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East Down Combine 14-12-18


East Down Combine News

with Clifford Browne



The Ballylesson club help their Annual Open Show on Saturday 8th December and once again it was a big success and the club extends its thanks to the judges Geordie Mc Intosh, Bob Connolly, Chris Linden, Charlie Mc Manus & James & Robert Stewart. The results in the various classes were;

( Colour Classes ) a.a.c & a.a.h t/w 1ST R Trimble ,2nd C& D Smyth & sons, 3rd P & C Johnston ,4th P & C Johnston , reserve R Trimble, v.h.c P & C Johnston ,h.c ,C& D Smyth & sons , commended J Kirk & sons

Colour Classes ) a a c , a a h Handled 1st Gillespie bros, 2ndC & D Smyth & sons, 3rd K & B Mc Conaghie & son ,4thJ Kirk & sons reserve Cousins ,Mc Conaghie Albert , v.h.c R Trimble h.c Cousins ,Mc Conaghie, Albert commended Gillespie bros

( O/B t/w ) 1st J Patterson ,2nd J Patterson ,3rd C& D Smyth & sons ,4th C & D Smyth & sons ,reserve J Kirk & sons, v h c C& D Smyth & sons ,

h.c Gillespie bros ,commended Cousins, Mc Conaghie ,Albert


( O/B handled )1st Cousins Mc Conaghie Albert, 2nd J Patterson ,3rd J Patterson 4thMackey & Lockhart, reserve C & D Smyth & sons ,v.h.c, J Patterson, h.c C & D Smyth & sons, commended Gillespie bros

( Y/B t/w ) 1st J Patterson, 2nd J Kirk & sons, 3rd J Patterson ,4th J Patterson, reserve J Kirk & sons, v.h.c J Patterson, h.c Cousins, Mc Conaghie ,Albert commended Mackey & Lockhart

(Y/B handled) 1st J Patterson, 2nd J Patterson ,3rd Mackey & Lockhart,

4th Cousins, Mc Conaghie ,Albert reserve Cousins ,Mc Conaghie, Albert, v.h.c J Kirk & sons, h.c J Patterson, commended Mackey & Lockhart

Next week it is the turn of classes for Old Cocks and Old Hens.


Well that completes my East Down Combine News for the 2018 season so may I take this opportunity to wish all readers a very Happy Christmas and a healthy, prosperous and successful year in 2019.