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The Leicestershire North Road Federation - 09-05-22

The Leicestershire North Road Federation

The Leicestershire North Road Federation held its second old bird race of the season from Wetherby race course in West Yorkshire on the 23/4/22 at 12:30pm into an east north east wind the basket lids fell.

The top twenty positions in the federation were as follows; winning the federation plus also claiming 2nd,12th,13th,14th & 16th federation was the Wollaton lofts of Kevin & Donna Spires flying 67 miles with their jealousy flown old bird team their Fed topper being a 1y chequer hen bred from John Wheatcroft of Pinxton Peter Boeckx stock Crossed a Stefan Lambrecht’s and their second bird a 1y Chequer cock which is another John Wheatcroft line bred bird crossed a Mick Lennon of Nuneaton line bred bird their velocities were 1762, 1760, 1741.021, 1739, 1735.022, & 1733.

first Fed Wetherby

First Fed Wetherby

3rd & 4th federation was John Summers of Leicester flying 90 miles with 2 x broken out pigeons that are both 1y Gabby Vandenbeale cocks that were bred and raced as young birds on the south road to the loft of Chris Whatts of Leicester Chris being johns Brother in Law Chris gave them to john were he settled and broke them out using his Abra Cadabra pigeon magic which he has these were sent on natural sitting nest eggs their velocities were them dropping together on the trap was doing 1754.

john Summers family of pigeon fanciers

John Summers & family of pigeon fanciers

5th, 10th & 15th federation was Mr & Mrs Shepherd & Andy Northern of Leicester flying 90 miles with their team of natural flown own strain family of birds with velocities of 1753, 1742.329 & 1735.022.

6th federation was David Grey of Leicester flying 90 miles with a 1y blue natural flown hen that is a Soojen being bred by J Underwood & Son of Leicester with a velocity of 1751.

David Grey

David Grey

7th & 9th federation was George Weston of Leicester flying 92 miles doing 1745.927 & 1744.

8th federation was Mr & Mrs Tom Augustini of Leicester flying 92 miles doing 1745.388.

11th federation was Mark Smith & Lee Allen of Leicester with their widowhood flown own created sprint family of birds of a 3y blue cock flying 90 miles doing 1741.558

17th & 19th federation was Steve Dewick of Leicester flying 89 miles doing 1727 & 1726.203

18th & 20th federation was team uk of Nottingham flying 65 miles their first bird a 1y blue widowhood cock that is a Eijerkamp line bred pigeon and their second bird is last weeks Wakefield federation topper a jealousy system flown hen which is a Miro Chwedoruk of Yeovil bird crossed a Bill Thompson & Daughter of Nottingham Gaston Van De Wouwer with velocities of 1726.552 & 1726.123.

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