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Well Over a Mile a Minute Out of Mount Charles



Reports by Clifford Browne

Well over a mile a minute out of Mount Charles

For the 3rd old bird race of the season the birds were in Mount Charles, a distance of just over 170 miles to Bangor and this race point is well over to the West of Ireland so when the wind was from the West South West we knew what to expect -a very fast one, and so it proved to be with the leading birds doing over 2100 or over 70mph. Not surprisingly the leading birds are out on the East Coast with Portavogie, Cloughey and Tyrella along the coast having the top five in the Open with 1st open being won by Portavogie’s B & J Donnan on the top velocity of 2134 followed by 2 to the nearby Cloughey club members Harper & Young. The Tyrella partnership of D McNabb & ptnrs have the next two both on 2109 for 4th and 5th open.

Downpatrick club members had a great race with 7 birds amongst the leaders and both Crossgar and Annsborough had a bird in the top 20 of the open. Once again members enjoyed an excellent race with birds romping home. The top birds in the open and section were:

East Down Combine

04/05/2013 1st Mount Charles OB

222 Members 6366 Birds Wind West South West

1 B & J Donnan Portavogie 2134.545

2 Harper & Young Cloughey HPS 2131.475

3 Harper & Young Cloughey HPS 2116.019

4 D McNabb & Ptrs Tyrella HPS 2109.893

5 D McNabb & Ptrs Tyrella HPS 2109.343

6 F. Black & Sons Downpatrick HPS 2102.484

7 P Byrne & Son Tyrella HPS 2100.528

8 J Crossan Downpatrick HPS 2098.511

9 McCartan & Woodsides Crossgar HPS 2096.319

10 Telford Bros Tyrella HPS 2092.356

11 Telford Bros Tyrella HPS 2091.820

12 R Connolly Downpatrick HPS 2091.132

13 T. Smith Downpatrick HPS 2081.636

14 P Byrne & Son Downpatrick HPS 2081.495

15 T. Smith Downpatrick HPS 2080.309

16 T. Smith Downpatrick HPS 2079.778

17 R & G Tompson Portavogie 2079.566

18 J. Hall & Son Cloughey HPS 2079.492

19 R. J. Keown Annsborough HPS 2078.686

20 W & N Cully Portavogie 2075.594

West Section

74 Members 2267 Birds Wind West South West

1 McCartan & Woodsides Crossgar HPS 2096.319

2 J. Kirk & Son Drumaness Mills HPS 2052.847

3 McCartan & Woodsides Crossgar HPS 2036.728

4 McCartan & Woodsides Crossgar HPS 2036.475

5 McCartan & Woodsides Crossgar HPS 2035.970

6 McCartan & Woodsides Crossgar HPS 2035.717

7 McCartan & Woodsides Crossgar HPS 2035.717

8 McCartan & Woodsides Crossgar HPS 2035.464

9 D .Lavery Crossgar HPS 2034.126

10 S.Brown & Sons Dundonald HPS 2034.005

East Section

148 Members 4099 Birds Wind West South West

1 B & J Donnan Portavogie 2134.545

2 Harper & Young Cloughey HPS 2131.475

3 Harper & Young Cloughey HPS 2116.019

4 D McNabb & Ptrs Tyrella HPS 2109.893

5 D McNabb & Ptrs Tyrella HPS 2109.343

6 F.Black & Sons Downpatrick HPS 2102.484

7 P Byrne & Son Tyrella HPS 2100.528

8 J Crossan Downpatrick HPS 2098.511

9 Telford Bros Tyrella HPS 2092.356

10 Telford Bros Tyrella HPS 2091.820

Best From around the Clubs

Annalong Jim Newell has the winner here on 2067 with Roy McKibben taking the next two 2066 and 2065. Annsborough R J Keown wins on 2078 for 19th open with J & P Brown 2nd on 2064 and the consistent Jim Cleland 3rd on 2055. Ballylesson where 14 nembers sent 311 birds. 1st Albert Cousins &Sons 2031.18 & also 2nd on 2030.94, 3rd John Patterson 2030.86. Ballynahinch Another great result for Rab Hunter again taking the top three 2022, 2017 and 2008. Ballywalter A one two three result to Sam Regan vels 2070, 2053, 2038. The winner was a 2 year old roundabout hen a Catrysse/Lambrecht. 2nd and 3rd both Cattrysse pigeon flown natural. Bangor where again the Lambert & Stewart team have the winner a chequer yearling cock on 2045, Burgess & Brennan were runners up also with a yearling cheq cock making 2031 with R Moore & son 3rd 2016. Cloughey sees Harper & Young with the best two for 2nd and 3rd open on 2131 and 2116 with W & N Cully 3rd on 2079. Comber Ronnie Johnston again has the winner here for the second week on 2020 with Francis Gilmore in close contention also 2020 and 3rd again on 2019. Crossgar where it is a 1, 2, 3 result for McCartan & Woodsides 2096, and two on 2036. Donaghadee was won by a 2yo Slatey roundabout hen of Wall, Lunt and Green bloodlines raced by Ferguson & Wilkinson on 2066, D & K McCutcheon were 2nd on 2047 with a Soontjen / Van Reet Yearling Roundabout cock and Angus Son & McConkey were 3rd on 2041 with a Louella bred Flor Engels roundabout hen. Downpatrick was won by F Black & son on 2102, Jackie Crossan was 2nd on 2098 and Bob Connelly 3rd on 2091. Drumaness John Kirk & son win on 2052 with E McLoughlin taking the next two on 2022 and 2013. Dundonald Stephen Brown & sons have three together for the top three places 2034, 2033 and 2033. Dundrum top three places as last week with J Maguire & ptnrs with the red card on 1980 and Adie McNamara & ptnrs 2nd and 3rd both on 1948. Hillfoot A one, two three result for W & L Robinson 2021 and two on 1948. Killyleagh Central Gordon Bros & sons have two on 2064 for 1st and 2nd with Clifford Healy 3rd on 2047. Millisle John & Jean Hollinger are 1st here on 2048 with R N L Brown having the next two on 2039 and 2037. Newcastle W McNeilly on 2018 gets ahead of the E & A Rogan partnership this week who were 2nd and 3rd 1990 and 1973. Newtownbreda was won by D & D Chew on 2026 with B Hogg & sons having the next two on 2016 and 2009. Portavogie and winner of the open this week B & J Donnan on 2134 ,R & G Thompson were 2nd club 17th Open on 2079 with W & N Cully 3rd on 2075. Tyrella 1st and 2nd Club , 4th and 5th open was the partnership of D Mc Nabb & Ptrs 2109.9, 2109.3, 3rd Club and 7th open P Byrne & Son 2100.6.

East Down2bird News

From Tullamore the 2 bird result was:

1st McComb Bros 1337.181

2nd R&G Thompson 1301.82

3rd J&R Young 1300.24

4th J & R Young 1298.83

5th W&N Cully 1298.20

6th Gordon Bros & sons 1291.25

Once again the winner of the 2 bird club is well up in the open result of the Combine this week. McComb Bros bird is 2nd open; good picking by the Killyleagh partnership. Good to see the Portavogie men to the fore in this event.

Harmony Lofts Hot Spot result for weekend 4th May 2013

This week's winner is raced by the top partnership of McCartan & Woodside, Crossgar, and with a strong west wind the E.D.C. birds made fast times. The winning bird is the Combine Skibbereen Classic winner, GB11D 08584 with a velocity of 2036, collecting the £50 prize. This bird takes 3rd position West Section.
Remember our mid week racing is now in full swing. Birds race marked on Tuesday evenings 7pm-9pm for a Kildare race on Wednesday. Trainers are very welcome.

Harmony Lofts Mid Week Race of 1st May 2013

Off to a fantastic start was the loft of G&P Brown, Annsborough taking the first 4 positions from Navan to collect the total prize money of £100. Thanks to the excellent support from the many fanciers who sent birds. Full result can be viewed on our website
Our next midweek race on Wednesday 8th May will be from Kildare. Birds will be race marked at Harmony Lofts on Tuesday 7th May between 7pm and 9pm. Trainers can be sent.

For further Information contact

John Abernethy
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This week the Combine are for Fermoy. The race programme will now continue as published in the East Down Combine Year Book from this week.