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3rd YB Open Win For C & D Smyth & Sons



Reports by Clifford Browne

3rd YB Open win for C & D Smyth & Sons

The East Down Combine were back in Mount Charles on Saturday September 8th 2012 for the second young bird race from this point and the penultimate race of 2012. With the wind from the south another fast race was expected and indeed this was the case with the top two birds in the open just making over the 1700 ypm mark. The birds were released at 10.15am which allowed any low cloud to burn off and a good race again resulted and for a third time in the last few weeks the open winner was timed to the Ballylesson lofts of C & D Smyth & sons who have enjoyed a real purple patch recently. Their latest winner is a blue Busschaert cock named “Harry” and is the same way bred as their three other open winners of 2012 this being the 3rd Open win from Mt Charles this year for the partnership and add to this 1st open Skibbereen and you can see what a super year this has been for these former EDC Fanciers of the Year.


East Down Combine Open 08/09/2012 2nd Mount Charles YB. 130 Members, 2500 Birds. Wind South.

1 C & D Smyth & Sons Ballylesson HPS 1704.7

2 M.Foulis Dundonald HPS 1700.1

3 R.Irwin Dundonald HPS 1693.4

4 J.Abernethy Ballynahinch HPS 1692.4

5 R.Irwin Dundonald HPS 1691.9

6 R.Irwin Dundonald HPS 1691.4

7 Burgess & Brennan Bangor RPC 1690.3

8 W.White & Son Newtownbreda HPS 1689.7

9 R.Irwin Dundonald HPS 1688.6

10 M & A Johnston Newtownbreda HPS 1687.0

11 M & A Johnston Newtownbreda HPS 1686.6

12 M & A Johnston Newtownbreda HPS 1686.1

West Section. 50 Members, 1049 Birds.

1 C & D Smyth & Sons Ballylesson HPS 1704.7

2 M.Foulis Dundonald HPS 1700.1

3 R.Irwin Dundonald HPS 1693.4

4 J.Abernethy Ballynahinch HPS 1692.4

5 R.Irwin Dundonald HPS 1691.9

6 R.Irwin Dundonald HPS 1691.4

East Section. 80 Members, 1451 Birds.

1 Burgess & Brennan Bangor RPC 1690.3

2 R Moore & Son Bangor RPC 1679.8

3 Burgess & Brennan Bangor RPC 1667.9

4 Burgess & Brennan Bangor RPC 1667.6

5 R Moore & Son Bangor RPC 1666.5

6 R Moore & Son Bangor RPC 1666.5


Annalong where the Rooneys have the top three places 1406, 1383 and 1382.

Annsborough P McCartan has the winner here on 1616 , M Croskery & son were 2nd on 1611 and D Croskery & son were 3rd on 1605. Ballylesson The young birds were in Mount Charles for the second time this year with the birds being liberated at 10.15 into a south west wind. The winner this week for their 11x1st club was the lofts of Colin and Dorothy Smyth whose bird travelled the 156 miles in 2 hours 41 minutes to record a velocity of 1704.75 for 1st Club 1st Open 1st West Section. Runner up was the ever present John Patterson on 1680.16 with A Cousins & sons 3rd on 1678.

Ballynahinch where John Abernethy has the top three on 1692, 1652 & 1651.

Ballywalter 1st Adam Palmer with a Cheq Hen winning the club D.T.W. breeding 3/4 Lambrecht/Van Den Bosche, 2nd and 3rd Winston and Hugh McMaster with a Blue w/f hen and a Blue W/F Cock vels 1579, 1564, 1549.

Bangor was a 2 horse race between the Burgess & Brennan team and Reggie & David Moore with Burgess & Brennan 1st and 3rd 1690, 1667, R Moore & son 1679 and these are the top three in the East Section.

Cloughey Another good result for Gordon Bros & sons with the top three all on 1614.

Comber 1st and 3rd for Francey Gilmore 1660 and 1632 with Ronnie Johnston in 2nd spot on 1636.

Crossgar Joe McGreevy takes 1st and 2nd 1610 and 1609 with S McLoughlin 3rd on 1603.

Donaghadee Angus & sons & McConkey have another good result with 1st on 1627, E D & K Allan & sons were 2nd on 1603 and A & P Trimble & sons were 3rd on 1600.

Downpatrick Jackie Crossan takes the red card on 1552 with Tony Smyth taking the next two 1538 and 1537.

Drumaness E McLaughlin takes 1st and 2nd 1563 and 1562 with J Kirk & son 3rd on 1559.

Dundonald Three good open places for the top three here. Mark Foulis wins the club on 1700 with Roy Irwin 2nd and 3rd 1693 and 1691.

Dundrum A McNamara & ptnrs were 1st and 2nd 1532 and 1520 with J Maguire & ptnrs 3rd on 1515.

Hillfoot top three places to A & R Crawford 1484, 1484 and 1482.

Killyleagh Central and again it is Gordon bros & sons with the top three 1629, 1629 and 1628.

Millisle Jackie Rankin has the top two 1587, 1568 with RNL Brown 3rd on 1562.

Newcastle W McNeilly & son win on 1508 R McVeigh & son were 2nd on 1495 and E & A Rogan was 3rd on 1487.

Newtownbreda W White & son were 1st on 1689 with M & A Johnston 2nd and 3rd 1687 and 1686.


In the 2 bird club from the two Derby races the following were the prize winners. SKIBBEREEN: 1 B&H Marshall 1957.6 (5th Open). 2 R Moore& son 1939.9 (11th open). 3 S Brown& sons 1931.8 (15th open). 4 B Connolly 1930.8 (16th open). 5 D Croskery & son 1930.6 (17th Open). 6 J&J Hollinger 1899.2. TALBENNY: S&K Duke 1371.1 (1st Open). 2 S McLoughlin 1334.6 (4th Open). 3 T Marshall & son 1276.1 (11th Open). 4 Benson Bros 1201.7 (15th Open). 5 S McLoughlin 1201.0 (16th open). 6 W White & son 1184.7 (21st open). As has been shown so often, the prize winners in the 2 bird club very often finish well up in the Combine Open making this 2 bird club a very competitive club.

News From Around The Ards Peninsula & Peninsula 3Bird Club

Report by Sam Regan

Harper and Young top Peninsula from Skibbereen

The Peninsula Amalgamation was won by Drew Harper and Martin Young of the Cloughey Club with a Blue W/F Hen with the fastest velocity of the year's racing and take 8th Open in the East Down Combine -very well done chaps. Full Result: 1st, 13th & 14th Harper & Young 1943, 1865, 1859. 2nd W.McMaster & son 1908. 3rd J.Rankin 1903. 4th J&J.Holinger 1899. 5th J & R.Young 1898. 6th D & K.McCutcheon 1887. 7th & 8th McCormick & Muckle 1884x2. 9th& 12th R.Strain & son 1881, 1880. 10th & 11th A& P.Trimble & sons 1880x 2.

3Bird Club: 1st & 3rd J& J. Hollinger 1899,1775. 2nd. H & A. Keenan 1817.

Orr Again Tops from Talbenny Young Bird Derby

Ballywalter member Junior Orr was successful from Talbenny in the Peninsula Amalgamation for the second year running this time clocking a young Blue Bar Cock from stock obtained from the husband and wife team of Steven and Liz Burns from Newtownards and very well done on your victory. Full Result. 1st & 5th J.Orr & son 1283, 1030. 2nd & 7th Harper & Young 1191, 985. 3rd M.Adair & son 1133. 4th & 6th McCormick & Muckle 1083 & 1026. 8th R.Strain & son 960.

3Bird Club: 1st. J.Orr & son. 2nd & 3rd. McCormick & Muckle.

Next race is the return visit to Mount Charles for the penultimate race of the year.


with Brendan McLoughlin

Another Fed win for D Croskery & Son from Skibbereen

The East Down Combine had two Derby races on Saturday 1st September, one from Skibbereen in Co Cork and the other from Talbenny in Wales. Both sets of pigeons were released at 9am with the Talbenny birds off in a westerly wind and the Skibbereen birds in a west – southwesterly, which was to turn more south southwesterly en route. The early pigeons from Skibbereen romped home with the leading pigeons in the South Down Fed timing around 12.30pm for the 230-mile fly. The winners of the South Down Fed from the Skibbereen Derby were Annsborough’s D Croskery & Son who have had a great young bird season right from the word go. They took five Fed positions in the first race from Navan and then followed that up with four in the result from the next two races including 1st Fed from Mullingar. The winning pigeon was 7th East section, 17th Open here and has been a prolific racer all year. Previous results include 3rd Fed, 3rd section, and 28th Open Tullamore, 4th Fed Mullingar and had been 2nd Fed, 38th Open the week before from Navan. This youngster is off a Walter De Rijck cock when paired to a hen from Eddie Nelson of Durham Amalgamation. Michael Jennings Annsborough is second Fed this week taking 8th section, 18th Open in the process. Michael has had a steady young bird season with some good results along the way. The sire of pigeon timed here was bought at a sale in the Grosvenor club a couple of years ago on behalf of D Croskery & Son and Mickey Croskery, and is out of the original Joe Ninety. The dam is a direct bird from John Jobey of the Up North Combine. Annsborough’s R McDowell & Son has two birds in the result this week again taking 3rd and 4th Fed, 11th and 12th Section and 19th and 20th Open. The first of these two hens was 6th Fed, 17th section, 35th Open from 1st Mount Charles. The sire is a full brother of the French hen and was a good racer himself while the dam is from Billy Leckey, Ards. Their second pigeon is a cross of pigeons obtained from Joe McGreevey Crossgar and J & J Hollinger Millisle and also contains some of the McDowell Busschaert lines from B Fletcher. Mickey Croskery Annsborough takes the next two at 5th and 6th Fed, 12th and 13th section and 22nd and 34th Open. Mickey’s first pigeon this week is another from his good friend Jimmy Connolly in Kilkenny. This is the second time that these pigeons have featured in the Fed result this year for Mickey. Mickey’s second pigeon is off a son of the old Sion x Bricoux cock when paired to De Ricjk hen. Last week’s winner Paddy McCartan Annsborough is in again with two birds taking 7th and 8th Fed, 14th and 15th section and 37th and 38th Open for another good day’s racing. These two birds arrived together and are nest mates. The sire is Van Limpt while the dam is Soontjens x Braspenning, all down from stock from McKinstry Bros Dromara. This is another great result for one of the newest fanciers in the Fed. Tyrella’s Sean Milligan & Daughter Jennifer are 9th Fed, 16th section and 39th Open this week to follow on from their 8th Fed the previous week from Fermoy. The sire of the pigeon timed here is a Van De Rhee while the dam is from the Donnelly Bros Newry, ‘Scarecrow’ lines crossed with a Busschaert. The result is completed by Annsborough’s B Jennings in 10th position. The sire of this one is a Leo Van Rijn from clubmate Noel Maguire while the dam is from Jamesy Maguire Belfast.

Full Result: 1, D Croskery & Son Annsborough 1930; 2, M Jennings Annsborough 1929; 3, 4, R McDowell & Son Annsborough 1927, 1926; 5, 6, M Croskery Annsborough 1925, 1912; 7, 8, P McCartan Annsborough 1910.97, 1910.52; 9, S Milligan & Dtr Tyrella 1909; 10, B Jennings Annsborough 1900 The 2nd Skibbereen Derby and Skibbereen National will both have a £2 Nom The Annual Dinner and Prize Distribution will be held in The Dundrum Inn on Friday 19th October. The report on Talbenny race to follow.  


East Down Combine 01/09/2012 Talbenny YB Derby. 83 Members, 433 Birds. Wind Westerly.

1 W1 S & K Duke Crossgar HPS 1371.105 d D £64.20 £178.38

2 W2 A & A Cheevers Crossgar HPS 1364.689 D £27.95 £94.09

3 W3 S.Brown & Sons Dundonald HPS 1356.657 £0.00 £43.51

4 W4 S. McLoughlin Crossgar HPS 1334.689 abcde ABCDE £156.35 £187.02

5 W5 T.Marshall & Son Newtownbreda HPS 1329.619 £0.00 £24.73

6 W6 S & K Duke Crossgar HPS 1326.619 d D £30.45 £50.18

7 E1 J.McNally & Son Annsborough HPS 1325.846 d D £32.75 £66.05

8 W7 S.Brown & Sons Dundonald HPS 1314.758 £0.00 £19.73

9 E2 R Moore & Son Bangor RPC 1299.544 £0.00 £29.64

10 E3 J.Orr & Son Ballywalter SPC 1282.974 £0.00 £25.98

11 W8 T.Marshall & Son Newtownbreda HPS 1276.106 abcde ABCDE N £140.11 £153.89

12 E4 M.Croskery Annsborough HPS 1245.815 abc £20.50 £37.82

Harmony Lofts Hot Spot Racing
Weekend 08-09-12

This is our final Hot Spot for this year. Top winner this week is C & G Lowry of Kingsmoss clocking bird ring No. 11432 vel 1654 taking 3rd club & collecting £50. 2nd place goes to Jimmy Burrows Eastway with bird ring No. 11041 vel 1647 to lift £30. The loft of Dessie McClurkin takes 3rd place with bird 11126 vel 1623 & collecting £20. Thanks to all who phoned through their velocities each week. Hope you have enjoyed your racing this year. Remember, if you're not in - you can't win!


The birds are in Skibbereen this week for what is the last race of the 2012 programme, The Ken McConaghie Skibbereen Derby and over the next weeks I hope to have details of the winners of this race and more on the other Young Bird Derby successes.