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The Derbyshire North Road Federation - 07-09-22

The Derbyshire North Road Federation

The Derbyshire North Road Federation held its second young bird race of the season from Harrogate in West Yorkshire and the youngsters were liberated at 9.15am into a light north east wind on the 14/8/22 the top open twenty positions in the federation result were as follows claiming first federation plus 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th federation was Keith Orton & Son flying 63 miles with the darkness team of youngsters separated on the sliding door system their winner a young chequer hen being one of their old loyal Jansens bred down from their Elgin and Thurso Fed toppers their next scoring birds being 3 x Dirk Van Den Bulks then followed by 2 x Herman Cuesters their velocities were 1495, 2x 1493, 2 x 1490 then 1489.

7th Fed flying 63 miles was Parry & Ellis with a darkness natural flown left together to pair blue cock being down from John Salts famous Soojens with a velocity of 1489.

8th, 9th, and 10th federation was Harold Griffiths flying 61 miles with velocities of 1431 and 2x 1430.

11th and 12th federation was Darren Hadfield flying 63 miles with his darkness separated team on the sliding door system his first a dark cock being a Eric Vercammen crossed Lambrecht’s and his second a Grizzel hen being a Dirk Van Den Bulk crossed Patrick De Meutter with velocities of 1430 and 1429.

13th federation flying 61 miles was Mark Palmer with a blue hen doing 1426.

14th federation was Roy Black flying 60 miles with a natural flown blue pied hen being a Kittel Van Den Bulk bred from some new stock he’s purchased from Newcastle in the north east her velocity was 1413.

15th federation was John Hendy flying 59 miles with a blue hen doing 1382.

16th, 17th and 18th federation was Ian Halbert flying 49 miles with 3 x Gabby Vandenbeales with velocities of 1318, 1317 and 1304.

19th and 20th federation was Derek Ford flying 73 miles being his own created family strain of bird from over the years racing with velocities of 1273 and 1272.

The Rat Man.