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Race Program change from Gregg Thompson

Hi everyone just some update news to announce with yet another race programme amendment the race programme has now changed five times with the Covid restrictions in place and I believe we finally now have our final race programme in place flying the north route you would think that we would have very little restrictions in place with no overseas restrictions or laws to obey by once racing pigeons was approved on the 1/6/20 but how wrong was we thinking this. It seams it’s harder to get a pigeon transporter into Scotland which is part of the Great British isles than it is to get a transporter into France, Belgium and Spain. With strange laws in place it’s certainly a mixed up world out there still very much let’s just hope everyone is safe and well and this all slowly drifts away with fingers crossed I write this update. Anyway with Some Scottish regions and race points refusing Pigeon transporters to attend certain Liberation sites with Scottish laws different to English Laws our race Programme has had to change again with us now not racing from Thornton Park as the site dose not now allow any pigeon transporters attending the site till the 1st of August onwards and this is unfortunately to late in the season for us to attend so our now alternative race point that we have had approval on attending to is now Creiff. So this is our now final 2020 race Programme with all sites approving were our organisation is attending to. old birds 4/7/20 Hexham (4047) 11/7/20 Creiff (4234) 18/7/20 Newton Aycliffe (4177) 25/7/20 Elgin (4032) also duplicating members sending to the NRCC Thurso on the 25/7/20 is welcome for a race result and prize accumulation prize payout depending on the NRCC attendance of Thurso young bird 19/9/20 Berwick (4008). All marking stations health and safety and Personal protective equipment is all in place for people’s safety purposes and guidelines in place. On a ending Note the Derbyshire North Road Federation is holding a open classic race from Elgin on the 25/7/20 this is separate to the amalgamation and federation races though birds entering to the amalgamation or just federation races from Elgin are welcome to be duplicated into the open race as all birds will be liberated all together in the open race were a official RPRA license will be obtained From the RPRA and booked in price of a entered bird is £10 a bird with a no bird limit in place and 80% of all takings for this event will be paid back out in prize money with prize cards and some trophies to prize positioned birds all birds entering the open will be marked only at Pinxton Miners welfare. I think that’s all about it until we publish the first race result and we also welcome on board our new latest members for any further information required you can contact me on 07947896043. All the best everyone and enjoy your racing.
The Rat Man.