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The New North Road Amalgamation 2bird - 18-07-23

The New North Road Amalgamation 2bird

The 2Bird was at Perth Scone Palace in Kinross Scotland on the 10/6/23 at 9am the birds were liberated into an East North East wind with £536.20 on the table in prizes.

The top twelve positions were as follows; claiming 1st and 3rd spot was last 2Bird Hexham 1st and 2nd open winning loft of Darren Oakley Darren flew 245 miles and his first bird a 1y blue hen being 2nd 2Bird Hexham 2023 she being a Herman Cuesters crossed The Late Dean Skuse of Syndicate lofts birds. The second bird being the last 2Bird open winner from Hexham again a Dean Skuse syndicate loft bred bird blended with Herman Cuesters injected into her breeding both hens were flown on the widowhood system and Fed on Beyers Galaxy mixes both these hens have also score Federation cards and local club cards this season prior and after the event after being flown south road as young birds Darren informs us two promising hens for the future his velocities were 1301 and 1271.

Darren Oakley 2Bird Perth winner

Darren Oakley 2Bird Perth winner

3rd was Shaun Pilgrim flying 251 miles his bird a 3y blue hen flown on the celibacy system paired to Shaun in the loft her breeding being a granddaughter from off out the famous Drum of syndicate lofts she’s been a consistent bird and carded for Shaun many times her velocity was 1296.

Shaun Freya Pilgrim

Shaun & Freya Pilgrim

4th was Tom Woods flying 257 miles with a 2y blue cock being a Kittel bred from Gary Tomlinson obtain stock birds of who dares wins one loft race he was flown on the roundabout system doing 1266.

5th was Steve Hallam flying 244 miles with a 3y chequer pied hen being a Geoff Kirkland crossed Geoff and Catherine Cooper bred hen flown on the widowhood system her father was bred directly by Geoff Kirkland and was raced on the road by Steve winning him 5 x 1st prizes including 1 x 1st federation the mother being the hen that won Steve 1st Northern classic 1st Yorkshire Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire SR Combine and 1st Central Derbyshire federation from Poitiers the velocity for this race was 1246.

6th was Steve Wallace flying 245 miles with a 3y blue chequer cock of Gabby Vandenbeale based Steve’s turned him north road this season from south road and he’s scored many times for Steve including 10th open 10th section northern classic from Guernsey and 38th open Guernsey Yorkshire Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire S R combine 3,037 birds he was sent on natural paired up sitting nest for 16days for the Perth 2Bird event Steve’s velocity was 1222.

7th was Mr & Mrs Clarance and Barbara Haymes & Sons flying 241 miles with a natural flown 2y black pied cock his father being from Ray & Rose Lander of the true grit Jan Arden’s and invincible sprit lines and his mother from Gerry Francis the famous football manger and was purchased from the Potteries one loft race sale of birds were Gerry bred and entered it and after the final the Haymes purchased her she’s of Georgie Girl, charcoal and ninety nine of Jan Arden’s lines of Gerry’s  his velocity was 1217.

8th was Harold Griffiths flying 245 miles with a 2y chequer cock doing 1209.

9th was Gregg Johnson flying 252 miles with a 4y blue pied Jansen widowhood cock doing 1144.

10th was Aubrey Baker flying 237 miles with a 6y blue cock doing 1140.

11th was A Kemp & Son flying 256 miles with a 3y blue cock being a Geoff & Catherine Cooper bird crossed a Hubert Walker of Newark bird flown on the roundabout system doing 1135.

12th was Marian Dutu being the furthest flyer flying 294 miles and just sending the one bird his bird being a 1y blue cock of Herman Cuesters bred by Daniel Gilder and the bird also flew Hexham 2Bird he was flown on south road as a young bird and switched north road as a yearling he was sent on the natural system sitting 10 day old nest eggs his velocity was 1098 well done Marian.

Marian Dutu

Marian Dutu

The Rat Man.