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From The Chair - The season with St Leonards and ST IVES RPC By Chris Williams 28-05-21

From The Chair the season with St Leonards and ST IVES RPC

By Chris Williams

Time and pigeons fly when you’re having fun and how great it is to be able to write the positive pigeon news that St Leonards and St Ives Racing Pigeon club has a very keen novice fancier who will be racing young birds with us this year, welcome to the Club Cameron, I and all the members really hope you enjoy racing pigeons with us. This is not the only positive step forward for this friendly club that is dedicated to the sport of pigeon racing, and everything great about the racehorse of the sky,  as hard working members Ray Burdett and Stuart Mills have both club and fed Gold rings to race this year, Good luck to them as they put a lot of time and effort into the club and Stuart the federation transporter.  

Now we have caught up on “Parish notices” as it were, let’s get down to the all-important nitty gritty of the result sheet. I guess you could say “showing” in a pigeon club near you this week is “Carry on Mrs Mills” The majority of ST Leonards and St Ives RPC Members have now had the 3rd old bird race of the season which took place from Upper Heyford in which 8 members sent 167 birds on 22nd of  May with The Dorset fed.  The birds were liberated at 11:30hrs in a light West-North West wind.  This week good manners rule the roost as it’s Ladies first with “Dorset’s Leading Lady”, Mrs Jenny Mills being 1st and 2nd, 6th club and  21st, 25th  Dorset Federation (65 members sending 1277 birds) Jenny timed a yrl check cock with a winning velocity of 1323.42 followed by a 3yro mealy cock bird on 1317.12, with a dark yrl hen doing 1261.78.  Well done Jenny “Keep calm and carry on”.  I suppose I better let Jenny explain the friendly  joke: My first birds arriving were like a Carry On film. A big upside for me with racing from the north is if they come online I can see them coming, from East, West and the South the birds are suddenly on me. I saw two birds and one was my NEHU mealy cock, when they landed I realised the chequer was not mine! The cock chased the hen up and down the loft roof, on to the YB trap, back on the roof and I had not a chance of getting him in. The second bird arrived, bred from a hen from Steve Travers family, and did not hesitate, straight in, followed quickly by the mealy cock, this just left the chequer stray on the roof. By my back door is a bag of tennis balls, (to deter next doors cat), I was so angry I launched a tennis ball at him just as my third bird arrived, scared the wits out of it, so I was even more angry with the stray. “Who says pigeon fanciers don’t talk a load of “tennis balls”, only joking Jenny, congratulations again on your win!

3rd place goes to J Fisher with a yrl ch. Hen doing 1316.63. 4th and 5th positions go to J White doing 1304.03 with a yrl blue hen and 1302.52 again a yrl but this a, blue cock.  Congratulations to all the prize winners.

Before closing this article, we had a problem with an ETS clock at marking and I’d just like to thank Steve Travers and members of Parkstone club for their help in getting Stuart Laws ’s birds into the race, that’s how pigeon racing should helping each other!.

Picture1 28 05 21
Jim White 4th and 5th

Picture2 28 05 21
Cameron outside his loft raring to go for 2021 YB season.

Picture3 28 05 21    Picture4 28 05 21
The stars of “Carry on Mrs MILLS" see text.