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The Derbyshire North Road Federation - 03-10-22

The Derbyshire North Road Federation

The federation held its third young bird race of the season from Newton Aycliffe in County Durham which unfortunately was a very tough hard race and a challenge as it was for most other local organisations racing north road this day and even some south road organisations having a tough challenging one which is a blow but it is what it is nothing is done intentionally and pigeon racing is not plain sailing every week or month as everyone at some point in the season has a sticky hard race and this one was just that but we carry on, so the top twenty in the federation were as follows and on the 20/8/22 at 06.35am into a strong south south west head wind the birds were released topping the federation was Wayne Knobbs flying 104 miles with a chequer pied hen flying back to the perch being bred off purchased birds from the late Dennis Taylor of Eastwood as when Dennis passed away Wayne obtained a few pairs from Dennis and this being bred off one pair Wayne’s velocity was 1001.

Wayne Knobbs 03 10 22

Wayne Knobbs

2nd, 8th and 10th federation was D Nutthall & Son flying 105 miles with 3 x Syndicate loft based bred birds flying back to the perch on the darkness system Fed on Vanrobeys young bird mix with velocities of 934, 870 and 778.

3rd federation was Keith Orton & Son flying 104 miles with a young chequer Gabby Vandenbeale cock on their young bird sliding door system separated with a velocity of 933.

4th and 11th federation was D & A Smith flying 110 miles with 2 x Herman Cuesters bred off Ron Hilcoat stock flying back to the perch with velocities of 925 and 773.

5th federation was Roy Black flying 102 miles with a young syndicate loft crossed Gabby Vandenbeale line bred blue hen flying back to the perch doing 918.

Roy Black 03 10 22

Roy Black

6th federation was Parry & Ellis flying 105 miles with a John Salt Soojen based darkness flown blue cock doing 900.

7th federation was Richard Oldham flying 107 miles with a Van loon blue cock that was bred by Ray & Rose Lander and was won by Richard from the pigeon raffle prize draw and the annual Pinxton winter show events his velocity was 884.

9th federation was Ian Bargh flying 92 miles his scoring bird on natural and paired up sitting nest bowl eggs being a blue pied hen being bred from off a pair of stock birds from Steve Reed of Newbold Chesterfield with a velocity of 795.

Ian Bargh 03 10 22

Ian Bargh

12th federation was Derek Ford flying 115 miles with a natural own breed chequer cock doing 773.

13th federation was Gary Jones flying 112 miles with a chequer natural hen being a Jan Arden crossed Mr & Mrs Jeff & Catherine Cooper stock doing 728.

14th federation was Dennis Wheatcroft & Son flying 114 miles with a chequer hen doing 725 15th federation was S Burton flying 103 miles doing 697.

16th federation was Mr & Mrs Alan Naylor flying 114 miles with a blue hen doing 695.

17th federation was Mr & Mrs C&B Haymes & Son & Grandson flying 102 miles with a PJ lofts stud bred Jan Arden blue cock doing 682.

18th federation was Mr & Mrs Guilford flying 115 miles doing 668.

19th federation was Mick Herbert flying 89 miles with a Gabby Vandenbeale chequer cock doing 646 and 20th federation was Darren Hadfield flying 105 miles with a Grizzle cock being a Dave Peeters crossed Dirk Van Den Bulk on the darkness system and sliding door system with a velocity of 637. Tough cookie dust yourself down.

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