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From The Chair By Chris Williams - 27-10-21

From The Chair By Chris Williams

Well, I have just come in from scraping the loft and there are plenty of feathers about, I know a lot of fanciers complain “feathers everywhere this time of year” but be honest we’d be all be more than a bit concerned if there weren’t. October so far has given us bright days, these have been put into use  by spending time in the loft with the pigeons and as they are sat feeding from my hand, Feeding the birds by hand not only helps in strengthening the all-important bond between fancier and pigeon, it also gives me a greater understanding as to the level of intelligence possessed by these truly magnificent and majestic creatures. As I was doing this a sudden thought came to my mind and it was this,  you can never really be bored when you have pigeons because they are naturally  inquisitive creatures who seen to thrive on human interaction, sit with them long enough and you can soon see their moods, which is one of the major benefits of having a small team which lends itself perfectly to the purpose of seeing and caring for each bird as an individual.  Dad and I have always preferred a small team of pigeons, I couldn’t physically manage a big team independently for obvious reasons, even if circumstances were different pigeon racing from my perspective is definitely a case of “less is more”.

Like a lot of fanciers in the modern era, when I am not with or racing my pigeons, I am reading about them online both to research articles and find information on methods etc for use in our own lofts, but sometimes you need to step back and ask the question what’s going on? We live in fast paced age of instant information instant food, and with the advent of so called “reality Tv”, even instant fame. In many ways the modern pigeon sport is no different with fabulous adverts websites and such who it seem thrive almost on a “cult of celebrity,” which at times leaves the ordinary back garden fancier like you and I scratching our head and questioning everything we thought we knew, as we are seemingly bombarded by ads extolling the virtues of wonder pigeons photos of wings and eyes of such unearthly beauty they make the Mona Lisa seem like a stick man! Pause for a minute, breath and look again my friends because even the golden touch of king Midas had its down side.  (Greek myth says he died of starvation) This is not an attack on those who buy and sell by any means   but an observation of the need to look at the bigger picture or in other words look before we leap, common sense and percentages dictate that not every pigeon will produce a champion in every nest.  Even the Janssen brothers, “The greatest pigeon fanciers of all time “ knew this and said “Pairs that give good birds are not rare, but pairs that give real super birds are very seldom found.” Another  example that backs this up is “613” of  Jos Van Limpt “de Klak  one of if not the best racer he ever owned but 613 never produced his like again and neither did his parents, which almost offers conclusive proof that when it comes to breeding champion pigeons obviously you need good birds  but you also need lady to play her part!

Apart from the bath nothing is more beneficial to the birds then spending the day in the aviary in the fresh air during the winter months you can see the good it dose them, the way they stand and almost shine,  which I look for, as I lack a great deal of dexterity in my hand I have to use my eyes and observe the pigeons closely to assess their condition.  At this time of year there are always plenty of odd jobs that need doing and so on the 22nd of October Dad began pressure washing the aviary and front of the lofts, we are waiting for a slightly brighter day and then we will wipe down the loft interior.  Dad  has also begun to jet wash the roof tiles in order to remove the moss from the roof because as I am sure most fanciers are aware moss is harmful to pigeons .

Until next time my friends keep busy and as always enjoy your pigeons .