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The New North Road Amalgamation 2Bird - 04-07-23

The New North Road Amalgamation 2Bird

The 2Bird part of the organisation kicked off its first race on the 3/6/23 with a visit to Hexham race course in Northumberland the birds were liberated at 10.15am into a east north east wind after the main batch at 10am with £765.10 on the table for the competitors after last season with the bird flu restrictions and most regular supporters of this side of the organisation not being able to send it was nice to see everyone back who could take part this is not everyone’s preference of just 2 on 2 in a small batch but it’s a specialist race and it operates from the first race to the last no matter what is entered and some excellent preparation is on offer for the birds at these races before sending them to major events as many top fanciers single toss at a far distances prepping before a big event in some affect this is similar with a small batch being liberated as only 1 or 2 entries can take place from one person’s loft and some interesting results over the years have come through. 

Hexham morning and away 04 07 23

Hexham morning and away

Over to the result and the top 15 open positions in the event are as follows; claiming 1st and 2nd with both entries arriving together was Darren Oakley known as Harry Potter of South Normanton with 2 x 1y widowhood flown hens flying 132 miles and both hens in 2022 as YBS were raced on the south road route up to 180 miles and have been switched north road this season they both achieved club cards as YBS and have already this season in 2 x Pinxton clubs in 2 x separate federations scooped cards also they are both Herman Cuesters based from Glynn Stone of Heage Derbyshire stock blended with Mick Bowler of Blackpool Herman Cuesters and the late Dean Skuse of Newstead Nottinghamshire Syndicate lofts strain blended in their velocities were 2 x 1567.

1 2 bird winner Darren Oakley 04 07 23

1st & 2nd bird winner Darren Oakley

3rd was G Chaplin & Sons flying 159 miles with a 1y Pit Bull Grizzle cock flown on the roundabout system doing 1556.648.

G Chaplin Son Partnership team 04 07 23

G Chaplin & Son Partnership Team

4th was Darren Hadfield flying 134 miles with a 1y blue hen this hen was his 2022 New North Road Amalgamations Futurity race winner were that day Darren bagged £12,000 in spends and she was purchased at the amalgamations Futurity YB sale being a Sagan cross Dave Peeters flown on the roundabout system with a velocity of 1556.558.

5th was the 2Bird specialist over the years Keith Orton & Son flying 134 miles with a 1y red cock being already a scorer for the partnership in two feds and clubs he’s a  Dillan strain raced on the widowhood system doing 1548.

6th was John Gilbert flying 173 miles with a 1y mealy hen being bred from off Pat Frisby stock birds that were gifted to John when Pat called it a day with pigeons and these originate from Ian Cameron stock she was flown on johns own version of a roundabout system with a velocity of 1547.

7th and 9th was Shaun Pilgrim flying 138 miles his first a 3y chequer hen being a previous amalgamation open young bird winner from Hexham and achieved many federation and club cards including 5 x 1st prizes for Shaun she’s a Rob Horton of Tamworth Lambrecht’s his second a 3y blue hen being a Van Loon from Kevin Lawson of Ollerton stock and both were flown on the celibacy system with velocities of 1541 and 1535.

8th was John Jackson flying 140 miles with a 2y blue Soojen cock flown on the widowhood system doing 1537.

10th was D & A Smith flying 140 miles with a Ron Hillcoat of Sowerby North Yorkshire Herman Cuesters of a 1y chequer hen that already has achieved federation cards this season for the partnership being flown on the roundabout system were David stopped racing her cock for a period prior of races leading up to the event before this one so he was guaranteed to be there in the box on her return on the build up races promoting her Keenness her velocity was 1529.

11th was John Swinn flying 134 miles with a 3y blue hen doing 1525.

12th was Tim Atkin flying 184 miles with a 4y blue white flight cock being a consistent and scoring cock for Tim when on the south road route and he’s now showing promise on the north road route doing well in this event he’s bred from Tim’s Bart Van Ockel a son off Lendl when paired to a Jeff Greenaway hen and this pair have produced other winners as well as this cock for Tim he’s flown on Tim’s own not paired system and return mixed sexes system he’s created that’s proven successful his velocity was 1522.

13th was Gregg Johnson flying 140 miles with a 4y blue widowhood flown cock being a Jansen crossed Soojen doing 1521.

14th was the partnership of Mathew Bentley & Jo Cuthbert flying 144 miles with a 1y blue hen flown on the roundabout system and being a De Klak and her father being a full brother to Percy responsible for 6 x club 1st prizes 2 x 1st feds and multiple section and specialist club wins for Stevens & MCCauley from North Shields and also the famous village lad in her creation responsible of 2 x up north combine wins her velocity was 1520.

15th was Wayne Knobbs flying 134 miles with a 2y blue white flight own creation strain widowhood flown cock doing 1508. Well that’s that one reported on the next 2Bird report is at Perth.

The Rat Man.