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The New North Road Amalgamation - 25-07-23

The New North Road Amalgamation

The TNNRA third event of the season to report on was being held at Fraserburgh on the far northern east coast of Scotland with organisations of the South West of England Lerwick Club the Derbyshire North Road federation the Mid Northamptonshire federation the Warwickshire & District federation the Welsh north road federation the international Championship club and the Eclipse 650 championship club individual clubs of Grantham & District NR FC Sutton colliery NR FC Nunckergate FC and Brixworth Town NR FC were all liberated together and activated at fanciers choice to fly together with a prize fund of £773.

55p available after the joint liberation outside of just club and federation results this took place on the 24/6/23 at 6am into west south west wind on a glorious sunny morning unfortunately no helping north winds were about on this day only battling winds on a hot day with humidity sunshine and blue skies and white fluffy clouds even with an early start it was a hard testing race and the birds earn’t their corn the top ten of the sections are as follows the central section top ten are as follows; 1st centre section plus 3rd open and 1st mid Northamptonshire federation and 1st Harrowden club was Slaw Chabrowski flying 376 miles his bird a 4y blue cock that already this season has achieved a 4th club Berwick 245 miles and a 3rd club Wakefield for Slaw he was flown on the widowhood system with his hen in his box waiting for him on his return every time his breeding being a G & S Verkerk crossed a fellow Harrowden club mate bird from Peter Chamberlain great performance Slaw well done his velocity was 860.

Slaw Chabrowski 25 07 23    Slaws cock with his hen just after clocking from Fraserburgh 25 07 23

Slaw Chabrowski & Slaw’s cock with his hen just after clocking from Fraserburgh 

2nd and 8th section plus 7th and 29th open was J & T Gateley flying 364 miles with 2 x yearling brother widowhood flown cocks from Jerry Wright birds with velocities of 767 and 626.

3rd section 14th open was Ion Pirvu flying 351 miles and achieving 1st Warwickshire & District federation and 1st Appley Magna FC his bird a 1y blue cock raced on the natural system sent sitting nest eggs tightly his breeding is of Rotarescu V & M with Herboots / Faber and mothers side Huub Hermans and his father being 1st one loft race and Ace pigeon Royal city one loft race Romania ion has obtained some performing birds from Romania and the Netherlands that’s done the job so the breeding quality is there his scoring velocity was 720.

4th section was T P Wainwright and achieved 18th open flying 342 miles with a 2y chequer cock being Toms own created distance family of birds from over the years of only breeding off birds that returned from Tarbes and Thurso etc etc of the long distance events he was flown naturally to his nest and hen with a velocity of 685.

5th section 21st open 1st Brixworth club was Mr & Mrs Neal flying 378 miles with a 4y blue chequer hen doing 672.

6th and 7th section and 26th and 28th open was Lyndon Rowland & Partner flying 352 miles his first a 3y dark pied hen being a Padfield Jan Arden she was 9th Warwickshire Federation from Perth this season and is a full sister to Lyndon’s 2nd section Perth in the British Barcelona Club when north road events were held that year by the organisation his second being a 2y Dark hen being a Wildesmersch crossed Jan Arden both were flown naturally feeding 4 day old nest babies his velocities were 632 and 630.

9th section and 31st open was Gavin Duggan flying 389 miles with a 2y blue chequer cock and is bred from off Gavin’s 2023 Lerwick open winner in the south west of England Lerwick Club flying 560 miles crossed with Gavin’s loyal line of Vander Sarden pigeons that won many races and prizes for Gavin in the Heart of England south road federation and now winning on the north road in the South West of England Lerwick club, international championship club and carding in the new north road amalgamation and Warwickshire federation he was sent to Fraserburgh on the natural system sitting nest eggs with a velocity of 610.

10th section 33rd open was David Graham flying 362 miles with a 2y blue cock being a Van Loon cross one of finest flyers in Nuneaton the late Barry Evans Lambrecht bird that would of originated from his close loyal friend of Kevin Lawson of Ollerton lines were Barry obtain bird’s regularly flown on the roundabout system doing 602.

Over to the north section and claiming top spot of 1st open TNNRA 1st North section and 1st Sutton Colliery club flying 316 miles was Steve Hallam who has himself a legacy of south road wins of 7 x northern classics wins YND combine wins federations and specialist clubs of north midlands continental club wins and even a midlands national win back in 1992 years of winning especially from over the channel he’s no stranger to the winning scene and now he’s doing it on the north road we’re he’s now fully switched north road were he’s guaranteed the distance races and a challenge he only concentrates on the distance, his winner being a 2y blue chequer hen flown on the widowhood system her breeding being of Geoff Kirkland’s famous Snake in her lines and of Geoff’s winning birds at the 500 Mile mark being crossed with Geoff and Catherine coopers strain of their NFC Tarbes open winner and names of Georgina, Magnus and Mito in the creation this hen was raced on the south road last season and achieved a 1st club from Marlbourgh apart from being sent straight in to 1 x north road race in the same season just being sent straight in from south road to north road as in 2022 Steve was toying with the idea of turning north or staying south so he decided to test the water and just scramble the hens together and send them to Dunbar NRCC straight from south road the week prior and this hen was his first back as good pigeons and good pigeon men can surely perform from anywhere right! and this season in 2023 she has flown north road with the Nottingham north road federation and has been flying consistently until returning from a Blaydon race hawked with feathers missing and damaged so on this note Steve rested her for a few weeks allowing the feathers to re grow and then sending her to the TNNRA Hexham race and the TNNRA Perth race and then onto this Fraserburgh race quite some little hen that’s creating a good CV well done Steve her winning velocity was 928.

Steve Hallam 25 07 23    Steve Hallams Fraserburgh winner 25 07 23

Steve Hallam & Steve Hallam’s Fraserburgh winner

2nd 6th and 8th section plus 2nd 10th and 18th open and 1st Derbyshire north road federation and 1st Pinxton NRHS flying 323 miles was Richard Oldham who always excels from Scotland on a hard work out days standing strong with his Louella Jan Arden based team the first a 2y blue cock being a pure Louella Jan Arden the second a 4y blue cock being a Louella Antoon Schultz cross Louella Jan Arden and the third a pure Louella Jan Arden being a 4y chequer pied hen that also won Thurso 2022 TNNRA for Richard all were flown on Richards version of roundabout system with velocities of 915, 791 and 783.

3rd section 4th open was Ian Halbert flying 306 miles with a 2y grizzle hen being a Jan Arden bred by Ian’s brother Craig Halbert of Dumfriesshire Scotland and she was not paired up just flying back to her perch in Ian’s loft her velocity was 834.

4th and 10th section plus 5th and 12th open was Keith Orton & Son flying 320 miles with 2 x widowhood flown Herman Cuester hens with velocities of 833 and 746.

5th section 6th open was Kevin Ward flying 309 miles with a 3y dark cock being a Steve Marsh Bob Beasent bird crossed a Bushart flown on the roundabout system with a velocity of 832.

Kevin Ward 25 07 23

Kevin Ward 

7th section 9th open was Gregg Johnson flying 326 miles with a 1y blue pied Jansen cross Staff Van Reet cock flown on widowhood doing 787.

9th section 11th open was P & J Elliott who is a previous midlands national Tours winning loft back in early 2000 plus 2 x northern classic wins flying 316 miles with a 4y blue pied cock doing 751.

Over to the top ten in the west section now claiming 1st section 19th open plus 1st open south west of England Lerwick Club and 1st Sodbury vale club just sending the 1 pigeon to the race was Steve Bennet flying 425 miles this is a loft that’s achieved south road and north road great success of central southern classic wins one loft race abroad prizes SWELC open wins and federation wins and 10th west section Perth in TNNRA and on both routes Steve’s had the performance’s his winning hen a 6y blue bar raced on the natural system racing back to a freshly hatched chick being bred out of a successful producing stock pair of  Willy Daniels hen paired to a Gerrit Lahuis cock being the parents her velocity was 677.

Steve Bennett 2 25 07 23

Steve Bennett

2nd section 34th open was another high performing lofts over the years of the Walker Brothers flying 412 miles with a 2y chequer hen sent on the natural system feeding a 10 day old nest baby and she in 2022 achieved 2nd open International Championship Club and 3rd open TNNRA Stormness Orkney islands and she is a full sister to the partnerships 2021 central southern classic open winner from Elgin her breeding is of Jel Jellema cross mark Gilbert of Windsor birds bred from Steve Bennett her velocity was 598.

3rd section 36th open was Chris orchard flying 409 miles with a 2y blue cock he was previously 7th section from Perth in the TNNRA and he’s a Stan Dangerfield old NFC distance loft strain cross Van Loon and was on the natural system feeding a large nest baby and his hen had also just laid which he was also sitting his velocity was 594.

4th section 46th open was A & L Butler flying 404 miles with a 2y dark hen being a Marshall & Marshall north east bird crossed Bushart flown on the celibate system her velocity was 554.

5th section 48th open was Trevor Cooke flying 401 miles with a 4y grizzle hen being a Longford club breeder buyer purchase baby back in 2019 and has achieved top ten cards in the SWELC international championship club and TNNRA from Thornton park and Balmoral castle races the bird was bred by fellow club mates of A & L Butler and she was flown on the roundabout system her velocity was 548.

6th section and 54th open was Ray Bevan flying 403 miles with a 5y blue cock being a Andy Parsons strain bird this bird has flown Tarbes on the south road and Stormness in the Orkney islands so some mass distance from north road and south road for Ray a good loyal bird clocking some miles up for Ray  he was flown on the chaos system his velocity was 525.

7th section 65th open was Dave Smith flying 423 miles with a 4y blue hen that achieved many many first cards and open wins for Dave and scored from Perth and 3 x open SWELC wins for a Dave and even flew Stormness in the Orkney Islands she is a Gabby Vandenbeale and was bred by Jody McKay of Bridgewater and she was flown on the roundabout system with a velocity of 471.

8th section 70th open was Derek Taylor flying 442 miles with a 2y chequer cock being a Flor Engles flown on the roundabout system doing 455.

9th section 71st open was R Taylor & Sons flying 433 miles with a 3y blue cock doing 449.

10th section 72nd open was David Bullingham flying 410 miles with a 2y blue chequer cock being a Gaston Van De Wouwer flown on the round about system with a velocity of 449.

The top ten of each well done all and the organisation would like to thank Paul and Jane Newbold of the PJ lofts Stud and PJ lofts pigeons supplies shop at Boston and online ordering shop for the kind sponsorships of the Hexham and Perth events held.

The Rat man .