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Habru Has The perfect gift for cancer research By Chris Williams - 17-12-20

Habru has the perfect gift for cancer research. 

By Chris Williams

There have been many advances in pigeon sport in the 21st century, in the “old days” we relied on wood, hammer and nails to construct sputnik’s, aviaries and lofts. All things change and today many fanciers turn to professionals for help in such matters. Many of Europe’s leading fanciers turn to the  company led by Hans Bruns under whose management the name Habru has become a byword for success and quality of the highest order.  Habru has attracted the leading lights of truly professional pigeon sport who all turn to Hans and his team for the latest developments and innovative design, and when you have big names such as the UK’s Les Green, Geoff & Catherine Cooper along with the cream of the continental racing scene with fanciers such as G. & S. Verkerk and the legendary Herbots family, to name but a few, all turning to Habru for a helping hand you can be sure they supply quality products .

Pigeon racing in its purest form has always had philanthropic philosophy at its heart and the generous spirit of fanciers is often overlooked by the wider media and those in public office.  Thanks to the outstanding public spirit of Habru and many of her top customers I have a strong feeling that things  are about to change for the better! A few nights ago I received a telephone call from Hans telling me of the great success of the now famous Habru pigeon day and auction to raise funds for the Dutch charity the Bergh in het Zadel Foundation.  The main goal of this Foundation is to raise money for the battle against cancer.  A cause which I am sure fanciers across the racing world will agree is a very worthy one indeed and to that end I asked Hans to share with me the story of how this wonderful event came into being, after all it is fantastic to see fanciers coming together to support the whole of humanity and such acts of kindness must be held up as a Beacon of Light and hope to those who battle this terrible disease by showing they are not alone and together we will beat cancer!  Here is what Hans had to say about the origin of this successful events:  What started as a donation of a bon(a ticket) for a pigeon in the raffle at the annual Habru-PigeonDay, grew to become a fantastic online auction of pigeons and bons for cancer-research. Recently Hans Bruns from Habru presented the gain of 2018 – a cheque for 12,000 Euro The choice for the fight against cancer was for a big part inspired because of own experiences within the company Habru.
“The father of our employee and pigeon fancier Jack also worked for us, he died of cancer.  Jack’s mother won the fight against this terrible disease. She now sells homemade jam on the Habru PigeonDay, the income of this is also for ‘Bergh in het Zadel’. The father and mother of our employee Marcel and my own sister died of cancer too.  For our company this subject therefore has a great emotional scope and we are very proud we can attribute with the annual auction.”  

Over the years the event has attracted some of the biggest and successful fanciers within our sport including Hans Eijerkamp who donated a youngster for the raffle.  It was at this point Hans Bruns  decided not to use the income to finance the event, but to search a good destination for it … that destination was the anti-cancer campaign and later more specific Foundation Berg in het Zadel. Hans said “their goal is to raise money for the fight against cancer and every four years a research-project that is approved by the affiliated doctor is financed. Now the project was children’s brain stem cancer and leukemia. The yield goes for the full 100% to the research without deduction for organization-costs. We speak to the organization on a frequent basis and therefore we see that the money is well spent . The mutual trust was for us the reason to make the auction of bons and youngsters a bit more professional.”  Each year the sales have exceeded the expectations of Hans and the generous giants of our great sport who donate their very best to the sales in order to ensure  that the maximum amount of funds are raised.  We all know that in today's game quality pigeons are what serious fanciers demand in order to part with his or her hard earned cash and as one would expect in auction for the fight against cancer, something unfortunately that touches the lives of far too many, then only the best is good enough!  For many decades Europe has been at the heart of the pigeon sport and in 2019 that heart showed that it was made of gold raising a staggering €22.500, all raised from our beloved sport and given from heart to put an end to cancer.

It really is amazing what fanciers can achieve by working together and when I am asked to report such magnificent news it not only makes me proud to be a fancier but also lifts my heart that more companies will follow Habru in their fearless generosity and by doing so we will end pain caused by this awful disease, now what a perfect Christmas gift to the world that would be! Before closing this article Hans asked me to express his sincere gratitude to all his friends and colleagues  throughout the Sport who make each and every Pigeon Day event a tremendous  success that would not be possible without you all!

Picture 1 Cooper

The international winning loft of Geoff and Catherine Cooper also admire Habru 

Picture2 Herbots

The legendary Herbots family Choose Habru 

Picture3 Verkerk 

The Dutch partnership of Gerard & Bas Verkerk  proudly show why “champions’  choose Habru !”

Picture4 Eijerkamp

Great supporters of the Habru pigeon day, only the best is good  enough for the iconic Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp!

Picture5 Irish

Winners of 2x 1st National in three days The tour de force in Irish pigeon racing Leonard and De proudly show their Habru aviary 

Picture6 Les Green

The UK sprint sensation Les Green with his Habru products 

Picture8 Hans Bruns

The man who  started the Habru pigeon day (right) the generous Hans Bruns together with a colleague exchanges a few words with the superstar Gerard Koopman