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East Down Combine 12-01-18

East Down Combine News

with Clifford Browne


The residents of Church Avenue in Dundrum, which is situated just a few miles from the scenic Mourne Mountains ,will long remember Christmas 2017 when in the early hours of Christmas morning a devastating fire broke out in what is understood to have been a vacant house and it quickly spread to several other homes , sheds and oil tanks as well as the two pigeon lofts belonging to Sammy Foster who races with the Dundrum club in the East Down Combine as the partnership of S Foster ,Connor & Parry and sadly this saw the death of 60 pigeons belonging to Sammy . Club members have rallied round and they and other fanciers from further away have vowed to get Sammy restarted .

This was a very serious incident which saw 52 fire fighters in attendance ,the vacant house was destroyed and 3 additional houses were badly damaged with a total of eight properties having to be evacuated but thankfully no-one was injured ,at present the cause of the fire has not been ascertained . We all hope to see Sammy being able to continue in the sport he loves at the earliest opportunity .




The Ballylesson Club results from their show held on New Year’s Day saw the partnership of C& D Smyth & Sons win 6 of the 7 classes as well as BIS & BOS . The judges were Jack Hogg, Brian Foulis and Roy Irwin and the club extends their thanks to them for giving of their time on New year’s Day

Y/B Handled                     Y/B T/W

1st C&D Smyth & sons            1st C&D Smyth & sons

2nd C&D Smyth & sons             2nd J Kirk & sons

3rd J Patterson                         3rd J Kirk & sons

4th J&S Albert & sons             4th Mackey & Lockhart

Reserve J Patterson                 Reserve J&S Albert & sons

v.h.c Mackey & Lockhart         v.h.c J Patterson

h.c J Kirk & sons                     h.c J Patterson

commended J&S Albert & sons commended Mackey & Lockhart

O/C T/W                               O/C Handled

1st C&D Smyth & sons       1st C&D Smyth & sons

2nd C&D Smyth & sons      2nd Massey bros

3rd J Kirk & sons                3rd J Patterson

4th J Patterson                    4th J Patterson

Reserve P &C Johnston      Reserve J Kirk & sons

v.h.c Massey bros              v.h.c K&B Mc Conaghie & son

h.c P&C Johnston                 h,c J Kirk & sons

commended P&C Johnston commended Gillespie bros

O/H T/W                             O/H Handled

1st C&D Smyth & sons       1st C&D Smyth & sons

2nd C&D Smyth & sons       2nd Massey bros

3rd Mackey & Lockhart       3rd C&D Smyth & sons

4th A Crawford                   4th C&D Smyth & sons

Reserve J Patterson           Reserve C&D Smyth & sons

v.h.c C&D Smyth & sons      v.h.c J Patterson

h.c A Crawford                  h.c Mackey & Lockhart

commended J Patterson   commended A Crawford

Eye sign

1st P&C Johnston

2nd P&C Johnston

3rd J Kirk & sons

4th J Kirk & sons

Reserve C&D Smyth & sons

v.h.c Mackey & Lockhart

h.c J&S Albert & sons

commended C&D Smyth & sons

Best in Show C&D Smyth & sons

Best Opposite Sex C&D Smyth & sons


Harper & Young’s Champion “23”

The Cloughey partnership of Drew Harper & Martin Young have over a number of years produced many outstanding performances and many outstanding pigeons and one such bird is one of their 2017 young birds, a blue cock “Champion 23” .This outstanding Young cock won in this year’s young bird races with the EDC -5th open Navan , 16th open Mullingar ,4th open Thurles ,3rd open 2nd Skibbereen Derby , was -1st Open Gold Ring , EDC Young Bird of 2017 , was E.D.C 2 bird club Bird of the year and won the YB average on its own . The breeding of this cock is ;

Sire Blue Cock (gift from Steve Gore), Full brother to Hen that bred 3 x 1st Open + 4 x2ndOpen .

Dam Blue Hen that won Skibbereen Derby (EDC) for us, when her sister came with her to finish 2nd Open. She is of Bob Donaldson Van Dorp cock (Sire of Loft) of Bobs Hen, bred 50 Fed Winners in N.EAST.

Dam Gore' Hen that bred 3 x1st EDC + 4 x2nd place finishes in Combine. Also Van Dorp. My thanks to John Adair for this info ,John is a great friend of both Bob Donaldson and Steve Gore and the partnership again thank these men for there friendship and birds over the years ,not forgetting John himself who is instrumental in the training of the race team of Harper & Young .


Next week I’ll be reporting on the AGM .