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Jim Gillespie Sonsenjoy 30-12-19




Reports by Clifford Browne


Super Climax to Old Bird 2019 season For Jim Gillespie & Sons. The East Down Combine’s Ballynahinch lofts of Jim Gillespie and Sons enjoyed a marvellous 2019 season the highlights of which surely had to be their results from the EDC Old Bird St. Malo Derby at 1st open and then followed a week later with a magnificent 5th open in the Irish National Flying club’s King’s Cup race from St. Allouestre . Just to recap on these two results from what were two very difficult races.



The Old Bird Derby from St. Malo was flown on June 28th 2019 and the Gillespie’s winner of 1st Open 1st West Section of this EDC Old Bird Derby was a dark cheq yearling cock racing roundabout and bred from of a Davy Coulter cock and a hen bought at Blackpool. This was not this cock’s first time across the water this year as just a couple of weeks before going to St. Malo he had flown the INFC Yearling National from Sennen Cove in Cornwall.



Then a week later from the prestigious INFC King’s Cup race from St Allouestre the partnership timed 2 hens on the day. The first of which was timed at 18.21pm and this was followed by the 2nd hen at 21.05pm. Jim’s first bird finishing at 5th Open was a Black Pied Yearling hen racing roundabout. Jims Brother David who races with the Ballylesson club is the breeder of many of Jims Birds and this black pied hen is one he obtained from David and is a Red Rum Busschaert. Although only a yearling she had already flown Penzance with the EDC two weeks previously. Jim won many cups and trophies this year as our photo shows and these included with the East Down Combine --The MacMillan Memorial Cup --St Malo Derby, McNeil Memorial Cup --King’s Cup OB National St Gloucester, L& A Fields Memorial Cup -Best Average OB Classic & OB Derby & The R Russell Memorial Cup -Best Average Channel Races plus OB Derby .In The INFC the trophies won were The Gilliland Cup --1st IHU member after the winner in the St. Allouestre King’s Cup , East Down Combine Cup --1st EDC Member in the King’s Cup & McCloud Cup --1st Yearling in the King’s Cup. Congratulations to Jim Gillespie & Sons on their outstanding performances.


Ballylesson members


Ballylesson Show Results of 14th Dec. 2019


1st C & D Smyth & Sons, 2nd Mackey & Lockhart, 3rd Gillespie Bros, 4th J Kirk & Sons RESERVE P & C Johnson, VHC J Kirk & Sons, HC C & D Smyth & Sons, Commended Gillespie Bros.


1st Gillespie Bros, 2nd J Kirk& Sons, 3rd J Patterson, 4th C & D Smyth & Sons RESERVE J Kirk & Sons, VHC J Patterson, HC J Patterson, Commended J Kirk& Sons


1st J Kirk& Sons, 2nd J Patterson, 3rd J Kirk & Sons, 4th Gillespie Bros, Reserve Cousins, McConaghie & Albert VHC J Kirk& Sons HC S Casement & Son Commended Gillespie Bros



1st Mackey & Lockhart, 2nd Gillespie Bros, 3rd Gillespie Bros, RESERVE Mackey & Lockhart VHC C & D Smyth & Sons HC J Kirk & Sons Commended S Casement & son



Judges Jim Stewart, Alan Craig, Darren Thompson & Debbie Lunn


Well that’s the EDC news complete for 2019 .Can I take this opportunity to thank all those who have contributed faithfully throughout the year just past and can I wish all fanciers and their families everywhere a very Happy New Year and enjoyment from their feathered friend . Next important date is the East Down Combine AGM to be held on Saturday 11th January 2020 in the War Memorial Hall Crossgar at 2pm sharp and as you will have received by now your Agenda you can see there are some very important decisions to be made so a large turnout is expected.