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The New North Road Amalgamation - 19-04-22

The New North Road Amalgamation

It’s been a while since I last put pen to paper but it’s been rather busy with the 800 futurity rings and selling of the birds plus pairing and breeding of my own pigeons as well as a full time job and a young family it becomes time consuming but in the end you get there and it is what you make it.

Some updates and events to announce now the New North Road Amalgamations 2022 Futurity race scheme made £55,195 this being the grand double chancer prize fund for fanciers who purchased rings in both sections of north & south sections for each section the prize fund is as follows; North Section made £25,340 & the south section making £29,855 and this is being flown from Alnwick (4204) on the 17/9/22 good luck to all and I would personally like to thank the following people for their helping support and kind services firstly my wife for putting up with all the time dealing with it all I spent and the fanciers of Shaun Pilgrim, Graham & Sue Watkin, John & Peter Norris, Phil & Steve Walker, Dave Smith, Tom Harris, John Humphries & Ray & Rose Lander many thanks for what you do and have done physically and behind the scenes.

Something new for the 2022 programme with the old birds to celebrate the Queens Jubilee we have granted permission to hold a jubilee race from Balmoral with a special code of (8207) RPRA code to obtain distances for the members a thanks must go to Julia Field of the RPRA for arranging this for us on the distances side of things and to john Humphries aiding organiser for welcoming us to attend this special event this will also be a yearling Futurity classic race for the 2021 Saint Boswells futurity birds giving the breeders and owners another chance and bonding a team spirit and it’s always interesting to see what the birds can do as yearlings and what made it through the seasons so something to look forward to.

Also new for the north road scene and the amalgamation old bird program is the Orkney islands of Eastaben near stormness RPRA code (4248) a recap of the Amalgamations & 2Bird championship 2022 race programme is as follows old birds Hexham 4/6/22 Thornton Park 11/6/22 Elgin City 18/6/22 Royal Balmoral jubilee 25/6/22 Thurso 9/7/22 Orkney island 23/7/22

Young Bird Hexham 10/9/22 ( Ashby gold ring) SWELC breeder buyer) & (Longford FC Breeder buyer) 17/9/22 Alnwick Futurity & 17/9/22 Berwick Amalgamation.

Some other events within the organisation to announce Longford North Road Flying Club held a breeder Buyer event this has raised and will be split the following 1st breeder £402 & buyer £402 2nd breeder £301.50p & buyer £301.50p 3rd breeder £150.75p & buyer £150.75p 4th breeder £100.50p & buyer £100.50p & 5th breeder  £50.25p & buyer £50.25p flying from Hexham on the 10/9/22 the Ashby & District Flying club open Gold ring scheme sold 280 rings generating £2,800 this will be flown from Hexham on the 10/9/22 with a north section and a south section pay prize spilt which the wainwright family will perform and disclose making this a fair event. And finally the South West of England Lerwick Clubs annual young bird breeder buyer pen sale is on the Sunday the 24/4/22 at the Sodbury Vale British Legion club Frampton Cotterill Bristol BS362HW penning 11am till 12pm with a free sandwich and roll buffet on offer everyone welcome to take part for further information call Corrine on 07714136252.

That’s all for now before our racing results are here to share take care

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