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The New North Road Amalgamation 2 Bird - 04-10-21

The New North Road Amalgamation 2 Bird

The two bird held its last race of the season from Hexham race course and this also being its first season in operation it has created some fun and sport and paid out some decent prize money to the scoring persons and it has been extremely fair with two on two and has been a pleasure to operate we look forward to operating in the 2022 season.  

The morning at Hexham
The morning at Hexham

To the result now the birds for this race as its bean a difficult year and a challenging one for the young birds they for a one off time were liberated with the main amalgamation birds so at 9am head convoyer Peter released the birds into sunshine and blue skies into a south west wind on Saturday the 25/9/21 winning the race was Kevin & Donna Spieres of Wollaton Nottingham with a red cock Darkness flown on the young bird jealousy system he is a Dirk Van Den Bulck X Kevin & Donna’s & Graham Ricks hen called Aleda that won the NRCC old hens race for them from Dunbar in 2011. Their winning velocity was 1233 they also won £35 and 24 cans of Becks Larger.

Kevin Spires
Kevin Spires

Taking 2nd & 8th places was Peter Norris of Grantham winning £20 his first bird a chequer hen which is bred from out his Dads Lerwick family birds of John Norris sent sitting chipping eggs his 2nd bird a chequer pied cock that was directly bred by PJ lofts and donated to the Grantham North Road flying clubs 2021 breeder buyer sale were Peter purchased it and this bird also won the Clubs Breeder buyer race from Darlington and won Peter and Paul Newbold the money this was also sent sitting chipping nest eggs his velocities were 1208 & 602.

second two bird Hexham
Second two bird Hexham

3rd & 7th place was Gregg Johnson of Ilkeston with a natural flown pencil blue Gabby Vandenbeale cock flying back to the perch and a chequer Jansen natural cock winning £10 with a velocities of 1128 & 855.

4th & 5th place was J & A Cole of Radcliffe Nottingham with 2 x Herman Cuesters from Paul Kennerdale stock of 2x hens flown on natural with nest bowls in the loft for them winning £5 with velocities of 1066 & 1025.

6th spot was Aspley & Wragsdale of Chesterfield with a Kees Bosua blue cock doing 888.

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