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The Derbyshire North Road Federation - 17-11-22

The Derbyshire North Road Federation

The DNRF held its 4th young bird race of the 2022 season to report on its been a tough old season in Derbyshire with the Avian bird flu situation meaning you cannot race your old birds for half the federations members and when you look forward to the young bird season when bans have been lifted the dreaded young bird sickness spreads amongst the birds then after that you get Plagued with fat eye viruses.  Keeping pigeons these days gets harder and you start to think is it really worth it but the love for these feathered wonders just keeps you going and that’s all you can do and rise above the negativity and issues that arise,

To the result, the race was being held from Wetherby race course in West Yorkshire on the 27/8/22 at 9am into a south east wind the birds were liberated by Tyson and Cameron the top twenty positions in the federation were as follows taking 1st, 2nd , 3rd, 19th and 20th federation was Mr & Mrs Guilford flying 70 miles with velocities of 1459, 2 x 1458, and 2 x 1439.

4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th federation was Malcolm Parry and Buzz Ellis flying 60 miles with their team of darkness flown left together John Salt Soojen bred based birds with velocities of 3 x 1457 and 3 x 1456.

10th, 11th, 12th and 13th federation was Darren Hadfield flying 59 miles with his darkness system flown young birds on the sliding door system his first a blue pied hen being a Dirk Van Den Bulk crossed Johan Donkers his next three being 3 x Dave Peeters hens with velocities of 2 x 1452 and 2 x 1451.

Darren Hadfield 17 11 22

Darren Hadfield

14th, 16th and 17th federation was Mr & Mrs Alan Naylor flying 69 miles doing 1445.6, 1445.5 and 1443.3

15th federation was Rick Shelton flying 67 miles with a blue darkness system flown cock on the sliding door system being a Herman Cuesters based bred bird from the late Neil Inger lines with a velocity of 1445.4

Rick Shelton 17 11 22

Rick Shelton

18th federation was Glynn Tryner flying 58 miles with a chequer Jansen based hen doing 1443. A fast tight race which gave the birds plenty of confidence.

Glynn Tryner 17 11 22

Glynn Tryner

The Rat Man