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The New North Road Amalgamation - 11-11-21

The New North Road Amalgamation

The New North Road Amalgamation held its last race of the 2021 season with paying out just under £30,000 back out to its members with giving it back policy back for a dying sport to maybe side to save it policy especially on the grand old north road route with the amalgamation and 2bird and futurity all being united and being together with no greedy commission kept. 

The most important part of this article, the last race of the 2021 season to report on was from Hexham Race course when 3 sections out our 4 sections competed in this event and some birds were flying to the depths of South Wales and south Somerset for the plus 250 mile mark I always like to look at these results for Gallant young birds which seems now days out of fashion to send young birds past 100 miles after all the disease and illness and knock backs and losses we occur but quality is always still available to send and seems to still come through so it intrigues myself and give the upmost respect to those who support and send to the event to keep it alive and kicking so over to the result now.  On the 25/9/21 at Hexham race course again this was set for Berwick but as everyone will agree what a strange season this one has been we decided on a safe and confidence boosting decision for the birds as well as financial one on running a business strategy to not go to Berwick this at Hexham was still a good 200 miles plus race for the two south sections head convoyer Peter released the birds on their way for the last liberation of 2021 at 9am into a south west wind the birds went to the top ten in each sections were as follows first the North section taking 1st & 2nd section plus 1st & 2nd open was Mick Herbert of Renishaw Chesterfield this is Mick’s first season of flying on the North road route and boy has he shown us the way some weeks flying with The Derbyshire North Road Federation he has achieved some impressive multiple achievements with his turned old birds and young birds and Mick’s comments to the federation secretary Rose Lander and myself I have really enjoyed flying this north road and cannot wait for next season thank you to everyone who made this happen for us. Mick has always been the one to watch even when he flew south road for years in the Poolsbrook Club Mick’s winning bird a Dark cock on the Darkness flown on the young bird widowhood system and he is a Van Herke bred from out some Belgium stock Birds Mick has Obtained Mick’s second bird a blue cock also flown on the Young bird widowhood system on the Darkness and his breeding is of a Gabby Vandenbeale from Rick Cools and Aster Vergotte of Belgium Mick is the first drop in the Amalgamation but has been a Master of speed for many years Mick flew 119 miles with velocities of 1295 & 1285 and won £65.

Mick Herbert    first Amal Hexham
Mick Herbert                                                      First Amal Hexham

3rd ,4th & 6th section & 3rd ,4th & 6th open was Roger Hallsworth flying 134 miles with a chequer cock followed by a blue cock then a Chequer Cock winning £25 doing 2 x 1259 & 1222.

5th open & 5th section was Kevin & Donna Spiers flying 143 miles with a Red cock on the Darkness and that was flown on the young bird jealousy system Kevin is using he is bred from a Dirk Van Den Bulck X a bird called Aleda that was bred by Kevin Spires & Graham Ricks that won them a NRCC old hens race from Dunbar for them previous season ago Kevin & Donna’s velocity was 1233 winning them £26.30p.

7th section & 7th open was J & A Cole flying 145 miles with a chequer cock that is a Herman Cuesters flown completely on the natural system flying back to his perch his parents were purchased from up in Sunderland and his velocity was 1215.

8th & 9th section & 8th & 9th open was Peter Norris flying 154 miles with 2 x young hens his first bird a New North Road Amalgamation 2021 Futurity rung purchased bird that was bred by John Booth of Castleford which is a German Schloma distance family bird crossed with a Phil Rawson of Shirebrook bird this hen was just flying back to the perch, Pete’s second bird was flying back to chipping nest eggs and is one of his Fathers own created strains of his annual scoring and flying Lerwick family of birds of John Norris Pete’s velocities were 1209 & 1208.

10th section & 10th open was Tony Durcan flying 141 miles with a dark hen doing 1187.

Over to the West section and another new face to the North Road scene this season but no stranger to winning ways on the south road scene including a national win and for this race he entered 7 young birds and got all 7 back on the day flying over 240 miles that is the name of Chris Templar of Bristol who also achieved some impressive results in the South West of England Lerwick Club and Welsh North Road National flying club Chris achieved 1st section 26th open, 4th section 30th open, 6th section 34th open & 8th section 37th open flying 245 miles his winner a Grizzle hen flying back to chipping nest eggs she bred from the famous Stuart Inett Lambrecht’s crossed a Adam Wealthall of Birmingham also famous for his Lambrecht’s out a full brother to the famous Grizzly Bear. The second scoring bird a blue hen flying back to her perch being another Adam Wealthall bird out a son of the famous snowball bird paired to a M McCandles bird the third bird a blue cock flying back to the perch being another Adam Wealthall bird of a grandson out of the famous Snowball again paired to a daughter of the champion Conan and finally his 4th scoring bird a chequer white flight hen flying back to the perch being bred out a son of Zwarte Lourdes 1st National 16,340 birds paired to a daughter out of a cock that achieved 1st National Perpignan for Freialdanhoften & Sons. Chris also won £120 with velocities of 1056, 1032, 968 & 909.

Chris Templars winner
Chris Templar’s winner

Claiming 2nd section 27th open was Dennis Champness flying 237 miles winning £58.75p with a blue cock that is a Gabby Vandenbeale crossed a Robert Venus bird that was a chance pairing Dennis said with a pair of birds that were Spare and paired together as the Robert Venus hen was a kind gift from a fancier in Barnsley so he left them together this cock out the pair the week previously scored from Harrogate winning the Sodbury Vale Club and scoring well up in the South west of England Lerwick Club open result he was sent on the Darkness flying back to the perch with both sexes left together permanently for the season in the young bird loft Dennis’s velocity was 1050.

3rd section 28th open & 5th section 32nd open flying 234 miles was Dave Smith winning £104.68p his first bird a Grizzle hen that was a gift bred bird given to Dave from Gregg Johnson of Ilkeston and was a Gaston Van Der Wower and she had just paired up to a young cock and had both taken a nest box before this race Dave’s second bird was bred by Jody McKay of Bridgewater and being a Dirk Van Den Bulck and this blue hen was sent sitting 10 day old nest eggs. Dave’s velocities were 1050 & 1009.

7th section 35th open was Chris & John Adams flying 238 miles winning £9.60p with a blue cock flown on the Darkness flying back to the perch with both sexes left together in the loft he is of a Wall,Lunt & Green bird paired to a Coreman their velocity was 913.

9th section 42nd open was D & M Moore flying 247 miles with a Dark cock which is of a wild wind hen crossed with a Jody McKay bird flying back to the perch on the natural system winning 75p doing 852.

And finally 10th section 43rd open was Mr & Mrs Kenny Davey flying 237 miles winning 75p with a natural own breed chequer cock doing 816.

Into the Welsh section now and again no stranger to the winning room previously winning a Welsh National plus always up there of the Mr & Mrs Jim Watkins of Newport partnership they achieved 1st section 24th open & 4th section 36th open flying 235 miles winning £23.10p their winner is a blue pied hen which is a Staff Van Reet crossed a gift bird from Jim’s Brother Mike (Spike) Watkins and their second bird a Newport special of two fanciers birds of Newport paired together of John Sparry & A Dunn these were flown on the Darkness system with both sexes left together flying back to the perch with velocities of 1071 & 912.

Mr Mrs Jim Watkins
Mr & Mrs Jim Watkins

2nd section 29th open, 3rd section 31st open, 5th section 38th open & 8th section 47th open was Terry Hayward flying 242 miles with velocities of 1044, 1024, 907 & 776 winning £21 with his young bird team separated from cocks & hens on the Darkness system sliding door Terry’s first bird a Gaston Van Den Wower then a Leo Van Rijn followed by a John Sparry bred gift youngster then finally a Herman Cuester.

6th section 41st open & 7th section 45th open was Mr & Mrs J Beresford & Son flying 234 miles with velocities of 854 & 804 with their darkness flown young birds left together their first bird a mealy Dirk Van Den Bulck hen followed by a blue cock bred by Robert Pugh.

Well that’s the last 2021 race report article complete we look forward to the 2022 season with some new ventures coming into place in 2022 all will be revealed soon myself would just now like to mention and thank these persons who work hard behind the scenes to help keep the amalgamation running and also help keep these articles supplied with information so from myself thank you to Dave Smith, Corrine Szmaglik, Rose & Ray Lander, John Humphries, Tom Harris, Shaun Pilgrim, John Norris, Clarance & Barbara Haymes & Mike Moore without you guys things would be a lot harder working together is the key so many thanks... some up and coming events now Bristol South North Road Flying Club are holding an open show race were all birds shown will race from Hexham old bird 2022 show race for all the show money pens are available at £5 per pen with a five pen limit per fancier please contact Mike to book your pens on 07413383425.

(Booking only) 28/11/21 at the Sartan Club Bishopsworth Road Bishopsworth Bristol BS138LF The Yorkshire Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire SR Combines 2020 & 2021 season presentation will take place on the 3/12/21 starting at 7pm at the Nads Club 88 Weelan Road Knottingley WF118AR at £5 per ticket please book through your federation secretary or call john Wheatcroft on 07759103024.

Pinxton North Road HS open shows at Pinxton Miners Welfare Wharf Road Pinxton Derbyshire NG166LG penning 11/12 on 28/11/21 matched pairs through the wires 5/12/21 old cocks & old hens through the wires 12/12/21 young cocks & young hens through the wires & 19/12/21 handling class likeliest to fly 500 miles for any further information call Rose on 07804733676.

The Welsh North Road National flying club 2021 Presentation gala and Hog Roast will take place on 20/11/21 at the Seaman’s Mission Club Newport Dock Newport Gwent NP202NP tickets available from Tom on 07443040056.

The South west of England Lerwick Club 2021 presentation will take place on the 19/11/21 at the Sodbury Vale British Legion club Ryecroft Road Frampton Cotterill Bristol BS362HW please call Corrine for tickets on 07714136252.

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