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The Welsh North Road Federation - 08-12-21

The Welsh North Road Federation

On the 25/9/21 saw the Welsh North Road Federation hold its last 2021 season race of its first season flying on the grand old north road route from Hexham race course, which has been successful for its first season making the change and stepping up to progression and the work of John Humphries and Tom Harris is appreciated as well as all who support the organisation and work hard behind the scenes and of convoyer/driver David Humphries, Jason Forthsyth & Nichola Humphries and race advisor William Holpin Thank you very much.

The federation would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New year of 2022.

To the result now and the birds were liberated alongside the Welsh National Flying Club birds the New North Road Amalgamation birds and the South West of England Lerwick Club birds, at 9am into a south westerly wind.  The top ten in the federation were as follows, winning the federation plus also achieving 1st Welsh national flying club was Chris McCarthy flying 241 miles Chris also achieved 6th federation both his winner and second scoring bird were directly bred by Steve Coulter of Newcastle which were of his successful Soojen family these have previously scored and topped the federation for Chris and carded in the top ten federation on previous races and have been very consistent with performance  these were flown by Chris on the young bird darkness system flown on natural to the perch or paired up. Chris’s velocities were 1114 & 1074.

First federation and welsh National 08 12 21    Steve Coulter Breeder of the winner 08 12 21
First federation and Welsh National & Steve Coulter Breeder of the winner

Taking 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 8th, 9th & 10th federation was Mr & Mrs Campbell with a fabulous roll in of their young bird team sticking at it for the 249 mile flight. Their team of darkness flown full celibacy flown teams of cocks and hens their first bird being a chequer hen which is a Rudi Van Reeth and her nest mate sister has previously carded in the federation from Harrogate 192 miles claiming 8th federation their second bird a blue Herman Cuesters hen the third a blue Herman Cuesters hen the fourth a chequer hen of a Herman Cuesters X Dirk Van Den Bulck of Donker Leo lines her father being a direct great Grandson off Donker Leo and finally their fifth a another Herman Cuesters & finally their sixth bird a Chequer hen being a Rudi Van Reeth X Dirk Van Den Bulck their velocities were 1109, 2 x 1096, 1066, 1057 & 1055.

5th federation was Anthony Buttigieg & Son flying 236 miles and Anthony’s winner was bred by Derek Nicholls of the Premier Stud and the bird a Dark chequer hen flown on the sliding door system on the Darkness system is a Direct Herman Cuesters her father being Dark Prodigal one of the studs breeding sons bred from the “Man O Chester “ her mother being Thunder Princess the winner of 1st combine Billericay and she is a bred off a brother to the famous “Better than Bolt” bird and her mother a daughter from the famous “Gold Rush” her velocity was 1077.

5th federation 08 12 21
5th Federation

7th federation was Mr & Mrs Jim Watkins flying 235 miles their bird a darkness flown blue pied hen which is of their successful Staff Van Reet family crossed a gift bird from Jim’s brother “Spike” Watkins her velocity was 1071.

Jim Watkins 08 12 21
Jim Watkins

The New North Road Amalgamation 2022 Alnwick 17/9/22 Futurity rings are now on sale this paid out £25,000 prize money out in the 2021 Saint Boswells race and anyone in the federation wanting to be involved they are very welcome please contact John Humphries the federation secretary for additional information take care everyone.

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