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Combine Opt For Fermoy Instead of Bude



Reports by Clifford Browne

Combine opt for Fermoy instead of Bude

Well the weekend of June 16th/17th will be remembered by EDC members for some time to come. Once again the weather was horrendous and after much consultation the weather committee recommended that the race from Bude be cancelled and replaced with an inland race from Fermoy with birds going on the Saturday night for a Sunday event as Saturday was literally a wash out. After two Talbenny races which had taken their toll on many lofts this seemed a sensible option and so it was that the birds went to Fermoy and with Sunday providing a better day weather wise the birds were up at 9.15 into a light NW wind.

The Annalong club had the best velocities this week with Kevin & Kristopher having the best two on 1520 and a full result will follow next week. From the Derek Wishart classic of the previous week the race winners were Bangor’s Burgess & Brennan who have been enjoying a lot of success for in addition to 1st and 3rd in this race they followed up a few days later with 59th and 138th open in the INFC Yearling national.

Runner up in the Derek Wishart race was Dundonald’s Mark Foulis whose next bird was 6th Open and the top twelve plus pools and prize money were:

East Down Combine 09/06/2012 Derek Wishart Classic, 115 Members 861 Birds, Wind Westerly.

1 Burgess & Brennan Bangor RPC 1504.8 £0.00 £130.00

2 M. Foulis Dundonald HPS 1502.2 ABCDE £176.80 £266.80

3 Burgess & Brennan Bangor RPC 1500.9 £0.00 £65.00

4 McComb Bros Killyleagh Central HPS 1499.7 £0.00 £47.00

5 D.& D Chew Newtownbreda HPS 1498.6 ABCD £69.42 £104.42

6 M. Foulis Dundonald HPS 1498.5 £0.00 £30.00

7 J. Gillespie & Sons Ballynahinch HPS 1497.0 ABCD £58.74 £88.74

8 F Gilmore Comber Social 1494.1 ABCDE £88.22 £118.22

9 G & P. Brown Annsborough HPS 1492.8 £0.00 £30.00

10 C & D Smyth & Sons Ballylesson HPS 1491.9 ABCD £26.70 £56.70

11 McCartan & Woodsides Crossgar HPS 1491.6 ABCDE £65.20 £86.20

12 K. Rooney & Son Annalong HPS 1488.5 £0.00 £21.00

East Down Combine 09/06/2012 2nd Talbenny OB 3 Bird Channel Championship, 86 Members 253 Birds.

1 Mr & Mrs E. Spence Hillfoot HPS 1307.55 £0.00

2 McCartan & Woodsides Crossgar HPS 1298.32 £0.00

3 McCartan & Woodsides Crossgar HPS 1291.39 AB £50.00

4 J.Young & Ptnrs Dundonald HPS 1274.52 AB £37.50

5 Massey Bros Ballylesson HPS 1262.94 £0.00

6 A & A Cheevers Crossgar HPS 1254.06 A £13.50

7 F Gilmore Comber Social 1252.70 A £10.80

8 S.Brown & Sons Dundonald HPS 1250.34 £0.00

9 R Moore & Son Bangor RPC 1247.98 AB £25.85

10 S & K Duke Crossgar HPS 1245.06 £0.00

11 Mr & Mrs E. Spence Hillfoot HPS 1241.51 £0.00

12 H. Patterson & Son Ballylesson HPS 1240.06 AB £19.60

Remainder Pools

M.Croskery & Son Annsborough HPS 1227.19 AB £16.05

G & P. Brown Annsborough HPS 1224.46 AB £12.50

E & A Rogan Newcastle HPS 1222.59 A £5.40

P.Brown & Son Annsborough HPS 1222.16 AB £12.50

E D & K Allan & Sons Donaghadee RPC 1219.36 A £5.40

A Cousins & Sons Ballylesson HPS 1215.27 AB £12.50

D Brennan Hillfoot HPS 1211.08 B £7.10

A. Edgar & Son Comber Social HPS 1208.26 B £7.10

M Jennings Annsborough HPS 1204.18 B £7.10

J Maguire & Ptrs Dundrum HPS 1201.15 B £7.10

Any objection to the above result must be made in writing to the East Down Combine Secretary Within seven days.

The Best from around the Combine Clubs (Fermoy 17th June)  

Annalong where Kevin & Kristopher Rooney have the top three places in the club with the first two together on 1520

Annsborough has Geraldine and Patrick Brown enjoying another superb race taking the top three places in the club 1483, 1483 and 1477

Ballylesson and Colin & Dorothy Smyth & Sons take the top two 1445 and 1444 with John Patterson 3rd on 1438

Ballynahinch D & R Topping have the winner here on 1446 then the next two on 1440 to Rab Hunter in 2nd place and John Abernethy in 3rd also on 1440

Ballywalter 1st and 3rd W. McMaster and son Hugh, the winner a yearling Blue Hen on 1491 gaining her second win of the year both from Fermoy, second bird a two year old w/f hen 1426. Runner up Sam Regan 1435 with a two year old Blue roundabout hen

Bangor Reggie & David Moore have the top two places 1438 and 1434 with T & S Phillips 3rd on 1423

Cloughey Gordon bros & sons are 1st and 2nd 1451 and 1449 with Harry Gordon & ptnrs 3rd on 1438

Comber Francis Gilmore wins 1st and 3rd 1434 and 1405 with Ken Tompsett 2nd on 1430

Crossgar S & K Duke take the top two 1475 and 1460 with McCartan & Woodsides 3rd 1456

Donaghadee Alex Trimble has his birds in top form and takes 1st and 3rd this week 1448 and 1433 the winner being a 2yo Janssen/Van Loon cock and the 2nd bird is a Slatey Janssen/Van Loon yearling roundabout Hen. Kieran McCutcheon is in 2nd place on 1435 with a blue pied Soontjen/Van Reet roundabout cock

Downpatrick 1st and 2nd for B Connelly 1299 and 1492 with Jackie Crossan 3rd on 1479

Drumaness Colin Laverty & dtr takes the top two places 1428 and 1386 with J Kirk & son 3rd on 1385

Dundrum 1426 wins here for JMaguire & ptnrs with A Murray & son 2nd and 3rd 1420 and 1408

Hillfoot W & L Robinson win on 1436 with D Brennan 2nd and 3rd 1390 and 1382

Killyleagh Central Irvine Bros have the red card on 1435 McComb Bros are 2nd on 1432 with J Chievers 3rd on 1426

Millisle a 1, 2 ,3 result for Jackie Rankin 1427, 1417 and 1407

Newcastle a good day for the Rogan family with young Jack & Jessica winning on 1393 with E & A 2nd also on 1393 and 3rd on 1391

Newtownbreda was won by Brain Hogg & sons on 1450, W White & son were 2nd on 1438 and T Marshall & son 3rd on 1435

Tyrella Sean Milligan & dtr have the top two 1422 and 1394 with D McNabb & ptnrs 3rd on 1390



Report by Sam Regan

Trimbles Dominate 2nd Talbenny

The Combine returned to Talbenny in South Wales for round two of the channel season and following a delayed start all the Irish organisations liberated en mass at noon for the race across the sea back into Northern Ireland. Following last week's fresh east wind which helped the birds cross the channel but pushed them home up the middle of Ireland resulting in the winning Amalgamation velocities being below 1000 yards a minute due to their efforts to face the strengthening east wind home to the Peninsula, the wind this week was westerly and no more than a moderate breeze and clear blue sky gave the convoy a better flight home in warmer conditions. Numbers of birds entered were lower again with some lofts not entering the race and like most races across the water losses have been made by the majority of members in what to date has been a difficult old bird year.

Donaghadee club again came to the front for the second week in a row, a grand total of ten pigeons on the sheet clocked by three members of the seaside side town. Leading the way was last week's runner up Alec Trimble who is having a fine season with his old bird team and on this occasion had a brilliant result with his pigeons, timing the first four birds in both club and Amalgamation and finishing 4th, 8th, 15th and 20th open, the loft had another bird in the clock for 13th into the Peninsula Amalgamation, this was a fine feat and performance by their pigeons. Alec's winner was a experienced five year old Van De Ree Blue Cheq Pied Hen flown like all of his birds on roundabout, the runner up another hen a Blue Bar a Janssen Van Loon also a 5 year old while the third was a two year old Blue Bar. With 5 birds on the prize list and the first four placed in the open, a very good racing and conditioning effort by the Trimble family - great flying.

Millisle club winner was Robert Strain winning his club for the second week in a row being 5th Amalgamation and gains 24th open with the East Down Combine, another loft flying very consistently with their old birds. Dave Allan and his family have three on the result sheet with two birds arriving close together into his Donaghadee loft for 6th and 7th, while a third pigeon raced home for 9th place. Their first pigeon was well fancied and collects the red card for victory in the three bird club - well done. Last week's top loft had to settle for 8th position with Kieran McCutcheon, a fellow Dee flier, clocking his pooled bird which is runner up in the three bird club. Yet another loft holding its fine racing form; they also had a second pigeon on the first page in 10th. In 11th spot is Jackie Rankin of Millisle. The result is completed by Cloughey winners the Gordon family having two birds close together for 12th and 14th into the Ards Peninsula and their second pigeon is placed third in the three bird club to continue the team's good year.

Full Result 26/241. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 13th A & P. TRIMBLE & SONS 1318, 1302, 1284, 1279, 1195. 5th R. STRAIN & SON 1270. 6th, 7th & 9th E. D. & K. ALLAN & SONS 1220, 1219, 1206. 8th & 10th D & K. McCUTCHEON 1208 & 1202. 11th J Rankin 1199. 12th & 14th GORDON BROS & SONS 1195, 1192. 

Finally I wish to send my own and the Peninsula members' condolences to the family of Donaghadee member John Miskimmin on his recent passing, with all our sympathy to his wife Betty, his family and the wider family circle at this sad time.


Double Tops for G & P Brown

Saturday 9th June saw the East Down Combine with races from both Talbenny, in South Wales and Fermoy in Co Cork. While the Derek Wishart Classic saw excellent returns the Talbenny race was once again disappointing with many lofts reporting poor returns. While some may have done alright, by and large returns overall were little more than 50%. Both races proved very successful for Annsborough’s G & P Brown who topped the South Down Federation from both races taking with top ten finishes in the Open results.

2nd Talbenny

The birds were back in Talbenny on 9th June, and following a disappointing race from the race point the week before we were hopeful of a better race this week, but alas this was not to be the case. A good friend of mine told me many years ago that if the first Talbenny doesn’t get you, the second one will. Unfortunately this year, both of them got us. The pigeons were liberated at 12 noon in a west wind with the early pigeons arriving home in just over four hours, which was very much the expected time. However there were few birds about later in the evening as the early promise soon faded.

The winners of the South Down Fed this week are Annsborough’s G & P Brown who had another super race here to build on a very impressive season. With another in the Fed result at 9th Fed this was indeed another superb performance for Geraldine and Patrick. Patrick is keen to acknowledge the key contribution that Geraldine has made since becoming his racing partner. Their winning pigeon this week is a four-year-old Grondelaar hen from the birds he obtained from Dromore’s Victor Reid a number of years ago. The sire is out of the ‘19’ cock, a tremendous racer in his own right, while the dam is a pied hen from the original stock obtained from Victor. This four-year-old hen put up a great performance to take 1st section, 3rd Open. This bird has always been a consistent racer but this is the first time that she has actually won a race. Geraldine and Patrick’s second pigeon is 9th Fed, 17th section and is a yearling hen from K Rooney & Son Annalong who have provided the Browns with most of their top prizewinners over the past two years. The breeding of this one is Van Reet x Marijka Vinks. Benson Bros Annsborough continue their build up to the end of the Old Bird season with a fine result here, taking 2nd Fed, 5th section and 10th Open East Down Combine. This one is new stock brought in last year from the Dublin area and further information will be made available when the bird is next in the Fed result. Hopefully this wont be too long but sure we all love a mystery. Newcastle’s E & A Rogan are enjoying another successful season in the Newcastle club and this week they are 3rd Fed, 7th section, 16th Open. The pigeon timed is a two-year-old Janssen cock from Brian Murray, Manchester, who has provided Adie and Eddie with some great pigeons recently including an Open winner from Bude. This is this two-year-old’s third win, having been 1st club as a young bird from Fermoy, and then 1st club as a yearling from Mount Charles and now 1st club again. Annsborough’s J McNally & Son are having a consistent season and this week they are 4th Fed, 8th section, and 17th Open. These guys love the channel racing and its good to see them doing so well here. The pigeon timed here is a yearling hen off stock obtained from John McNeill, Broxburn in Scotland. Jimmy and Brendan have been very pleased with the birds obtained from the McNeill loft. This result puts the McNallys through to the final of the Loft Knock-Out, beating their semi-final opponents K Rooney & Son by less than half a yard. It is to Kevin and Kristopher we go for 5th Fed this week and what another superb season it has been for the father and son partnership with many fine results in their own right and for many other fanciers throughout the country. The pigeon timed this week is a Luc Pocelot, Belgian KDBD sprint champion, from Mick and Joe Gaunt from Derby. It is a two-year-old hen that was 1st club from Tyone Mills and 2nd club Talbenny Young Bird Derby. As a yearling she was twice in the NIPA section ‘F’ result and was 8th Fed, 9th Open East Down Combine from Tullamore. W Hardy & Son Annsborough are 6th Fed, 11th section, 23rd Open this week with a yearling hen. The dam of this one is from the ‘Tina Turner’ lines, while the sire is from L & A Toner, Annsborough. This bird won the Show Special run by the Newcastle club this year and had another place. Paddy is having a good season so far and can go into the French races with a lot of confidence. Annsborough’s R J Keown is 7th Fed this week, taking 13th section, 25th Open in the process. RJ has notched up a few very good results this year and this form could well continue over the next few weeks. The pigeon timed here is a two-year-old hen. She is a full sister of the cock that was 1st South Down Fed, 40th Open Vannes Kings Cup in 2009. The dam is the Meritorious Award winner that was also 2nd Open twice in 2004 from Talbenny and Lamballe. James Cleland Annsborough is on the crest of a wave at the moment and is 8th Fed, 14th Section, 33rd Open here. In the Derek Wishart race James had five birds in the Fed and Open results. James has had many great results this year and early indications are that he will win the East section Inland Championship. The pigeon timed is a four-year-old hen that was a gift bird from John Greenaway, Bondhill. The result is completed by Annsborough’s Bert Knight in tenth position. Bert was late getting the pigeons started this year but they are showing a lot of good form now as he was 7th and 8th Fed from Mount Charles and 9th Fed last week from 1st Talbenny. The pigeon timed is another one from his own bloodlines.

Full Result: 1, G & P Brown Annsborough 1318; 2, Benson Bros Annsborough 1293; 3, E & A Rogan Newcastle 1284; 4, J McNally & Son Annsborough 1281.807; 5, K Rooney & Son Annalong 1281.427; 6, W Hardy & Son Annsborough 1272; 7, R J Keown Annsborough 1268; 8, J Cleland Annsborough 1255; 9, G & P Brown 1251; 10, H Knight Annsborough 1247.

The Penzance Classic will have a £2 Nom All 3 French races will have a £2 Nom The Final of the Loft Knock will take place this week from Penzance with James Cleland meeting J McNally & Son in an all Annsborough final Full Report on the Derek Wishart race will appear next weeK.


This week the EDC birds are due to go to Penzance for what for most clubs is the end of the club programme for Old Birds before the French Derby and National events but once again the weather has taken over so birds which would normally have been race marked on the Thursday for the Saturday race are now going to be race marked on Saturday evening for a possible Monday race.