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The New North Road Amalgamation £25,880 Futurity - 21-09-21

The New North Road Amalgamation £25,880 Futurity

The New North Road Amalgamation held its Futurity race where a prize fund of £25,880 was available on the table for the competitors as after expenses and running costs to get to the birds to the liberation site it was all given back as we, as an organisation, believe in giving back with no commissions held back.  The race was held from Saint Boswells just over the Scottish Borders and this was held on the bank holiday Monday of the 30/8/21 the marking evening was a really enjoyable night with a lot of fanciers socialising and as we say having the crack and a few social drinks, as I believe these days unfortunately the social side of this sport is dying and is nothing to how it use to be. A lot of club fanciers on club night and clocks don’t even have a drink and a chat as soon as the clocks are read off and the result done they can’t get away fast enough and it seems to be a social media discussion rather than a good old sit down and chin wag so it was nice to see this in operation and the buzz of excitement in the air with the prize money available.  Also thanks must go to the Hucknall working men’s club for providing us our free food buffet for all to enjoy also thanks must go to the marking team of Kevin Ward, Robert Wraggsdale, Steve Gammon, Andrew Kemp, Shaun Pilgrim, Jane Norris & John Wheatcroft for kindly providing some random drug test on the night of marking.  

A great professional job done by you all that was greatly appreciated. Also a guess the number of birds entered game was on offer at £1 a number with the winning prizes a young bird bred out of John Norris’s stock loft from out his very successful Lerwick winning family of birds these were won by Paul Booth, Yvonne Winterton, Grace Winterton & Gregg Johnson all winning a young bird each for £1 which was also some great fun.

The marking ran very smoothly and no hiccups and the birds were loaded onto the transporter and The convoyer and the assistant were on their way just after 8:30pm so a nice good early time to set out. The day of the liberation we had organised local Scottish fancier who himself is a Scottish National winner of Thomas MCCloud kindly checked all the seals and numbers on all the creates and stayed with the transporter to witness the liberation which he kindly filmed for us so a big thanks Tom. 

Unfortunately the day of the race was not the one we wanted and the weather was worse for the next few days ahead so calling a holdover was pointless the visibility was very good but it was all low cloud and an extreme strong cutting east wind and this was on the weekend were probably most of the UK on reading results had a stinker of a race and some one loft races struggling to get birds home but when a break came through convoyers Clarance Haymes & John Jackson got the birds away for us doing everything they could.  So at 11:20 am into a strong east north east wind the birds were liberated and on talking to Tom MCCloud he said the birds cleared well but unfortunately the race was a very hard stiff one with quite a lot of empty perches on the night but some solid class birds made it through and were bred from some of the north road fanciers best producing stock birds and these made it through and so did some other valiant birds and a big well done to them and their breeders and owners but unfortunately it was a challenging race but that’s life in this game, unfortunately there’s more hardships than triumphs. 

Over to the result now not only winning the race but also claiming second place with two birds arriving together to take both positions was John Norris of Grantham as buyer / racer with 2 x Soojens bred by Dave Smith of Bristol and these were bred from Dave’s top performing stock loft pairs the two birds a cock and a hen are both cousins and are similar bred from out Dave’s original Soojen lines purchased from Paul Stobbs of the north east these birds have kept Dave in the top flight for several seasons in the south west of England Lerwick Club, the New North Road Amalgamation and now the Welsh National flying club plus even south road section performances in the central southern Classic club when it flew the south road route over the channel ,John has prepared these birds with several 50 mile single up tosses from north road routes and south road routes as well as some regular races with the Leicestershire North Road federation transporter the two birds were paired up together and were sent sitting a newly hatch chick on the day of the marking night John Norris & Dave smith for 1st & 2nd prize both won £6,168.68p each.

John Norris holding the Futurity winner 21 09 21     Dave Smith Futurity winner breeder 21 09 21
John Norris holding the Futurity winner & Dave Smith Futurity winner breeder

Claiming 3rd & 4th positions was the buyer / racer of Paul Spendlove of chesterfield and the breeder being Kevin Lawson of Ollerton one of the best performing north road flyers in the UK.  Both these birds are of Kevin’s high performance racing and breeding Lambrecht’s direct out his stock loft and are both nest mate sisters, one being a solid black hen as Kevin at times with his Lambrecht’s breeds some stunning blacks and black pieds the sisters parents are of a genuine producing winning formula so the quality was naturally there in the birds from the day they hatched out their shells.  Their owner, Paul Spendlove put the time into these birds and was rewarded as not only did these birds fly north road they also flew the south road route as all of Paul’s Futurity birds went through this process and Paul, to this day, still has all his Futurity birds back he sent to Saint Boswells and also all he purchased as some were lost before this race and have since returned. Prior to Paul’s birds being sent to Saint Boswells they received 4 x races on the south road route 2 x races at the Pinxton village hall FC with the Notts & Derby Border federation with both races from Stratford Upon Avon & 2 x races at Shirland miners welfare FC with the North Derbyshire federation from Alrewash & Marlbourgh as on the Alremash race this should of been from Stow on the Wold but due to a poor weekend in weather they were released on the A38 at Alrewash war memorial park. After these four races they received 1 x race on the north road route from Darlington with the Chesterfield Stute FC with the Derbyshire North road federation and the black Lambrecht’s hen achieved a 4th club from Marlbourgh at Shirland Miners Welfare FC and won all the pools from Darlington in the Chesterfield Stute club. But throughout this racing period they were all trained at least once to twice a week and sometimes three times if the weather was good from Barnsley on the north road by Paul’s brother Andrew Spendlove as half way through this season Paul has undergone a neck operation and has struggled with manual activities so has relied on the help of his brother greatly in training and taking the birds to race marking and also of the help of Paul’s friend Tony Gaunt which Paul would greatly like to thank both of these for their help this season.

paul spendlove Tony Gaunt 21 09 21
Paul Spendlove & Tony Gaunt 

Paul and Kevin Lawson for 3rd & 4th place received £1,918.68p each taking 5th place as racer / buyer was Graham & Yvonne Winterton of Leicester being probably the furthest flying member in the Futurity they clocked their day bird which was bred by Andrew Kemp of Gedling Nottingham the bird is bred out of a Kevin Lawson purchased bird paired to a Hubert Walker of Newark bird both parties received £584.34p each.

Kevin Lawson class breeder 21 09 21    Graham Yvonne Winterton 21 09 21
Kevin Lawson class breeder               Graham & Yvonne Winterton

In 6th place was buyer / racer Tom Woods of Gedling Nottingham and Breeder Matthew Cotton of Codnor Derbyshire the bird was of Matts own created distance family as Matthew works in the retail building industry as well as having a small young family and working long hours over the years struggling to race his own birds Matt likes to support many of these Futurity races breeder buyers and one loft race events and he over the years has achieved some great success and high amounts won and eye opening performances so the quality was there both parties received £484.34p each.

Tom Woods 21 09 21    Matthew Cotton 21 09 21
Tom Woods                                                                                Matthew Cotton

7th position as buyer/ racer was Richard Oldham of Hucknall and the breeder Jonathan Cole of Cotgrave with a Herman Cuesters originating from club mate of Paul Kennerdale stock birds both parties received £384.34p 

Jonathan Cole 21 09 21
Jonathan Cole

8th position was Paul Spendlove as buyer / racer and breeder as Paul purchased his own breed bird back which this one being a Jan Arden based bred bird Paul received both sums of money of £668.68p.

9th position was Kenny Ferns of Cotgrave as buyer/racer & breeder as Ken purchased his own bird back which is of his own breeding creation Ken wins £668.68p.

Kenny Ferns 21 09 21
Kenny Ferns

Taking 10th & 11th position was Uk Team of Lukasz Urbaniak of Nottingham as buyer and racer the breeder of both birds was of Miroslaw Chwedoruk of Martock  Somerset the birds are of Miro’s Polish creation of birds and both parties received £518.68p each.

Miro 21 09 21

12th position was Paul Spendlove as buyer/ racer & breeder purchasing his own bred bird back which Paul informs us is a Soojen X Lambrecht’s based bird Paul claims £368.68p.

13th position was Derek & Ryan Nuttall of Newstead village as buyer & racer the breeder was Kevin & Donna Spires of Wollaton Nottingham and the bird being a Syndicate loft based bird and both parties received £184.34p each.

Ryan Nuttall 21 09 21
Ryan Nuttall

14th position was Derek & Ryan Nuttall as Buyer / racer and breeder purchasing their own bird back which is a Syndicate loft line bred bird they received £368.68p.

15th spot was Paul Booth of Cinderhill Nottingham as buyer/ racer the breeder was Gregg Johnson of Ilkeston the bird being a Gaston Van Der Wower both parties received £184.34p each.

paul Booth 21 09 21
Paul Booth

16th place position was Dougie & Tommy Fisher of Bingham as buyer/ racers and the Breeder Kevin Ward of Chesterfield with a Jansen wonder vos of the Schlepphorst lines both parties received £184.34p each.

17th spot was Phillip Rowson of Mapperley Nottingham as buyer / racer the breeder Kirk Farndale of Chesterfield with one of his own created bird both parties received £184.34p each.

18th space went to Richard Oldham as buyer / racer the breeder was Mr & Mrs Graham Watkins of Bristol and the bird is of a Lefebre Dehenien X a Sheldon Leonard bird of Ireland both parties received £184.34p each.

Mr Mrs Graham Watkins 21 09 21
Mr & Mrs Graham Watkins

19th place went to Mr & Mrs Clarance & Barbara Haymes & Sons  of Cromford Matlock as buyer/ racer the breeder was Andrew Hind of Aspley Nottingham and the bird being a Graham Walker Flourengles breed both parties received £184.34p each.

Mr Mrs Haymes sons 21 09 21
Mr & Mrs Haymes & Sons

20th spot went to Peter Norris of Grantham as buyer / racer the breeder of the bird was Dave Valentine of Castleford and the bird being a Westcotes breed originating from Peter Crawford birds of Ipswich both participating persons received £184.34p each.

Dave Valentine 21 09 21
Dave Valentine

21st place was Mr & Mrs Clarance & Barbara Haymes & Sons as racer / buyers the Breeder was John Hendy of Blackwell Derbyshire and the bird is bred off the late Edgar Murray birds both received £184.34p each.

22nd spot was Danny Bright & Sons of Cotgrave as buyer / racer the breeder was Paul Price of Middlesbrough and the bird being bred from Syndicate loft birds both received £184.34p each.

23rd place was Dougie & Tommy fisher as racer/buyers and the breeder was John Scott of Lincolnshire and the bird being a Van Loon both persons received £184.34p.

Well that’s that done and out the way we will be operating this next season again with something new and exciting to be added into it giving everyone a double chance of winning something and giving that extra back all will be announced over the close season thanks to everyone who took part take care.

The Rat Man.