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The Derbyshire North Road Federation - 23-05-22

The Derbyshire North Road Federation

The Derbyshire North Road Federation held its second old bird race of the season from Harrogate in central West Yorkshire again due to the Bird Flu restrictions without clubs of Ilkeston & Long Eaton which with all the covid restrictions and now the new bird flu restrictions gets you down but what can you do, only obeying the laws laid and with Falcon attacks increasing all this gets you down and upsets you but we must continue and stay strong myself not racing writes these articles it’s affecting local federation’s nationals and amalgamations with members wanting to send and support them but they can’t but what can we do.  Same as anything, continue till the end of and hope it gets resolved. 

So the top twenty in the federation is as follows; Tyson Haymes liberated the birds at 08:30am on the 7/5/22 into a North West wind once again it was the father & son strong North Road partnership of Derek & Ryan Nutthall of Newstead Village that took 1,2,3,4 in the federation flying 63 miles, this hen also the week topped the federation from Harrogate 1 and is a roundabout system flown 1y chequer hen which is a Central Lofts Stud crossed Syndicate Loft Stud bred bird their second a 1y blue cock which is a cock crow stud cross Syndicate loft line bred bird their third a 1y blue cock which is a Gabby Vandenbeale from M & D Evans cross Syndicate loft lines and their fourth a 1y blue cock which is Syndicate Loft line bred their velocities were 1876, 1875,1874 & 1870.

5th & 6th federation was Keith Orton & Son flying also 63 miles with their jealousy flown old birds of both Herman Cuesters their first a 1y chequer hen followed by a 2y blue cock doing 1853 & 1846.

7th, 9th, 11th & 12th federation was M & L Herbert flying 47 miles with their widowhood flown team of both cocks and hens their first a 1y blue cock being a Gabby Vandenbeale followed by a 1y Dark Van Herk cock that as a young bird in 2021 topped the New North Road Amalgamation and the Derbyshire north road federation from Hexham their third a 1y blue Gabby Vandenbeale hen and their fourth a 1y grizzle Brokamp hen with velocities of 1840, 1832, 1820 & 1818.

8th federation was Steve Devine flying 67 miles with a 2y dark white flight cock doing 1835.

10th & 13th federation was R & T Birkett & Kirby flying 54 miles with 2 x 2y hens doing 1830 & 1800.

14th & 16th federation was Aspley & Wragsdale flying 54 miles with a 2y blue pied Herman Cuesters widowhood cock and their second a 1y chequer pied Herman Cuesters cross widowhood cock their velocities were 1772 & 1766.

15th federation was Harold Griffiths flying 61 miles with a blue 1y cock doing 1769.

17th & 18th federation was Ian Halbert flying 49 miles both these scoring birds were bred by Ian’s brother David Halbert of Wales the first a 1y chequer Jan Arden crossed Gabby Vandenbeale hen the second a 1y Dark chequer Gabby Vandenbeale crossed Coreman cock both flown on Natural doing 2 x 1757.

19th federation was a Kevin Ward flying 52 miles with a 2y Grizzle hen that is bred of a gift bred bird from fellow club mate Aspley & Wragsdale which is a Van Loon crossed with one of Kevin’s Jansens flown on the roundabout system doing 1749.

20th federation was John Hendy flying 59 miles with a gift bred 1y natural flown chequer white flight cock that was given to john by Oliver Middleton of South Normanton and was intended and bred to go to a one loft race event for Oliver but the entry for the youngster was too late, so he gifted it to john it’s velocity was 1742.

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