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From The Chair By Chris Williams - 29-03-21

From The Chair By Chris Williams

Time is marching on and I think It safe to say that our old bird team is exercising well,  bringing us pleasure  as we spend our  mornings  watching them from the conservatory and when it warms up enough out on the patio , I just love sitting out there in the stillness of nature listening to our canaries sing in tones which would be the envy of the great tenor and movie star from the golden age of Hollywood Mario Lanza! In these moments, my mind mulls over the task at hand and I would be lying if I said my much-missed friend “Watto” did not pop into my mind once or twice too, as I wonder what he would make of the goings on both in and outside the pigeon world? It is amazing how those that have gone before us shape our outlook on life and in terms of  being a pigeon fancier individuals like “Watto” and my late friend Nick Carter  plus  countless  others I am blessed to have around me today have instilled within me the true values of life and pigeon racing  and this is why I try my utmost to enjoy every single moment focusing on the positive and letting the negative fizzle out because all it does is cost you energy and vital time which is better spent on the pigeons  and preparing them for the season ahead!

The first youngsters have now been moved into their loft and at the time of writing we are pleased with how they are looking and even at this early stage it appears as though there are one or two personalities among them, but time will tell once they start to use their wings. Health and vitality is important for all pigeons as we know , but it is especially true when it comes to the youngsters after all they are the  foundation of future success for any pigeon fancier and so right from the offset it is the sound  duty of all serious fanciers to do right by their young charges .For me firm droppings are a must  and if memory serves  it  was August Daelemans who said if you have firm dropping in the loft you can sleep on both ears. Let’s be honest  the droppings  are a perfect indicator  as to if everything is well within the loft , it’s one of the first lessons we learn as a fancier and certainly one of the things my Dad has taught me time and again   and as we are told Honour thy father and thy mother” , then I’m not going to argue  besides  you only have to clean away a few bad droppings  to “appreciate “ the good ones and that is a solid fact (pun intended ). That is why I was so shocked when one fancier told me “the droppings said nothing”! At such times I wonder if it is best to agree to disagree? You cannot reason with a closed mind and if pigeons and pigeon racing teach us anything then surely it is the importance of an open mind.  If you have a closed mind you can never learn, adapt, move forward which means you end up standing still , something that is of neither use nor ornament to pigeon or fancier   if you wish to be competitive.

 The sport is continuously evolving   for instance,  years ago no one had heard of artificial insemination  but now in 21st century pigeon sport among the European elite artificial insemination   is now  a common practice  as too is what we refer to as “The Darkness  system .“ if you’d mentioned any of these developments  to our fancier forefather’s  they would have probably  thought  that you were guilty of sorcery! Now you are almost regarded with  almost “heretical suspicion “ if you do not practice this approach . I was surprised to learn recently that the practice of the  darkness system  began in the Netherlands in the late 1970’s  , which proves that for as long as the sport has been in existence  that individuals have  always sort improvement in some form or other in order to gain that crucial competitive edge toward victory.

“it ain't about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward” according  to “Rocky Balboa” played by Sylvester Stallone  and being honest he took more beatings in the Rocky movies  than any real-life pro pugilist would ever be allowed!  Joking aside pigeon racing is no different as season after season each fancier  pushes  forward to reach their goals , but most of all its important to keep things light and enjoy our hobby , sat writing  these words on the  25th of March  when the RPRA is doing all it can to secure channel racing  lets play our part by keeping calm and rational  because whatever happens at the end of the day regardless of the outcome we are all in the same position and after everything that we have all endured  lets get racing as soon as we are allowed ,  from wherever we are allowed  and lets enjoy a laugh with our club mates because   if you cant have a bit of fun and laughter in the pigeon game then it is pointless,  after all as Bob hope once said ““A sense of humour is good for you. Have you ever heard of a laughing hyena with heart burn?”  I always feel sorry for  people  who don’t make the most out of the social side of the sport and sincerely hope that when things get back to some kind of normality fanciers learn to apricate all aspects of this great  sport!

until next  time enjoy your pigeons

Picture1 29 03 21
Some of our 2021 youngsters

Picture2 29 03 21
Smile folks we’re on camera.

Picture3 29 03 21
“lets do this