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The New North Road Amalgamation - 12-07-23

The New North Road Amalgamation

TNNRA held its second race event of the season from Perth in Kinross of Scotland on the 10/6/23 were organisations of the Warwickshire & District federation, the Mid Northamptonshire federation the Derbyshire North Road Federation the South West of England Lerwick Club the Welsh North Road Federation the International Championship Club and the Eclipse 650 championship club and individual clubs of Worksop miners welfare, Nunckergate FC, Sutton Colliery NRFC, Hucknall Premier FC, Grantham & District NRFC, and Brixworth NRFC we’re all liberated together at 08.45am into an East North East wind on a hot summers day after the morning mist had burnt away £1,585.95 was on the table for prizes.

The top ten positions in the four competing sections are as follows; first up the centre section. Claiming 1st Section plus 5th open TNNRA plus 1st Mid Northamptonshire federation and 1st Desborough club was the father and son partnership of Les Berry & Son flying 283 miles their winner a 1y mealy cock being flown on the roundabout system his breeding is as follows his sire being a son of the famous Harry of Jan Hooymans when paired to a mealy distance strain hen purchased from Elimar pigeon services Les informs me that in the nest were two Mealy brothers and his brother to this cock has also won on the road and carded in club and federation and Les looks forward to breeding off this pair again next season well done Les their velocity was 1295.

Les Berry Son 12 07 23

Les Berry & Son

2nd section 12th open plus 1st Warwickshire & District federation and 1st Appleby Magna club was the partnership of Litherland-Bailey & Harrison flying 265 miles with a 1y chequer white flight hen that’s just bean left with the young birds in their young bird section to pair her breeding is her sire being a Van Bulk crossed Ian Cameron Van Den Belle and her mother being a Lambrecht’s crossed Mick Lennon of Nuneaton Herman Cuesters her velocity was 1272.

Litherland Bailey Harrison 1st Warwickshire Fed Perth 2nd centre section 12 07 23

Litherland-Bailey & Harrison 1st Warwickshire Fed Perth 2nd centre section

3rd, 4th and 10th section plus 29th, 30th and 50th open flying 293 miles was J & T Gateley their first two being nest mates bred from stock hatched from two gift eggs given from Jerry Wright to the partnership of 2 x 1y cocks and the third a 1y chequer cock being a Van Den Heede all flown on the widowhood system with velocities of 1213, 1210 and 1139.

5th section and 31st open flying 276 miles was Graham & Yvonne Winterton with a natural flown 3y mealy cock paired up to 2 x hens in the loft, originating from Mr & Mrs Peter Shaw birds of Ruddington Nottingham with a velocity of 1207.

6th section and 39th open was David Graham flying 285 miles with a 2y blue cock being a Van Loon crossed Paul Robinson of Nuneaton bird his father has won Messac twice for David and he was flown on the roundabout system with a velocity of 1173.

7th section 44th open was Mohamed Ayaz flying 280 miles with a 2y chequer hen flown on the roundabout system being a Jan Arden crossed Bushart with a velocity of 1165.

8th section 46th open flying 281 miles with a 2y blue pied hen flown on the roundabout system was Paul Robinson the bird being a Ronnie Cowley strain crossed Paul’s own racing creation strain lines she’s also carded many times in the club for Paul on the south road route her velocity was 1159.

9th section 47th open was Gavin Duggan flying 309 miles with a 2y chequer white flight cock being bred from the famous distance partnership of Pearson & Dransfield Tree tops hen crossed to National Beauty cock being Bushart based from the partnerships famous performing Bushart strain at National level he was sent on the natural system driving his hen to nest to lay Gavin’s velocity was 1158.

Over at The west section top ten  1st section 32nd open 2nd open South West of England Lerwick Club 1st Thornbury club and 2nd open International Championship Club was Dave Smith flying 337 miles with a 4y blue chequer hen being a Gabby Vandenbeale bred by Jody McKay of Bridgewater originating from the Paige Brothers of the north east flown on the roundabout system she’s topped the SWELC three times and has flown the Orkney islands also for Dave in 2022 and this race with a velocity of 1201.

Dave Smith 12 07 23

Dave Smith

2nd section 38th open was Steve Moseley flying 348 miles with a 2y blue cock being a Van Dyke crossed Wildesmersch widowhood flown cock doing 1179.

3rd section 40th open flying 320 miles was Ray Bevan with a 2y blue cock being a Rudy Van Reeth crossed Gabby Vandenbeale and this season he has achieved 13th open SWELC from Worksop flown on the chaos system Ray informs us he was training the old bird team before the first old bird race and after releasing them witnessed a peregrine falcon strike at the birds which killed a bird and this cocks hen he was paired to was this bird that was killed and he’s never let another hen go into his box or any other bird near his box since his velocity doing 1172.

Ray Bevans Dominant cock 12 07 23

Ray Bevan’s Dominant cock 

4th section and 45th open was Luis Palacios-Ribes flying 339 miles with a 4y blue cock which is a Staff Van Reet cross a Wall Lunt & Green Jansen hen from Dave Clarke of Bristol and his nest mate brother has achieved a 9th open SWELC from Pontefract Luis’s scoring cock was sent on natural driving his hen to lay at nest with a velocity of 1161.

5th section and 57th open was Dave Ford flying 331 miles with a 2y blue cock being a Herman Cuesters flown on the roundabout system doing 1117.

6th section 65th open was Percy Hatherell flying 341 miles with a 2y blue cock doing 1092.

7th section 67th open was Chris Orchard flying 326 miles with a 2y blue cock raced on the natural system his sire being a Stan Dangerfield strain ex NFC legend with many national performances and his mother a Van loon crossed Chris’s old loyal channel flying strain with a velocity of 1090.

8th and 10th section and 76th and 80th open was Steve Bennett flying 340 miles his first a 2y chequer cock being a Gino Clicque strain cock from Gordon Bros of Ireland crossed Joost Desmeyter strain followed by a 6y blue hen that’s scored many times on the south road inland and channel being bred from Steve’s number one stock pair that’s produced many winners and large cash prize winners from one loft race events he enters the pair are of Gerrit Lahuis cock and direct Willy Daniels hen all were flown on the natural system Steve’s velocities were 1068 and 1065.

9th section and 79th open was Mike Hathway flying 348 miles with a 2y blue hen being a Jansen hen paired to a 2023 young bird cock in the young bird section were she’s lived since March 2023 with a velocity of 1066.

The North section top ten claiming 1st section 1st open TNNRA and 1st Sutton Colliery club was Ronald Vardy flying 244 miles with a 2y blue cock flown on the widowhood system already this season he’s achieved 40th open 15th section TNNRA Hexham and 2 x 1st clubs 2 x 2nd clubs and 1 x 3rd club and his mother being a daughter out of Ron’s famous multi federation winning cock winning 2 x separate federation organisations of the Notts & Derby Border Fed and Central Derbyshire Fed on many occasions and scoring high prizes in classic club of the North Midlands continental club of his 09 cock and his father being a race cock on the road for Ron who’s been consistent and scored for Ron being bred off a inbred De Klak hen  from Ron Crooks paired to a cock from the late David Boot of Mansfield which this pairing has proved proven results for Ron ,Ron’s winning velocity was 1343 congratulations Ron.

Ronald Vardy Amalgamation winner 12 07 23

Ronald Vardy Amalgamation winner

2nd section 2nd open 1st Derbyshire North Road Federation and 1st Cromford NRFC was John Carrington flying 230 miles with a 1y widowhood flown Red cock being a Leo Van Rijn cross Koopman and the parents originate from Steve Shimwell of Barnsley and this cock was raced as a baby on the south road route before being switched north as a yearling Johns velocity was 1318.

John Margret Carrington 12 07 23

John & Margret Carrington

3rd section 3rd open was Darren Oakley flying 245 miles with a 1y blue cock flown on the widowhood being a pure Dean Skuse Syndicate lofts based bird and he’s flown consistently being switched to north road this season scoring in both separate Pinxton clubs in two separate federations of the Derbyshire NR Fed and the Nottingham NR Fed and as a YB flew and scored from Chale isle of wight on the south road route his scoring velocity was 1313.

4th section and 4th open flying 251 miles was Richard Oldham with a 1y blue cock flown on Richards version of roundabout system and is a Ray & Rose Lander Wildesmersch crossed a Alan Bamford of Bamfords corn Wildesmersch with a velocity of 1309.

5th and 10th section plus 6th and 11th open flying 251 miles was Shaun Pilgrim with 2 x 3y celibate flown hens that pair to Shaun when in the loft and garden the first a granddaughter out of the Drum which has already achieved 4 x 1st and topped the Leicestershire NR Federation from Berwick and the second being a Kevin Lawson Herman Cuesters his velocities were 1294 and 1276.717.

6th section and 7th open was Rick Shelton flying 254 miles with a 2y blue hen which has won from Blaydon this season before this race she’s flown on the widowhood system and her breeding is of Ricks combination of three quality fanciers out of the local area of John Salt Soojen Steve Webb Jansen and the late Neil Inger Herman Cuesters all combined in her creation her velocity was 1291.

7th section 8th open was Keith Orton & Son flying 247 miles with a 2y blue cock being a Herman Cuesters flown on the widowhood system doing 1285.

8th section 9th open was Ralph Jepson flying 248 miles with a 1y blue cock doing 1280.

9th section 10th open was Steve Hallam flying 244 miles with a 2y blue hen her sire being bred directly by Geoff Kirkland and the mother being a Geoff and Catherine Cooper bird crossed Jos Thone this being her first season on the north road after being flown south road were she’s achieved some club cards for Steve she was flown on the widowhood system with a velocity of 1276.798.

Over to the top ten in the Welsh section 1st, 2nd ,3rd and 9th section plus 83rd, 95th, 122nd and 187th open was Peter Goodright flying 339 miles Peter also achieved 1st, 2nd and 3rd Welsh North Road Federation 1st, 2nd and 3rd Llanrumney club 10th, 14th and 18th International Championship club and 1st yearling classic International championship club and all four birds being Gabby Vandenbeale from Mark Evans lines and all flown on the roundabout system his first three arrivals being hens followed by a 2y cock Pete’s velocities were 1053, 1033, 940 and 613.

Peter Goodright 12 07 23

Peter Goodright

4th section 133rd open was William Holpin & Son flying 314 miles doing 896.

5th and 7th section 140th and 171st open was Josh Davis & Son flying 321 miles doing 832 and 637.

6th and 8th section and 155th and 175th open was Ray Lambert flying 317 miles doing 746 and 631.

10th section 197th open was A & A Deacon flying 342 miles doing 594.

Well that’s the top ten of the four competing sections next report will be on Fraserburgh.

The Rat Man.