a time of,

pigeon "BRIAN" 2nd race day 5 for Renato Cantu

for 9th position we go back to the Netherlands as Team Gebr. Vieberink pigeon "sprinter " comes in at whilst a first arrival for team Germany comes in to take the 10th position with team klass & sohn with their pigeon "relko" recording, for my own nation`s and team UK we go down to 16th as pigeon "Mea Culpa" came in for new participant Steve Evans from wales with a time of which is good to see as once again a new participant for this year is performing well 


Team Hanus Vasile with pigeon "Groucho" 3rd race 5


so there we are ..the first phase of the training programme has been completed with months of loft flying a minimum of 5 training races overcome and the pigeons clearly are shown  in perfect health on the regular video clips produced  by team Arona, we have suffered  minimal losses and as such we must remind you that shortly the  owners activation will  be closing which will then implement the third party activation ,this is when if the owners aint quick enough to reserve their own pigeons ,they go open to interested parties who have been waiting patiently for the opportunity of paying the 220 premium for "your pigeon" which them entitles them to  take over ownership and  become part of the race owners make sure you have completed your activation in time.


with the past five races flown the " king of sprint averages " has been calculating performances and whilst these are altering after each race currently in front are Team Hennie & Arie Voskuil and pigeon "asclepios" on 11432 pts, Hanus Vasile from Romania are in the runners up position with pigeon " Groucho" 11182 and team Poland in 3rd 11103 pts for team Aleksander Golofit with pigeon "birdie"


TEAM HENNIE AND ARIE VOSKUIL current leaders in the averages 


as we prepare to take a short break during the xmas holidays ,behind the scenes the team have once again been working hard to introduce a new feature to the race  as the individual pigeon photos of all the entries in the loft  are added you will clearly see the new eye photos which have  also been included  , this is something as you can imagine took hours to complete ,but again it’s give you the fancier a new feature and up to date information on how your entries have matured ,


Steve Evans wales 1st UK 16th international


training will recommence now on Jan 9th and from there on in the distances and sea races will become more challenging once again  the derby Arona race and the Ledesma family ,won’t just sit on what they have achieved over the years ,as every  year they  take a further step forward in one loft racing ,this was proven   in 2016/17 when they opened up additional sections to the loft to accommodate more entries from the worldwide competitors  in comfort if required ,and already this year during the early part of loft exercise they have been hands on in controlling  the pigeons from day one ,which is showing with the great trapping you are all witnessing on their return from training ,

  so, they are thriving forward each year with new angles and features for you the fancier and your pigeons to improve and enhance " the derby Arona Tenerife one loft race" As not only a leading race in Europe but throughout the world.

 The Ledesma family xmas message 

As 2017 comes to an end, we would like to thank you for being an amazing partner in our success. We’ve come a long way together and we owe you a great deal of gratitude for joining us on this journey to become one of the greatest OLR pigeon race in the world. This year again we maintained our incredible 120K prize money to give you the most exciting pigeon race experience on the go.

There is no doubt that 2018 will be an even better year for us. We are extremely appreciative to be your preferred OLR pigeon race and it’s because of you that we love what we do.

From the Derby Arona family and all who work behind the scenes including our many co Ordinator’s around the world to make such a pigeon race one of the most exciting one loft races in the world, we wish everyone a happy Christmas and successful new year, and will of course catch up again in 2018, when we will continue with our adventure across the Atlantic 

Tom Harris