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Dorset Fed News by Chris Williams

Racing Pigeons the Hardy Way

Dorset Fed News by Chris Williams

Hello all and welcome to the beautiful “Hardy Country “otherwise known as the county of Dorset. Here we are again   with another race under our belts. Put down your scrapers, grab yourselves a brew , or something stronger if the sun is over the Yard arm and come with me on a visit to the great and the good fanciers of the Dorset Federation , seeing how they fared in the race from Truro on 11th July. The convoy of 678 birds abord the transporter was liberated at 7:20am in a light north west wind with sunny skies. Taking the first three and eighth place in this weeks “Hardy Country top ten” is the Upton Working Men’s Flying Club loft of Mr. And Mrs. B. Crutcher who timed a yearling blue hen on a federation winning velocity of 1410.633,this was followed    by a checker yearling hen taking 2nd fed on 1410.505 and a blue yearling cock also doing 14.505 takes 3rd fed, the partnership also score 8th fed thanks to a blue yearling cock on 1405.795  4th   federation this week is awarded  to T Wareham of The East Howe South Road Flying Club  who clocked a yearling pencil colored bird on 1410.474. East Howe South Road Flying Clubs Carpenter and Bastable    partnership secure 5th federation with a checker yearling cock on the going 1410.011. S Travers from  the  Branksome & Upper Parkstone South Road Flying Club   takes 6th fed with a two-year-old mealy cock bird on a velocity of 1408.190. The loft of Mr. &Mrs. M. King from Rossmore Flying Club are in 7th with their yearling blue cock bird doing the velocity of 1408.105. D Bartlett from Branksome & Upper Parkstone South Road Flying Club   is 9th federation with a three-year-old blue pied cock bird doing 1404.547. M. Blake from St Leonard’s & St Ives RPC takes 10th federation timing a blue yearling hen with a velocity of 1401.981. that’s this weeks “Hardy Country Top Ten” congratulations to all the prize winners!

On now to this week’s club results starting with the East Howe South Road Flying club 7 members   sent 100 birds 1st, 4th T. Wareham, 2nd Carpenter and Bastable, 3rd T Elkins, Son and Johnson, well done all. Speaking of the East Howe club I feel it is only right to highlight the efforts of one of the clubs members, a man who quietly goes about racing his birds and doesn’t seek publicity but when the occasion calls his birds are always a force to be reckoned with as can be seen in the recent Central Southern Classic race result from Messac, so take a bow Tony Stephens on a fantastic team performance being 6th 8th 15th open with 2100 birds competing.

Before we visit St Leonard’s and St Ives folks, a little bird dropped it out to me that” Dorset’s Leading Lady” Jenny Mills was 12th open in the Central Southern Classic so well done to her as its always nice to see people who work hard get the results they deserve anyway here is the lady herself with the result from St Ives Truro race: Hi Chris, Truro race report from St Ives where 6 members sent 84 birds, first this week was our club chairman Mike Blake, his first race win since flying on his own after the passing of his father in law Derek. The hen was a Vandenabeele and was the second bird to the loft from the previous Truro, the father of this hen was 17th fed from Bergerac in 2019. Taking second spot was Jim Fisher with a Leo Herman, he’s not a good trapper but was 19th Open from BBC Wadebridge this season. Third place went to myself with the Staff Van Reet hen that was 2nd club last week. taking 4th and 5th is with two birds coming together S &C Williams both Birds are Dirk Van Den Bulck bred from stock purchased from the man Chris calls “The Boss “Sheldon Leonard of FBI fame.

That’s all for now so until next time keep calm and clock em quick !