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The New North Road Amalgamation - 10-01-22

The New North Road Amalgamation

It’s now 2022 and let’s hope the Covid and bird flu situation dies down, we would all appreciate that these would go away permanently but I think we need to adapt and learn how to manage life around these when under control and all play out our parts in controlling these virus’s as they could be around for years but let’s keep the faith, and stay safe.

Some Amalgamation and 2bird and Futurity updates and other events news now, first up the proposed amalgamation and 2bird race programme for the 2022 season if laws allow lift off for racing is as follows; old birds 4/6/22 Hexham, 11/6/22 Thornton Park, 18/6/22 Elgin City, 25/6/22 Royal Balmoral (yearling Futurity classic), 9/7/22 Thurso & 23/7/22 Orkney Island, young birds 10/9/22 Hexham, 17/9/22 Alnwick (Futurity special) & 17/9/22 Berwick so that’s that all being well as this year you will know it’s the Queens Jubilee and to celebrate this one of our member federations the Welsh North Road Federation have arranged access and permission to attend the royal estate of Balmoral for this one off event and to liberate racing pigeons for a special jubilee race this will be available for all the New North Road Amalgamation members in which we thank the Welsh North Road Federation and Welsh North Road National flying club for inviting us and adding and catering for this one off special occasion event into our programme.  The Welsh North Road Federation will convoy the birds to this race in their wonderful modern state of the art geraldy pigeon transporter fleet this also will be a yearling classic A ring Futurity race for all remaining 2021 Saint Boswells A rung birds that will qualify for the classic Futurity race only with some as always decent prize money with for this event no commission kept back only paid back a detailed rule sheet for this event of the yearling Futurity will be sent out to members in later months.

the geraldy fleet 10 01 22    inside the transporters 10 01 22

The geraldy fleet & inside the transporter

For this Balmoral race event we have kind sponsorship for each amalgamation sections of North, centre, west & Welsh sections of prizes from PJ Lofts from their successful pigeon business that supply pigeon products and corn shop and successful breeding stud company so we kindly thank the Newbold family for their kindness the family give a lot of passion and kindness to the sport as their main concern is giving to the sport as well as operating a successful pigeon business that provides fanciers with supply and quality and genuine value they never hesitate to help and give a little so thank you to the Newbolds and congratulations on the families new addition of a grandchild.

the Newbold family 10 01 22

The Newbold Family

The Amalgamation’s 2022 young bird Futurity race had 800 rings on sale available for anyone who keeps racing pigeons to purchase and after 12 days all 800 rings sold that has created £4,000 that will go straight into the prize funds of £2,000 to the north section Futurity & £2,000 to the south section Futurity.  Also the newly turned north road club of Ashby & District Flying club are operating a gold ring race from Hexham on the 10/9/22 this has been a successful annual event for many years for the club when flying the south road route and now the club has made the change of route, the club would like to continue this fixture event this year on the north road route to make things easy the birds are just marked as normal at your marking stations and will be transported and liberated with the amalgamation birds at Hexham a guaranteed £2000 prize money and this could increase with two sections and even split prizes making it fair and open to amalgamation members  some rings are still available at £10 per ring if interested in purchasing a few rings please contact operator Tommy Wainwright on 07533462217.

the Ashby gold ring 10 01 22

The Ashby Gold Ring Race

The Rat Man.