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East Down Combine News 27-11-15


East Down Combine News

with Clifford Browne

Cowan & McCartney are the 2015 EDC Fanciers of the Year

Friday November 20th saw just under 100 members & friends of the East Down Combine at the Millbrook Lodge Hotel in Ballynahinch for the 48th Annual Dinner Dance and Prize Distribution of the Combine and although the weather outside was atrocious again this year with it trying it‘s best to snow, inside everyone was enjoying a great evening which got underway with the chairman Len McCavery asking me to say Grace after which we all sat down to a really first rate turkey dinner. After the meal Len McCavery announced that before the prize distribution got underway the Combine had a very special presentation to make and asked me to introduce the presentation of the cheque for £2,560 for the “Friends of The Cancer Centre” which was the money raised at the recent Moot which the Combine had run and we were delighted that Professor Joe O’Sullivan Clinical Director of The Northern Ireland Cancer Centre at the Belfast City Hospital was able to be present to collect the cheque and say a few words on the work of the Cancer centre. Mrs Dorothy Smyth, a committee member of the EDC made the presentation of the cheque to him.


Dorothy as you know was instrumental in the planning and implementation of this fund raising event and on behalf of the East Down Committee thanks all those who helped in anyway to make this event the resounding success that it was ,also a big thank to Robert & June Kirkwood ,Dr Philips Quinn, all those who gave donations and last but by no means least the fanciers who donated birds and those who bought birds

Following the presentation Chairman Len McCavery introduced the top table with the chief guests for the evening being the Combine President Mervyn Irvine and Mrs Irvine , but before asking Mervyn and his wife to present the prizes Len gave a short account of the 2015 season and extended thanks to a number of people - The office Bearers and the general Committee for all their assistance throughout the season and once again Marshall Bird Foods for supplying the feeding for the 2015 season, the drivers, convoyers and race Controllers , the weather Committee and the Press Officers .

One of the highlights of this evening is the awarding of East Down Combine “Fancier of the Year Trophy” and this year it was won by the Dundonald partnership of Cowan & McCartney. This partnership had a very consistent 2015 season As you read through the list of prize winners you will see that many other lofts recorded some outstanding performances .In the INFC Nationals again Combine members featured well up in the results in all 6 Nationals.

Once again this year after the meal and presentation of the prizes it was time to chat and catch up with old friends or dance to music supplied by “Cloud Nine” and once again I trust I have not missed anyone from the very extensive list of winners, may I also extend my own congratulations to all the winners on their outstanding performances.

I have included a selection of photos this week of some of the prize winners from the night and will have more next week, so if your picture does not appear this week it should do so in the next column.




Ringland Classic Cup----Skibbereen Classic-----Harper & Young (Cloughey)

Kilpatrick Cup ------1st Talbenny -----T Smith (Killyleagh Central)

Wm Lowry Cup -------2nd Talbenny ------K Rooney, son & dtr (Annalong )

Derek Wishart mem. Classic Cup ---Pilmore Beach ----R Irwin (Dundonald )

Taylor Cup ---------Bude ------NOT FLOWN

McCausland Cup -------Penzance ------Harper & Young ( Cloughey )

H & S Muckle Cup ------Penzance Classic ----C & D Smyth & sons(Ballylesson )

MacMillan Mem. Cup ---St. Malo O/B Derby -------A Murry&Son (Dundrum )

E Carlisle Cup ------5th Old Bird race (Pilmore Beach ) -------R Irwin (Dundonald )

Castlewellan Show Cup ----5th YB Race -McComb Bros (Killyleagh Central)

Jefford Memorial ---Lowest Inland vel -----B Hogg & Sons ( Newtownbreda ) vel 1239

R Johnston Cup ---- 1st Skibbereen YB Derby-----R Moore & son (Bangor )

Skibbereen Cup -- Ken McConaghie Skibbereen YB Derby --Harper & Young (Cloughey)

 McNeil Mem.Cup --OB National King’ s Cup ------W Hayes &son (Ballynahinch )

 Charity Shield --Talbenny YB Derby-----K & B McConaghie & son ( Ballylesson )

Agar Bros Cup ----Friendship National Quimper ------K Tompsett (Comber Social )




Average Cups & Winners 2015


Brown cup-Old Bird average--J Patterson (Ballylesson ) vel 1441

McCartan Memorial--Old Bird Inland Average--R Moore & son (Bangor )

L& A Fields Mem.cup-- Best Average over OB Classic and OB Derby.--McComb Bros ( Killyleagh Central )

Mrs Magee Cup-- Young Bird average-- Harper & Young (Cloughey )

D Logan Cup ---Best Average Penzance & 2nd Skibbereen YB Derby -Harper & Young (Cloughey )

Channel Averages-North region Cup -Best Average over 3 Channel races

J Patterson (Ballylesson )

R Moore & Son cup-- Best average over channel championship races --J Patterson (Ballylesson )

McCloud Cup -- best average over all Derbies-- A Cousins & sons (Ballylesson )

 Newcombe Trophy Best average last 3OB and Last 2 YB races -Cowan & McCartney ( Dundonald)

Edward Hardy Mem Cup Best average over last OB race and last YB races -- Harper & Young (Cloughey )

Marie Cromie Mem.Cup --Best Average over YB Inland Derbies --- Gordon Bros &sons (Cloughey )

R Russell mem. Cup --- Best average channel races and Old bird Derby------------ Mackey & Lockhart ( Ballylesson )

Ian Cousins Memorial Cup - Best avg. O/B Classic & 2 Y/B Inland Derby Races --Gordon Bros & Sons (Cloughey)

H Morrow Memorial Cup -Fancier of the Year 2015

Cowan &McCartney (Dundonald ) 1489 points

Framed Diplomas for EDC Members performance in the INFC 2015

Skibbereen Old Bird National -1st EDC Member- McComb Bros (Killyleagh Central ) 1st North Section 23rd Open

Sennen Cove Yearling National ----1st EDC Member -McCartan & Woodsides (Crossgar)27th Open 23rd North Section

Saint Allouestre King’s Cup --1st EDC member --W Hayes & Son ( Ballynahinch ) 54th open 41st North Section

Quimper Friendship National---- 1st EDC Member---K Tompsett (Comber social ) 20th open

Penzance YB National-- 1st EDC Member--P Byrne &son (Downpatrick ) 25th open 18th North Section


Young Bird Skibbereen National--1st EDC Member --A Crawford (Ballylesson ) 9th North section 12th open


Champion Pigeons 2015 Old Bird ----R Irwin (Dundonald )


Young Bird -Harper & Young (Cloughey )


Achievement Award Winner 2015 (for bird placed 3 times in OB Derby result)

None Won





Framed IHU Meritorious awards for 2015


1st Talbenny & 3rd Pilmore Beach --Cowan & McCartney (Dundonald))

2nd Talbenny & Penzance - S Brown & sons (Dundonald )


3 bird Channel Championship 2015


1st Talbenny -- A & A Cheevers (Crossgar )

2nd Talbenny -----K Rooney ,son & Dtr (Annalong)

Bude-- Not Flown

Penzance J Patterson (Ballylesson )

Club championship points:

Old Bird Season -Dundonald H.P.S. 171points

Young Bird Season -Dundonald H.P.S. 114 points


East Section Fancier of the Year 2015 Gordon Bros & sons 593points

West Section Fancier of the Year 2014 Cowan & McCartney ) 594.5 points


East Down Combine Breeder/Buyer winners 2015


Breeder A Cousins & sons

Buyer A Cousins & sons





OLD BIRD INLAND CHAMPION R Moore & son (Bangor ) 220 points

O/B/I WEST SECTION CHAMPION B Hogg & sons ( Newtownbreda ) 92 points

O/B/I/EAST SECTION CHAMPION R Moore & son (Bangor) 114points


OLD BIRD CHANNEL CHAMPION J Patterson (Ballylesson ) 101 points

O/B/C WEST SECTION CHAMPION J Patterson (Ballylesson ) 55 points

O/B/C EAST SECTION CHAMPION McComb Bros ( Killyleagh Central ) 38points

YOUNG BIRD CHAMPION B Hogg & sons (Newtownbreda ) 236points

Y/B EAST SECTION CHAMPION Harper & Young ( Cloughey ) 112 points

Y/B WEST SECTION CHAMPION B Hogg & sons (Newtownbreda ) 120 points


East Down Combine Centre Prize-winners


Crossgar: McCartan & Woodsides ( Crossgar )-----Skibbereen Classic

A Murray & son ( Dundrum )-------St Malo OB Derby

M Croskery (Annsborough )---------- 1st SkibbereenYB Derby

Gordon Bros & Sons ( Cloughey )-- 2nd Skibbereen YB Derby

R McDowell & Son (Annsborough ) -----Talbenny YB Derby


Harper &Young (Cloughey )----------------Skibbereen Classic

J & J Hollinger (Millisle )---------------St Malo OB Derby

R Moore & Son ( Bangor ) ---------- 1st Skibbereen YB Derby

Harper & Young ( Cloughey )------------ 2nd Skibbereen YB Derby

A & P Trimble & Sons (Donaghadee ) --------Talbenny YB Derby



B Hogg & Sons ( Newtownbreda )----------- --------Skibbereen Classic

T Marshall & son ( Newtownbreda )--------St .Malo OB Derby

B T C Foulis & Gill ( Dundonald )----1st Skibbereen YB Derby

B Hogg & sons (Ballylesson )--------------------- 2nd Skibbereen YB Derby

K & B McConaghie & son ( Ballylesson ) -------- Talbenny YB Derby

Open and Section winners 2015 ----Old Birds:

1st Tullamore ------------1st open----1st East Section --Harper & Young (Cloughey)

- 1st West Section----26th open --B Hogg & Sons (Newtownbreda )

2nd Tullamore------------1st open ---1st West section--Cowan & McCartney (Dundonald )

1st East section --14th open --F Gilmore (Comber Soc )

1st Clonmel - 1st open ----1st West section--Cowan & McCartney (Dundonald )

2nd Open Open 1st East section---R Moore & Son (Bangor )

2nd Clonmel 1st open ----1st East section--A & P Trimble & Sons ( Donaghadee)

4th Open---1st West Section---J Patterson (Ballylesson)

1st Pilmore Beach -------1st open----1st West Section----R Irwin (Dundonald )

6th open ---1st East Section---D Croskery & son (Annsborough)

Skibbereen Classic--1st Open ----1st East section---Harper & Young (Cloughey )

3rd open-----1st West section---McCartan & Woodsides (Crossgar )

2nd Pilmore Beach ---------1st open------1st West Section---R Irwin (Dundonald )

7th open------1st East section----J Rankin ( Millisle & Dist )

1st Talbenny -----1st Open --1st East Section --T Smith (Killyleagh Central )

1st West Section --2nd Open ---Cowan & McCartney (Dundonald)

2nd Talbenny ------1st Open------1st East Section ---K Rooney ,son & dtr (Annalong )

6th open ------ 1st West section--A Crawford ( Ballylesson )

Pilmore Beach Classic -----1st Open ----R Irwin (Dundonald )

Bude ---------1st Open ------1st East section----D Crockery & son (Annsborough )

4th Open------1st West section---S Brown & sons (Dundonald)

3rd Pilmore Beach ---1st Open-------1st West section---C & D Smyth & sons (Ballylesson )

4th Open-------1st East section----K Rooney & Son & Dtr (Annalong )

Penzance ---1st Open --1st East Section --Harper & Young (Cloughey)

1st West Section --2nd Open --C & D Smyth & sons (Ballylesson)

Penzance Classic----- 1st open 1st West Section -- C & D Smyth & sons ( Ballylesson )

2nd open 1st East Section--J Crossan (Downpatrick)

St. Malo O/B Derby------1st Open -------1st East section-----A Murray & son (Dundrum )

9th open----1st West section----G & J O’Hare (Crossgar)

Young Birds

1st Navan------ -1st open ---------1st East section------Cully& Monan ( Cloughey )

1st West section-----Kincaid & McCann (Dundonald )

2nd Navan ---------1st open----------1st East Section----Harper& Young ( Cloughey)

1st West Section-----Cowan & McCartney ( Dundonald)

 1st Tullamore ---------1st Open-----------1st West Section-----R Irwin ( Dundonald )

12th Open ---1st East Section ------Mc Comb Bros ( Killyleagh Central )

 2nd Tullamore --------1st open-----------1st West Section-----J Young & ptnrs (Dundonald )

3rd open----------1st East Section----McCormick & Muckle (Millisle & District)

1st Clonmel 1st open-----------1st East Section-----McComb Bros (Killyleagh Central )

4th open----------1st West Section----A Cousins & sons (Hillfoot)

Pilmore Beach 1st open -----1st West Section ---W White & son (Newtownbreda )

19th open ---1st East Section --R Connolly (Downpatrick)

1st Skibbereen YB Derby ---1st Open---1st East section R Moore & son ( Bangor )

8th open ------1st West section-----BCT Foulis & Gill ( Dundonald )

Talbenny YB Derby--1st open 1st West Section --K & B McConaghie & son ( Ballylesson )

2nd Open 1st East Section-- R McDowell & son (Annalong )

2nd Clonmel ----1st open-----1st West section----B Hogg & Sons ( Newtownbreda )

7th open ---1st East section---------T Smith ( Killyleagh Central )

2nd Skibbereen --1st Open----1st East section------- Harper & Young ( Cloughey)

Y/B Derby 2nd open-----1st West section--------- B Hogg & sons ( Newtownbreda )


That’s it for this week

next major Combine event is the AGM on January 9th 2016 .