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The Nottingham North Road Federation - 11-10-21

The Nottingham North Road Federation

The Nottingham North Road Federation started its young bird season off with its first race being held from Wetherby race course so on the 1/8/21 the birds were released at 13.40pm into a light north wind and the 2021 young bird season had officially started. 

The top half of the federation was as follows; topping the federation plus claiming 2nd, 3rd & 4th federation was Mick Horton flying 67 miles unfortunately no information on Mick’s federation winner or scoring birds could be obtained for us to share his velocities were 3 x birds dropping together on 1523 & 1519.

5th federation was R Hallsworth flying 59 miles doing 1515.

6th federation was Fred Hall flying 69 miles with a blue chequer hen doing 1512.

7th federation was Kevin & Donna Spiers flying 67 miles with a young Dirk Van Den Bulk Darkness flown mealy Hen on the jealousy YB system Kevin is using their velocity was 1509.

Kevin Donna Spiers 11 10 21
Kevin & Donna Spiers

8th federation was Raffa Rbarutowicz flying 67 miles with a natural system flown blue hen just flying back to the perch she is of Polish stock bird breeding of Polish Fieneke 5000 line crossed with a child of the Olympiad  pair that represented Poland in the middle distance crossed with a Polish gold medal winning bird his velocity was 1482.

Raffa Rbarutowicz 11 10 21
Raffa Rbarutowicz

9th federation was W Bearder & Sons flying 66 miles doing 1478.

10th & 11th federation was Rick Shelton flying 67 miles with his team of darkness flown young birds separated on the sliding door Rick tells us he likes to separate his young birds mainly to prevent his young hens getting pestered by the young cocks and getting into egg so likes to separate his young birds his first bird a blue cock which Is originating from the stock birds of the late Neil Inger of Kimberly and is bred down from the Olympiad 003 hen. Ricks second bird a Dark pied hen which originates from the stock birds of the successful Keith Morgan of the Morgan & Elton partnership of Warsop that had great success when in operation also of what Neil had obtained as we all knew the quality of birds and connections Neil had in this game God bless him, Rick’s velocities were two birds together over the line for him on 1472. 

Week two with the young birds and the federation moved slightly up the road on the A1 to Harrogate so on the 9/8/21 the birds were released at 9am into a west south west wind.

Harrogate liberation site 11 10 21
Harrogate Liberation Site

The top of the federation was Mr Big taking all the room in the ring giving the gladiator’s a run out taking 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 in the federation was Kevin Lawson with his Lambrecht’s & Herman Cuesters flown on the Darkness system.  Kevin tells us the sexes are not separated and are left completely together in the young bird loft.  Kevin’s federation winner, a young Herman Cuesters chequer hen followed by 3x Lambrecht’s and his 2nd & 4th federation Lambrecht’s in this race are the same way bred to his and Paul Spendlove’s New North Road Amalgamation Saint Boswells Futurity scoring birds that lifted them £4,000 together Kevin’s velocities were 9 x birds together doing 1376. & 1 x 1375.

Kevin Lawson 11 10 21
Kevin Lawson

At the clubs; at Harrogate Hucknall FC 1st & 2nd UK Team 1303 & 1262.

Blidworth FC 1st Mr & Mrs Knowles 1231 2nd C Devonshire & Hartly 1217.

Calverton FC 1st Tom Woods 1280 2nd Phil Rowson 1277.

Cotgrave FC 1st Keith Hurworth & Son 1201 2nd Perkins & Raynor 1160

Eastwood FC 1st & 2nd Rick Shelton 1200 & 1189

Newark FC 1st Mr & Mrs K Sterland 1078 2nd Ian Daikin 1067

Ollerton FC 1st & 2nd Kevin Lawson 2 x 1376

Worksop FC 1st & 2nd DS Deakin 1358 & 1356.

Ruddington FC 1st & 2nd Paul Crooks 2 x 1285.

Some up and coming local events now Calverton Flying club are holding some open shows on the following dates 6/11/21 old cocks through the wires then old hens through the wires on the 13/11/21 then young cocks through the wires on 20/11/21 then young hens through the wires on 27/11/21 then any age best in show on the 4/12/21 penning is 11am till 12pm at the Calverton Geordie club Collyer Road Calverton Notts NG146JX or call Andrew Kemp on 07505105332.

Next the annual Pinxton open Shows at the Pinxton Miners Welfare wharf Road Pinxton Ng166LG with pigeon raffles of pigeon accessories and young birds available to win plus food nibbles and the regular event social first up is matched pairs any age through the wires on the 28/11/21.

Next two shows on one day old cocks and old hens through the wires on the 5/12/21.

Next two shows on one day young cocks and young hens through the wires on the 12/12/21 and finally a handling show of the likeliest to fly 500 miles handling on the 19/12/21 penning is 11am till 12pm for any information call Rose Lander on 07804733676.

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