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East Midlands and Yorkshire - Gregg Johnson

very proud sheldon horn

Sheldon Horn

A very proud Sheldon Horn Hi everyone I hope your young bird season is going well and to plan with as little heart ache as it can be to you as young birds can be a joyful or demoralising one week to the next but we keep on with it to succeed in the…
ryan nutthall creiff amal winn

New North Road Amalgamation Crieff

New North Road Amalgamation Crieff The New North Road Amalgamation held its second old bird race of the season from Crieff in Perthshire and Kinross the liberation site is at the Crieff rugby clubs ground the liberation day was warm sunny and clear…
trans ready for berwick

1st,2nd,3rd & 4th federation was Riggott & Richardson

Nottingham North Road Federation Alnwick The Nottingham north road federation on the 4/7/20 the federation was racing from Alnwick in north Northumberland which is approximately the 160 plus mile mark race point for most federation members. At 7am…
John Norris holding amal winner

The New North Road Amalgamation at Hexham

The New North Road Amalgamation The New North Road Amalgamation held its first race of the 2020 season on 6/7/20 from Hexham In Northumberland and due to a poor wet weekend weather outlook again and a gale force west wind that does not help our…
big tomo cock 3rd fed

Nottingham NRF Whitley Bay

Nottingham NRF Whitley Bay The Nottingham North Road federations fourth old bird race was flown from Whitley Bay on the north east coast line on the sand Swept carpark alongside the beach on 27/6/20 which was a glorious Day but very strong powerful…