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Derby Arona - 19-02-21

 Picture1 19 02 21             

The latest island and sea liberation from in The Derby Arona 2021

We`re at the furthest point of the island now for the final liberation on land prior to heading out over the Atlantic Ocean for the scheduled mid-sea libs between Tenerife and Gran Canaria, with 1790 pigeons on board the convoy made a safe and uneventful journey to the Santa Cruz liberation site positioned overlooking the port and future departure point for forthcoming training and hotspot races.   

With the 60klm flight ahead of them, Abel got the pigeons away at 10.40 into an NNE wind on liberation turning to a more blustery southerly as the pigeons made their way south.

At the loft, with over hundred viewers on the livestream and with additional viewers logged into via other social media outlets, we sat patiently for the first sightings of pigeons at the home end.

Picture2 19 02 21

Lorenzo van Russel 1st ,4th & 9th Derby Arona tr10

Picture3 19 02 21

Pigeon Carl 1st international tr10

Picture4 19 02 21

Duly deserving a mention for a team performance pigeons Cork & Bingo for Lorenzo van Russell

Taking top honours of 1st international Derby Arona tr10 we head to the Netherlands with entrant Lorenzo van Russel enjoying a good race, taking three of today’s top 10 positions his first pigeon Carla which took the top honour with a time of, this was followed up by his second arrival pigeon Cork taking 4th international on, rounding off a tremendous performance with a third, with pigeon Bingo timing on for 9th international, going back to the runner up winner we go to team Columbia with pigeon Gabriela taking the nation’s highest position so far in this year’s series timing in on, taking 3rd international we remain with the Netherlands with team Seelen & Ellenbroek with pigeon Angela on, Team Wales take the 1st UK honours on this outing with Team Men of Gwent’s entry Charlie’s Choice crossing the line for 5th international with a time of, Team Germany come in for 6th international with Team SG Hornemann & Sohn timing in their entry deep red with a time of, the Lanarkshire lads syn from Scotland take the 7th International position with pigeon Anne on leaving 8th international to the sixth arrival for team Netherlands as pigeon Bingo for Team Soepboer completes the result with a time of 11,36.57.35

Picture6 19 02 21

Pigeon Gabriela for team Columbia 2nd international tr10

Considering the pigeons have struggled on previous outings it seemed the pigeons have now overcome their latest fear of travelling through the Guimar Valley as they looked to be making light work of today’s 60klm journey as large batches returned at regular intervals and with the faultless trapping once again it wasn’t too long that we’ve seen over one thousand returnees within 30 minutes of the first arrivals.

Picture7 19 02 21

Team Seelen & Ellenbroek Netherlands with pigeon Angela 3rd international tr10

Picture8 19 02 21

With the livestream continuing to monitor the returns throughout the afternoon when the sunset on day 1680 of the liberation were recorded, this number increased as we went into day two and three and with a few additions on day four a further sixty pigeons were recorded to raise the returns percentage to a pleasing 97.2%

Picture9 19 02 21    Picture10 19 02 21

Team Men of Gwent syn 1st Wales 1st uk 5th international tr10 with pigeon Charlie’s Choice

Picture11 19 02 21

Birds away over the calm waters of the Atlantic Ocean for sea training 1

With all phase two of island training now completed, it’s time to start preparing for the off shore liberations between the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria, with covid restrictions on ferry availability, this has imposed its problems whilst ferries are commuting between the islands they’re still not operating at full capacity, this has forced the Arona team to book on the first available ferry with exterior space to liberate, and as such the only one available to book being the 15.00 Aramas sailing, not ideal as the derby have never liberated so late in the afternoon from such a distance, but based their estimations of a 3.30 liberation with birds predicted to cover the journey on the hour giving an additional three hours of daylight for later arrivals, not a decision they would of made under normal circumstances but if all other avenues aren’t available it’s one which had to made to get sea liberations

Picture12 19 02 21    Picture13 19 02 21

Team Tot Buzi 1st international Derby Arona sea race 1 with pigeon Fussy

Picture14 19 02 21

With the ship departing and on route once they required distance was reached the speed of the vessel  drastically reduced to allow the liberation to take place at 15.30 into calm seas and clear blue skies and light easterly wind coming off the Atlantic

Following the liberation and on receiving the feedback that the birds had climbed high into the sky and heading for land, therefore we sat patiently to see the pigeons on their return via the livestream and various social media which welcomed over 200 viewers onboard.

With guess the time being guessed, most were predicting the arrivals shortly after the hour mark but as this came and went, it wasn’t until a further twenty minutes or so later that a batch finally appeared to the relief of the onlookers.

Picture15 19 02 21    Picture16 19 02 21

Team Jose l Garcia 2nd international sea race 1 with pigeon Dark Vader

Taking 1st international, 1st England and 1st UK we have Team Toto Bozi Lofts entry Fussy, on the clock on, just ahead of team Jose l Garcia, from Puerto Rico, in the runner up position of 2nd international with their pigeon Dark Vader timing in a second behind the winner at, Team Belgium accumulated a run of 3rd 4th 5th & 6th international, heading these in 3rd were team Norbert de Schryver with pigeon Goldie on, team P.S.S.S. with pigeon Jan 542 on, Team Pec & Batenburg timed in two of their entries as pigeon Kubo timed in on closely followed in by pigeon Jordan on, team Ireland step into the top flight for 7th and 8th international as team John Wayne syndicate claimed the nations honours with pigeon John on, closely followed by Team Highway lofts with pigeon Celtic Super C on, William Donachie from Scotland claims 9th international with pigeon Born Slippy coming over the line on 16.53.42,75 and as such resulting in team Belgium with another top ten pigeon as team Stephen Reynaert’s entry Voske 1 comes home on

Picture17 19 02 21

Pigeon Goldie 3rd international sea race 1 for team Norbert de Schryver Netherlands

With a steady flow of small numbers continuing to come through and recording their arrival at first everything looked fine but as night fell just 556 pigeons had returned and like participants the team were disappointed with what unfolded.  There’s a few opinions as to why a lot of birds were adrift on the day, the only explanation which could of caused this was that the pigeons on crossing onto the island approaching from the north flew to the west behind Mount Tiede therefore taking the longest route South rather than coming down the east of the Guimar Valley, hence adding additional time to the journey, therefore night fell before they could reach the loft, whilst this is only speculation and there’s no evidence to prove such but seems the most obvious or possibility.

As day two opened as expected the loft witnessed some rapid returns during the morning as from 8am till noon a further five hundred plus pigeons had recovered from their night out and made it back and as the afternoon went on the numbers continued to climb steadily as day two finished with 1,073 pigeons on the clock, with additional returns on day three and a few more additions on four the final numbers closed at 1118 a disappointing 65%.

With the sea racing underway this kicks off the additional King of the Atlantic averages, which will incorporate positions and points gained from when the pigeons at any time in the future campaign cross over the Atlantic ocean, this is in-line with the current average awards which is currently running from the first to last race, holding pole position we have team Hungary leading with pigeon Joco 3 for team Jozsef Kovacs on 19377, in 2nd place is team Slovakia with pigeon Arona 04 for Team Sadlak, Vendelin & Andrej on 189860 followed by team Jef Goris from Belgium with pigeon Lindsay on 18552

Picture18 19 02 21

Pigeon Joco 3 for Team Jozsef Kovacs Hungary maintaining its lead in King of Sprint averages

Picture19 19 02 21    Picture20 19 02 21

Latest Calaim arriving from African coast (Sahara Desert)

With one more sea liberation scheduled in the coming days, the team have taken into consideration the concerns of some participants in relation to the late afternoon liberations due to the restricted availability of ferries which the islands are trying to provide during the current pandemic situation and the forecast of the latest calima episode approaching from the African coast (Sahara desert) engulfing the entire Canary Islands in future days, this has resulted in additional island training with the step then across to Gran Canaria for the first island to island flight of the survival race (1st hotspot), a race which will clearly test the stamina and courage of the birds, as it’s from here they’re required to confront their biggest fear of leaving land below following the liberation and heading out over the Atlantic for their home island of Tenerife.