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The New North Road Amalgamation - 13-02-23

The New North Road Amalgamation

Some updates the 2023 race programme is as follows old birds 3/6/23 Hexham transport 70p a bird Perth 10/6/23 transport £2 a bird 24/6/23 Fraserburgh transport £2.50 a bird 8/7/23 Thurso transport £3 a bird and 22/7/23 Elgin city transport £2.50 a bird young birds the south section Futurity is from Hexham 16/9/23 transport free 16/9/23 same day the North section and Centre section Futurity from Dunbar transport free plus Ilkeston and Ashby club gold ring open from Berwick on August bank holiday Monday the 28th of August transport free included.

The south west of England Lerwick club have recently obtained another transporter which now makes 3 transporters and 3 x large pull trailers to their fleet. The new transporter has been power washed cleaned with Vercon S Biocide and all creates cleaned and sprayed and stored away in the factory unit before the first race and new all-round drinking system installed. Thanks must go to the South Bristol club Secretary Mike Moore and his members of the club and other Lerwick club members who turned up who all took a day out to all perform this role and chip in. well done lads. Also the South west of England Lerwick club welcome the new club of Lydney Flying Club in the Forest of Dean who have now joined the organisation for the 2023 season.

Nice and clean after just arriving 13 02 23

Nice and clean after just arriving 

Hard at work 13 02 23    Hard at work 2 13 02 23    Clean and stored dry 13 02 23

Hard at work & Clean and stored dry

The Derbyshire North Road Federation will be operating a breeder buyer sale to be flown from Dunbar. The sale will take place at Pinxton miners welfare wharf road NG166lG on the 12th of March, penning 11am till 12pm also the federation warmly welcomes the now fully active Cromford Matlock club in the beautiful Derbyshire dales and wishes all its members the very best for the 2023 season and a big welcome. 

Longford RPC will be operating their annual breeder buyer event to be flown from Hexham same as last season with good prizes always available. Sale to be held at the Gala club Longford Gloucester GL29EB, penning 11am till 12pm light nibbles provided and hot drinks for additional information call Stuart on 07581327191 or Andy on 07899093275.

Ashby & Ilkeston gold ring open bank holiday Monday race from Berwick with a Guaranteed minimum £2,000 prize pot with two open sections the north section open for lofts flying 165 miles to 199 miles and the south section 200 miles and above anyone interested in booking their rings in you have until the 31st of May to do so after that all rings and names are published and compiled and entries closed marking stations at Ashby Ilkeston and Pinxton contact myself on 07947896043.

The Futurity sale dates online with all starting at 7pm are as follows 

The North section

sale 1 Saturday the 25th of February
sale 2 Friday 3rd of March
sale 3 Wednesday 8th of March
sale 4 Saturday the 11th of March
sale 5 Thursday the 16th of March
sale 6 Thursday 23rd of March
sale 7 Friday 31st of March
sale 8 Saturday the 15th of April
sale 9 Thursday 20th of April
sale 10 Saturday 22nd of April

The Centre section

sale 1 Thursday 2nd of March
sale 2 Thursday 9th of March
sale 3 Wednesday 15th of March
sale 4 Friday 17th of March
sale 5 Saturday 25th of March
sale 6 Thursday 30th of March
sale 7 Saturday 1st of April
sale 8 Thursday 6th of April
sale 9 Thursday 13th of April
Sale 10 Wednesday 19th of April

The South section

sale 1 Wednesday 1st of March
sale 2 Friday 10th of March
sale 3 Saturday 18th of March
sale 4 Wednesday 22nd of March
sale 5 Friday 24th of March
sale 6 Wednesday 29th of March
sale 7 Wednesday 5th of April
sale 8 Wednesday 12th of April
sale 9 Friday 14th of April
sale 10 Friday 21st of April

£80,000 prize money paid out so far since we’ve operated this event the amalgamation would like to welcome the Warwickshire & District federation and the individual clubs of Pleasley HS Nunckergate FC, Sutton Colliery NR FC and Calverton Top Club FC to take part in the 2023 season.

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