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The Nottingham North Road Federation - 08-01-21

The Nottingham North Road Federation

The Nottingham North Road Federation held its last race of the 2021 season with the young birds and this was the federations young bird championship race that was being flown from Berwick upon Tweed and on the 26/9/21 the birds were liberated at 11am into a light south west wind.

The top twenty positions in the championship race were as follows being Peter Pan of the skies and ruling the clouds for this one was Paul Crooks were Paul won the championship plus also claiming 3rd, 6th, 7th, 18th & 19th federation flying 199 miles Paul’s birds are flown on the young bird darkness system on his celibacy chaos system of both cocks and hens Paul’s winner a blue chequer hen being a Herman Cuesters which is bred from out a pair of Belgium stock birds Paul purchased in 2019 on a John Wheatcroft trip to Belgium and the hen the mother being bred by Johan Van Herck, Paul’s second bird a Dark chequer cock and is a son bred from Paul’s 19 hen that has won 15x first prizes and a RPRA award and his father being a son of the full brother to the famous Samson. (Marina Van De Velde) Paul’s third bird a blue Soojens cock the Fourth a blue Herman Cuesters Cock and the fifth bird a Herman Cuesters blue cock were the parents to these three cocks have all won on the road for Paul ,and Paul’s sixth bird a blue Herman Cuesters hen were both her parents originate and were bred by the Premier Stud. Paul’s velocities were 1094, 1066, 1043,1026.744,  977 & 976.

first Fed Berwick championship    3rd federation

First Fed Berwick Championship               3rd Federation

2nd federation was Kevin & Donna Spiers flying 196 miles with a jealousy flown Mealy hen that is a Stefan Lambrecht’s X Dirk Van Den Bulk originating from Mick Lennon stock birds of Nuneaton she has previously scored a 7th Notts Fed and many club cards her velocity was 1081. 4th was J H Parker flying 191 miles doing 1047.

Kevin Spiers

Kevin Spiers

5th,14th,15th,16th & 17th Fed was Kevin Lawson flying 181 miles with his team of darkness natural flown left together team of young birds his first bird a blue pied Lambrecht’s hen followed by 3x Herman Cuesters of a blue hen and 2 x blue cocks then his fifth bird a chequer Lambrecht’s hen with velocities of 1046,995 2 x 988 & 978.

8th & 20th Fed was Phil Rowson flying 196 miles with two nest mate sisters flown on the Darkness system with both sexes separated these are both Wildemeersch from the lines of Rick & Spires & Riggott & Richardson Wildemeersch families their father is one of Phil’s best cocks that’s won 5 x firsts on the road for Him, Phil’s velocities were 1026.159 & 973.

9th Fed was Riggott & Richardson flying 181 miles with a pencil pied Wildemeersch hen flown on the Darkness on natural flying back to the perch with both sexes left together the hens fathers other two brothers and sister have all topped the Notts Fed for the partnership john informs us. Their velocity was 1019.

10th fed was Rick & Spiers flying 196 miles with a blue hen that for Graham has now achieved 3 x Notts Fed cards this young bird season she is bred from a gift bred bird bred by Kevin & Donna Spires crossed with one of Graham’s Wildemeersch she was flown on the Darkness system on natural flying back to her perch, her velocity was 1010.947.

Graham Ricks

Graham Ricks

11th Fed was W Bearder & Sons flying 195 miles doing 1010.229.

12th & 13th Fed was Tony Durcan flying 194 miles doing 1009 & 1006.

The Rat Man