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The Yorkshire Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire SR Combine - 30-12-22

The Yorkshire Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire SR Combine

The combines last race of 2022 to report on was its last voyage over the waves to Guernsey with its 4th old bird visit to the island the Steve Teasdale transporters accompanied by William ward of the Leeds amalgamation liberated the 3,037 birds sent by 12 federations and specialist clubs at 08.00am into a brisk north north east wind on the 9/7/22 the top open 22 positions are as follows winning the event was Barry Rogerson flying 287 miles Barry also achieved 1st Big Barnsley SR Federation and 1st Royston HS with a roundabout system flown 4y blue cock he was sent Fed on Versele-Laga Gerry Plus mix and has achieved many inland club cards for Barry this being his first cross water win his breeding is from a direct syndicate lofts cock bred from Peter Fox’s famous 220 cock and his mother a Jan Grondelier from Gerard Delaney of Ireland Barry unfortunately has encountered some bad health and would just like to mention and appreciate the help that Mick Darby dose for the pigeons and Barry we wish Barry all the best and get well soon Barry and Mick’s winning velocity was 1241 and a advanced in front pigeon in this race congratulations Barry and Mick.

combine winners Barry Rogerson Mick Darby

Combine winners Barry Rogerson & Mick Darby

2nd combine was E Stephenson flying 300 miles which also achieved 1st Dewsbury & District SR federation and 1st West Leeds premier FC plus 1st mid Yorkshire combine the bird being a 2y blue cock flown on the widowhood system sent Fed on Versele-Laga champion mix his breeding being a Franz Zwols originating from Martin and Christine Cornish stock birds from loft house Leeds plus he also has achieved 1st RPRA north East region award middle distance and premier award 2022 his velocity was doing 1212.

E Stephenson

E Stephenson

3rd combine was Steve Cutts flying 279 miles and also achieving 1st Little Barnsley Federation and 1st Jump FC in his local club and 2nd mid Yorkshire combine the bird being a 2y chequer cock flown on the widowhood system and sent Fed on the Beyers Koopman mix his breeding is 50% Koopman  25% Vekirk and 25% Soojen with all stock parents originating from the Galaxy lofts stud  he has already topped the little Barnsley Federation 3 times from Guernsey now for Steve plus a 3rd federation Guernsey and has achieved drawerfuls of first clubs and other Fed cards and combine cards plus a RPRA Derbyshire and South Yorkshire region middle distance award 2022 and the RPRA national middle distance award 2022 and 4th Titan games middle Distance award 2022 was also achieved his velocity 1210.

Steve Cutts

Steve Cutts

4th combine was Dave Wake flying 280 miles and also achieving 2nd little Barnsley Federation doing 1209.

5th combine was R & O ‘Shea flying 269 miles and also achieved 1st open Northern Classic championship club 1st Derbyshire SR federation 1st Nottinghamshire SR federation 1st Manton Colliery FC and 1st Whitwell FC their scoring bird a 1y blue cock flown on the roundabout system he is bred out of direct Dutch imported birds from Maurice Van Der Kruk of Tiel Netherlands in which Connor and his father would like to thank Maurice for the quality he sent over to them to try out this cock already as a young bird achieved a 3rd federation and this season has flown and bean sent to the YND combines 4 x Guernsey races held and scoring every time in the northern Classic championship club their velocity was 1208.

6th combine was P R Benton flying 281 miles and also achieving 2nd Derbyshire SR federation doing 1207.

7th combine was M Trench flying 280 miles and achieving 2nd Big Barnsley SR Federation doing 1206.

8th combine was Higgs & Crossland flying 285 miles and also achieved 3rd little Barnsley Federation doing 1204.

9th combine was Marshall & Vallance flying 293 miles and also achieving 3rd Big Barnsley SR federation doing 1202.

10th combine was Chris Gordon flying 293 and also achieving 4th Big Barnsley SR federation and 1st Hope town FC the bird a 2y chequer cock flown on the widowhood system being a Luis Thijs strain which have performed very well for Chris for some years now and is a full brother to Chris’s 1st section K NFC 16th open young bird Coutances scoring bird Chris was doing a Velocity of 1201.

11th and 16th combine was Richardson Bros & Thompson flying 277 miles were they also achieved 5th and 6th big Barnsley SR federation and 1st and 2nd Thrybergh FC with 2 x 1y widowhood flown hens being Herman Cuesters crossed Dirk Van Den Bulks their velocities were 1200.637 and 1195.

Richardson Bros Thompson

Richardson Bros & Thompson

12th combine was Mr & Mrs R Newton & H Downs flying 282 miles plus also achieving 3rd Derbyshire SR federation 2nd Northern classic championship club 1st North East Provincial club and 1st Edlington Hill top FC the scoring bird a 3y dark widowhood flown cock being a Van Koppen crossed Dirk Van Den Bulck with a velocity of 1200.560.

13th and 15th combine was C Dixon flying 262 miles and also claiming 2nd and 3rd Nottinghamshire SR Federation with velocities of 1199 and 1196.

14th combine was Mick Holt and Mick Priestley flying 296 miles and also achieving 2nd Dewsbury & District SR federation plus 1st Morley HS with a 1y widowhood hen which this being her first trip over the channel and she’s already scored from little Hampton at the coastline she’s a granddaughter from off their good scoring slate clock that originates from the Dave Atkins birds she was sent Fed on Shelley’s corn shop feeds with a velocity of 1197.

17th combine was Dave Boldy flying 294 miles and also claiming 1st Normanton Federation and 1st Pontefract SRFC with a 2y blue round about system flown cock his breeding being a Gaston Van Der Wower crossed Marshal, Marshal & Smith pigeon of the north east this bird this season has now topped the Normanton Federation twice for Dave his velocity was doing 1194.

18th combine was Weston & Cox flying 273 miles and also achieving 1st Stocksbridge SR federation and 1st Wadsley Bridge FC with a 2y chequer white flight widowhood flown cock his sire being bred from the famous Scottish Macaloney birds  being bred by Dennis’s son Scott Weston and his Dam being bred by the Broughton Brothers of Sheffield Their scoring velocity was 1193.

19th combine was Malcolm Haigh flying 297 miles plus also achieving 1st Doncaster SR federation 1st Goole FC and 2nd North East Provincial Club with a 2y round about system flown cock being Koopman bloodlines base bred and he has previously topped the Doncaster Federation for Malcolm and achievements of 2 x 3rd North East Provincial Club cards his velocity was 1192.

20th combine was G Brown flying 291 miles and achieving 7th Big Barnsley SR Federation doing 1191.

21st combine was P Holdsworth & Son being one of the combines furthest flyers flying 323 miles plus achieved 1st Barkston Ash federation and 1st North Yorks SR FC the scoring bird a 3y chequer cock flown on the widowhood system he’s scored for the partnership in Fed and club every time he’s been  sent to Guernsey his sire being a Jan Arden Van Wegen purchased from JB Wakefield and his sire for JB Wakefield won from over the channel and inland race points His Dam is a Paul Stobbs Soojen bred out a direct pair of Soojens lent to the partnership to breed off from Dean Bullock with Paul’s famous Bobs choice the Gypsy and surprise surprise in their breeding from the famous Paul Stobbs Soojen dynasty and this Soojen hen when paired to another cocks has bred winners for the Holdsworth’s their velocity was 1190.356.

the Holdsworths scoring cock

The Holdsworth’s scoring cock

22nd combine was H W Firth & Son flying 294 miles and achieving 8th Big Barnsley SR Federation doing 1190.008.

Well, that’s the last YND combine report of 2022 to report on and held race for their season and some RPRA award winners in the mix the combine committee and myself would like to wish all its members and fellow fanciers a happy new year and successful 2023 season all the best.

The Rat Man.