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From The Chair By Chris Williams - 07-06-21

From The Chair  “A sensational  Saturday For St Leonards  & St Ives RPC”

By Chris Williams

Hello folks, I hope you’ve got your sun cream with you this week because it’s a been a hot one down in Dorset, I even took a trip down to the Harbour yesterday which I haven’t done in years but our great friends Grace, her daughter Michelle, along with her partner Marcus and their daughters Lilly and Kitty, were all down on holiday from the Midlands so this was the perfect excuse for Mum and I to play at being tourist for the day on Dad’s instructions while he saw to the birds.  But don’t worry  dear reader first thing I did when we stopped for ice cream was call “GHQ” to see how the daily routine was going.  You should have seen the looks I got as I said down the phone “how’s your widow cocks going Dad”, I thought the elderly lady behind me was going to choke on her  “99” with strawberry sauce, talk about a saucy seaside postcard, we fanciers must sound strange at times to “outsiders” you have to have a laugh in this life!

What a sensational Saturdays racing 29th of May turned out to be for the St Leonards and St Ives RPC  not only did the members have 10 brilliant birds in the first 25 of the Dorset federation, but our secretary Jenny Mills, who is now known to readers of these notes as “Dorset’s Leading Lady” was provisionally 9th, 25th  Open & 4th section racing in The Central Southern Classic, well done Jenny!

On now to this week’s club race, 8 Members of ST Leonards and ST Ives RPC sent 181  birds to upper Hayford with the Dorset federation being liberated at 09:45 in a light North East wind situation. Taking  1st, 2nd club, 2nd, 3rd federation (1171) birds is myself and Dad, S & C Williams with a Yyrl blue cock on the wining velocity  of 1662.82 followed very closely by a 2yr old blue pied cock on 1662.56  these birds are bred from our Dirk Van den Bulck stock obtained from “The Boss” Sheldon Leonard, being  the lines of Golden Kittel x Golden girl . “The Gentle Giant”  Mr Stuart Laws is 3rd club 10th fed this week timing a red yrl  Jan Theelen hen doing 1581.29 speaking about his prize winner Stuart said: I purchased some Theelen blood at Epsom and the birds I am breeding  from them are now beginning to come well for me, I had  good returns.  Stuart Laws also scored 6th club 17th fed 6 yr blue hen on 1543.84.  In 4th place is “Dorset’s Leading Lady” Mrs Jenny Mills, who also takes 15th federation timing a yrl checker cock on 1558.28 Jenny provided me with the following  details My first bird, a yearling chequer cock, was the same bird which  last week won the club, 21st Fed.  The cock is bred from a Padfield hen, paired to a Vandenabeele from Phil Thomas.

“The whirl wind” Jim White is 5th club this week thanks to a yrl check hen doing 1544.07 unfortunately I don’t have any further details.  Which is a shame as Jim also had 5 birds on the fed sheet, but as always we scribes can only use the information we are provided with.

That’s all From The Chair & St Leonards and St Ives RPC

Pic 1
Dorset’s “Leading Lady” Jenny Mills provisionally  9th, 25th  Open & 4th section  racing in The Central Southern Classic, “love the green nest boxes Jenny!

Pic 2
Club president and top sportsman Richard Batty  one of the many  great workers who helped load the transporter