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The South West of England Lerwick Club - 22-11-21

The South West of England Lerwick Club

The SWELC held its fourth young bird race of the 2021 season for its second visit to Coventry in the Midlands so on the 29/8/21 the transporter and Convoyer Peter at Coventry released the birds at 08.15am into a light north wind.

The top open twenty positions in the race were as follows, taking the top of the tree spot as well as 2nd, 3rd & 4th was A & R Smith flying 81 miles. The partnership’s darkness flown young birds trained very regularly left together on natural in the young bird loft their winning bird and third open scoring bird were both bred by Dave Smith of Thornbury and were purchased in a round of youngsters bred by Dave and these two were of Dave’s successful Soojen family birds the Partnership’s other two scoring birds were of their own created based birds originating from the late Frank Tasker lines their velocities were 1650, 1649 & 2 x 1648.

Claiming 5th, 6th, 7th & 11th open was Stuart Toomey & Meadows flying 52 miles with their traditional natural system flown young bird team their first bird a late bred blue cock that is bred from the partnership’s own breed of bird which originate from Roy Perrett of Swindon birds their second bird a previously scoring Ken Tovey chequer cock followed by another Ken Tovey chequer cock and finally another Ken Tovey based bred blue cock their velocities was 1646 2x 1645 & 1629.

8th open was Michael Bullingham flying 60 miles with a red hen which is bred by Alan Newton of South Wales and her parents originate from Derek Flowers a multiple National winning fancier crossed with a pigeon bred off the famous blue Leo she was flown on the Darkness system with both sexes left together on natural her velocity was 1637.

9th open was Mr & Mrs Kenny Davey flying 80 miles with a blue hen doing 1636.

10th open was David Fox flying 61 miles with a Stan Dangerfield blue cock doing 1634.

12th, 13th, 14th & 19th open was David Bullingham flying 59 miles with 4 x Gaston Van Der Wowers flown on the traditional young bird natural system with velocities of 1628, 1627, 1626 & 1604.

15th & 16th open was Michael George flying 86 miles his first bird a blue cock which was a Flourengles the second a own created strain chequer cock flown on the traditional young bird natural system Mike’s velocity were 1622 & 1618.

Micheal George 22 11 21
Michael George

17th open was John Morefield flying 52 miles with a blue pied Luc Gurnex cock and is bred down from the Gladiator lines he was flown on the traditional natural young bird system with a velocity of 1616.

18th open was Paul Gudge flying 87 miles with a chequer white flight cock which is a Bushart bred down from gifted Busharts from Mike, Tony & Dave Moore of Bristol he was paired up and flying back to plastic nest eggs Paul’s velocity was 1604.

Paul Gudges Bushart cock 22 11 21
Paul Gudge Bushart Cock

20th open was Steve Moseley flying 88 miles with a blue hen which is a Van Dyke her sire has won from Massac and Newton Abbott for Steve her mother is a full sister to the hen that bred Steve his 2021 National flying club winner she was flown on the Darkness system with a velocity of 1602.

Steve Moseley 22 11 21
Steve Moseley

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